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bicpl99006 67M/50F  
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7/17/2019 9:52 am

its I don't think anybody is real

2Saltie2 62F  
1515 posts
7/17/2019 10:01 am

    Quoting bicpl99006:
    its I don't think anybody is real
Nobody is real? That would include you. People can change their mind about meeting you or anyone. Some will never meet. Just pretend they want to. Things happen that they can't meet. Not everybody puts sex before life.

Love all animals. Tolerates humans.

jajo696 64F
666 posts
7/17/2019 10:33 am disappointing is that. yuck ! Sorry you had to experience that, we all have tho. I would take the time to get to know a person more...connect with them then u can better gauge if they are genuine...or not. ~~ Good Luck

tongulator 43M
33 posts
7/17/2019 10:50 am

Nerves is some of it. Yes, some profiles are truly fake, in that they are mass-created attempts to phish for information and money. But those tend to be blatantly obvious. Others just won't have a compatible schedule or situation.

But the ones that disappear are the ones who want the fantasy, but don't have the spine for the reality.

I've met several ladies on here, so I know there are plenty of real people on this site. Hell, I met a beautiful lady on Monday, and we had a lot of fun together.

ltrskr 71M  
3447 posts
7/17/2019 10:57 am

Most r fake just like most other sites! Just keep at it....

gr8tb8t 35M/39F  
143 posts
7/18/2019 8:15 pm

The word is that it is going to cost standards to post in blogs soon.

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