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3/15/2019 7:59 pm



after2night 46M
134 posts
3/15/2019 8:04 pm

Although my mood may change, I usually prefer Man on Woman Traditional nailing her, and Man on Woman Anal her, is right up there with the first.

azlyn4562 66M  
1390 posts
3/16/2019 7:38 am

All of them.

BlackPussyRules 55M
782 posts
3/16/2019 10:51 am

Male on female cream pies with femdom a close second

Erotica inspired by lust
Boyhood Crush
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[group_post 3168829]
Please vote and comment

ezscottt 47M
21 posts
3/16/2019 11:41 am

luv a good gang bang

Time4chats 28M
30 posts
3/18/2019 7:12 pm

Really good poll and shows a lot about us bunch

Mancrotchwatcher 57M
113 posts
3/18/2019 7:17 pm

Just wondering why you lumped cross dressers and transvestites/transgenders with male on male?

822231478 33M  
36 posts
3/19/2019 9:31 am

cream pie compilations.. just shot after shot of cum oozing from pussy's just always does it for me.

that and yoga pants.. damn!!

Mancrotchwatcher 57M
113 posts
3/19/2019 11:59 am

With all love and respect for my fellow sexual beings who may be into cross dressing and or trans sex, it’s not my thing. I’m a gay man who obviously gets turned on by male-on-male sex, and I don’t see that as the same kind of turn-on.

yurnailsinmyback 50M
76 posts
3/20/2019 10:34 am

Exploding in her mouth, you can't beat it! (No pun intended ) ...\8

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