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My life
My Life
Posted:Dec 18, 2010 1:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2018 5:47 am
Took a very long time to write this. Now Please Bare with me and if I repeat myself "Oh Well" it will happen a lot.

Now gonna start by telling you about my life.

I was always a very ANGRY and NEGATIVE person.I was a big time Drunk, use to drink lots.

Well things changed for me just over 5 years ago. Since that time I am a way better person. I am VERY HAPPY and

POSITIVE person who loves life. (Will get back to what changed my life later)

Younger Years

Yep going way back. I knew at the age of 4 or 5 that I was different from other people around me.
At 5 years of age I always helped my Mother look after my younger Brother and Sister. I helped feed them and changed

them on my own. Made me feel good doing things like that. (yea I do remember it) Now I was a very nervous person.I

stuttered very bad and Yep got bugged about it a lot in School . Even in later years there were still them few people

who bugged me about it. Made me become a very shy person.

I was a loner most of my life as I didn't like to do what other guys did. Use to hang around my Sister a lot playing with

her. Yea I played dolls. Loner yea it was by choice, never really had many friends and the one I did never knew about me

and what I was trying to hide.You see I learned very young how to act , How people wanted you to act. It was not easy,

but you do adapt and that I did.

Now I realize it was not really the best thing to do in my life. Back in them days people did not understand about things

that I was going though. Hiding it for all them years just made me a worst person. I started drinking at a young age 13

or 14 not really sure when. Not a easy thing to do when your under age and no Money you steal things.I even did

Drugs, but I have stopped doing Drugs a long time ago.

Back to what changed me for the better. Early in 2004 , Calgary was getting a lot of rain. If I remember right I think it

rained for 2 weeks straight. Well my basement got flooded real bad. So I was sucking up water with a big shop vac and

well I was waiting for it to fill up. I was chatting with a VERY GOOD FRIEND from the States. She made

me realize who and what I really was. She made me think really hard about that. (GOD I DO LOVE HER FOR WHAT SHE DID


It was that night that I finally came to realize that I was only really happy when I was dressed as a FEMALE. So I knew,

then and there that I was not a CROSS DRESSER. I was a TRANSSEXUAL. (Very Proud of Who I am) Well I started to do a lot

of research started it that night.I needed to know how I could move ahead on this. Found what I needed so off I went

moving ahead. Made a appointment to see my Doctor. He was the first to know cause I needed him to set up a

appointment with a Psychiatrist. (Doctor was not really shocked when I told him what he said to me really Shocked me.

about time )Yea I even had the Psychiatrists Name so I gave it to him. I also gave him a name for a Psychologist.

I started writing out Letters for Family and the few Friends I thought I had. I really wanted to make sure I had

everything right before I want to tell people. August of 2004 I heard from the Psychologist first. She sent me papers I

needed to feel out and we made a appointment for early September. (She was just about to go on holidays). Well in

December of 2004 I get a call from the Psychiatrist office up in Edmonton. They told me they had a time open for the

next day. Well I jumped at that even though we were really busy at work. Went up to boss and told him I had a Doctors

Appointment in Edmonton. He asked why there, told him things would be told later, but I needed the day off. He gave it

to me. So I started to see help before I told anyone about what I was going Though.The Psychologist thought I should have

been put on hormones right away, but the Psychiatrist does not start people tell he sees them twice.

Well I was moving ahead big time and getting happier as things went. Had second appointment with Shrink and he

called to set up a appointment with Doctor in Calgary to start me on . hormones. All before I started telling People.

Funny thing is I started hormones in July of 2005 just before I was gonna tell my Mother.

I was really only concerned with 3 people accepting me. My Mother, Sister and My . Never really cared or for

that matter wondered what my Brothers would have thought. More about what happened as we move along. Was

gonna move ahead if I had there support or not, as I was not ready to kill myself.( YEA A LOT OF TRANSGENDER PEOPLE


Now was late July 2005 on Holidays from work and going camping with uncle for 10 days.Camped with him every

year . Favorite Uncle we were close.Last night of Camping Uncle had a lot of friends there. We are drinking around camp

fire and they all start bashing gay and Transgender people. (God it was so hard to not stand up and just tell them all that

I was Transgender), but thought it best Rednecks don't need to start a big fight.After they all left I asked my Uncle if

what he said about gays and Transgender He believed it all. He said yep, well now I was mad and told him that also told

him his Favorite Nephew was Transgender. Got Quiet and said hes going to bed that was last camping trip with him and

only seen him once since that night. His loss not mine he lost the chance to see me go though my Transition.

August 1 2005 Packing up camping still quiet . Now my Mother lives down by where we camped . Plan was to tell her

first. August 1 was also my Dads Birthday that is why I picked that day to tell Mom. Had a 3 page letter all typed out for

Mom to read as I sat across from her. (YEA I SAVED ALL THAT STUFF) Mom read the letter and said quote " I support you,

but I don't like the name you have picked out" I told her she could pick a name if she had one. Well that is how I

became to be knowen as Annamarie in MenNation.com chat.I asked Mom to Please keep this Quiet as I wanted to be the one to tell

people. She said she would. (YEA RIGHT I BELIEVED THAT NOT) Well I had one of the people I wanted for support.

Next I told the Brother who I live with and still do. Well he said he was ok with it so now I could dress at home no

more hiding . Still lived a double life work as a MALE live as FEMALE after work at home. Was time to start telling other

family members. It was late in 2005 Christmas coming up quick decided to wait till New Year to tell other Family

Members. As I stopped talking to a lot of them for a long time. Christmas was at my brothers house first time I would be

around Family in 2 years (BIG FALLING OUT).

2006 early I think it was February decided to tell my Sister next about me. Called her up and told her I had something

very important to tell her. She told me that she already knew about it and so did her 2 . She told them after they

seen me on Christmas. I asked how she found out, well my Mom told her sister in Law about me, she thought my sister

knew. At that point I told my Sister fine then I'm coming over there Dressed. I arrived there knocked on the door. My

Niece answered it and then slammed it in my face. Sister came running down the stairs to let me in.

My sister told me that I could have walked right past her on the street and she would never have knowen it was me. That made me feel great. Yea my niece said sorry about slamming door on me. Sister also told me that both her support me as well as her. Number 2 .

This was given to me that Day I went to see my sister. Sorry but I deleted the names as they are not needed.


For forty years you have been my brother. I loved having you as my brother, you were a great brother too!
I love you xxxxx and I know your soon going to be gone from my life. I am going to miss you so much.



Our Bodies are just shells that carry our SOULS and I take great comfort in knowing that your not completely gone from my life.


Just in another Shell

I fully support you, I just want you to be HAPPY


Goodbye xxxxx, I will miss you!! I Love You!

and when the new you arrives I welcome the new you.
Be Happy Love

First time I read this was at my Sisters house , I stated crying. Every time I read it it brings tears to my eyes.
Well that was 2 of the 3 I have support from.

Last one is my hard to tell her cause we haven't talked much in last 2 months. Big fight over things I was going to do. not this other things.My Mother told her that I needed to talk to her. So we met at a coffee shop. On my way there I decided it was not the best time to tell her as we just started talking again. So I walked in she was sitting there waiting for me.Told her that I did not think it was best time to tell her about the stuff I needed too.She was not happy and asked if she guessed if I would tell her. I said yea never thinking she would Guess. well her first guess as most peoples would be was are you Gay? I said no , cause I never considered myself Gay . Have only been with guys when Dressed. Second guess was bang on what a shock that was. I had to tell her "Yea your right" Talked in Coffee shop few more minutes. Then we walked around the Park and chatted a lot more . She had question I answered best I could. Spent the whole afternoon talking. Then we went seperate ways.

My Mother asked me to not call her she had things to think over and was talking to my Mom. I promised Mom I would stay away. (It was so hard doing that). It was about 3 Months later I get a call from My . She told me that we needed to talk and asked if I would come to her place Dressed. What a shock. Oh sorry forgot to mention and people she lived with are Christians. There church does not accept Gays and Transgender People.

I went there Dressed we talked and it went ok. Still didn't think she accepted me. Left there thinking would never hear from her again. Few days later she calls me up. Tells me she supports me as do her Roommates. Was still not sure she meant it. We were at least talking a good thing.

Well moved ahead to tell rest of my brothers about me, Oldest one I asked to come over I told him. The one younger than me I went to his Place when I knew he would have been there alone and told Him. They both said they support me, But I know my oldest one does not will not talk to me.

Have been hearing from at least once a week. Nice to be talking to her again. Well she called and wanted me to drive her to go Christmas shopping. I said sure and away we went walking down the mall and Talking.In that time since I told her she did lots of research about Transsexuals. She asked when I was gonna go Full Time. I told her March 1 2007. She said that is quick. Then she dropped a big bomb on me. Told me she was leaving on New Years eve for Africa for 3 months.It was a thing with school. I said great we can still chat online at least. She asked if I would put off going Full Time I told her I can't sorry time to move on.She was ok with that. Next thing she asked what I needed for christmas. I told her could always use clothes. She know what I wanted and said lets go find you some Dresses. That was when I realized she did Accept me and that this would bring us Closer together.

Christmas 2006 was coming really fast and I still needed to tell Nephews and Niece.Becoming Full Time was coming fast lots to still tell. Again it was at bothers house I thought great good time to tell everyone.They were last of Family to tell. Well I took them all downstairs told them. They all supported me.Family out of way now my so called best Friends and people I considered a second Family to me. Went there between Boxing day and New Year can't remember date.
Told my 2 friends and there Mother, they all said they support me. That was last time I ever heard from them. So much for being best Friends.Knew these people for almost 30 years. Again there loss not mine I moved on.

Only people left to tell was Co Workers. Well I went in middle of February and ask them if I could take them to lunch next week. One at a time company was not really that big. They had people there that I really never knew that good . There was 6 people I was taking to lunch so 6 days. First one was the Owner of the company. Well he was late as always, but when he did get there I had letters all written up Explained it a lot better. I sat across as he read it. He was shocked and said that he was sorry about the way he always talked about Girls. He accepted me told me would not tell anyone till I told him too.

Over the week took out the other people the 2 girls gave me hugs and wanted to go shopping.They gave there support also as did the other 2 guys I took out that week. Now it was the guy everyone thought would have been the hardest and not accept me.He was the easiest never even read the whole letter. Seen transsexual and said he supports me. Then told me something and asked not to tell anyone else in shop. He has a Gay brother.

Now we are in the last week of February my date is coming fast and I am trying to get stuff done for my Business also.The 2 girls at work are bugging me they can not wait for March 1 2007 want to see me Dressed now. Told them that I would come in after owner told everyone else. Well came in Dressed owner forgot to tell the rest of staff. Girls said I looked good. I needed to get an order for my Business done by end Month as customer never knew about me. I had another job to do in Spring time for them also. So had to tell them She was looking forward to meeting me.

First day I will never forget is when my was born. October 11 1985
Second day was the day I went Full Time March 1 2007 Never looked back after this Day even stopped drinking for 9 months. (get back to why I started drinking again later.

Third important date April 29 2008 . Had too see 2 Psychiatrist that day in Edmonton. A good friend asked me if she could come. So I went to get her first. Slow dresser we almost got there late.Got in to see first Psychiatrist had to explain to him about Transsexuals. It went good come out and friend is waiting. Next appointment was an hour away yet. So we went to have Lunch. Seen the other Psychiatrist. Told about about the other one, he said it does not really matter they just need 2 of them to sign form. Asked him so am I approved for SRS (SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY) he said yes. Was I ever Happy.

I came out of that room happier than I have been in a long time. If my friend would not have been sitting down when she seen me I think she would of hit the floor.

All I needed now was letter from Alberta Health saying they would pay for it. Well that came end of May. I had until end of 2008 to book my SRS. Called Montreal right away. They already had all my files and the letters. Date was booked September 22 2008. I thanked them and then had to call Alberta Health to book my Flights. Also had them book a Flight for my Mother as she wanted to come with me. Gave them all information and Moms phone number so we could pay for her flight. Well with that I found it was cheaper for Mom to stay at the Resident with me. So called Montreal back and booked that also.

Was so excited I was counting days down. My dream of being real me was about to come true.

"Gonna Go Back For A Bit"

Now I have been on A F F or Passion same site for a lot of years. I have changed my name a lot on here some I can not even remember anymore. When I started on here they only had a Canada Room.(NOT LIKE NOW) I spent all my time in Transgender Room Like I said lots of different names.I was knowen as Annamarie1TS after I told my Mom about me. When I went Full Time I starting going to the Alberta room. Took awhile for people to start talking to you in there, but I kept coming in. There was a lot of people who were talking to me. One girl after a few months started bugging me to come to a camp out they were holding. I declined that one. Well I thought I would not be invited to anything again. Well this Girl never gave up. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) They were having a meet in November across town for me. She kept bugging me to come. Told her I never knew anyone. She said I knew her from the Site and would meet me there. Well I thought long and hard about meeting these people from a chat room. Was already Full Time almost 9 Months now and met lots of people though my Job. I decided I would go and told her that. Lo and Behold who is not there Giggles. The person who is suppose to meet me there. Now I am scared I know no one see a big group sitting up top, But Was not ready to go up there yet. Sat down at a table down below and ordered a Drink. (YEA TOLD YOU I WOULD GET BACK TO WHY I STARTED AGAIN). Finished my drink and decided well I am here gonna go up and see what happens,

Well I am scared not sure how these people would accept me.I went up and this one person comes up and asks who I was. I tell her and she tells me her name then gives me a Hug. Just wanna tell you Hun (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ) Thank you You relaxed me that night. I really think you are a Sweet Heart . Second person also gave me a Hug and loved my legs. Now I am relaxed meeting so many people Can not remember them all. Thank you to everyone from Alberta room who Accepted me.

Now my Second meet was in Red Deer a few Months later I think it was in February 2008 .I am walking up to the door to go into the meet and there is this Girl running across the parking lot calling my name.(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) She hugs me took me inside introduced to to more people I never knew.I went to that meet cause someone told me they wanted to meet me. Sitting there drinking my drink ,and who is in front of me one of the people who wanted to meet me.She even told me she would be wearing Red. The other person who wanted to meet me was sitting outside away from the Group. She stopped me when I was going out for a smoke. (YOU KNOW)

Now the girl who was in Red in Red Deer came to Calgary, She wanted to meet for breakfast I said sure and so did another girl from the Alberta chat Room. Now I only met this other girl a few times at meets. We did talk a lot in the room. We had a little breakfast club back then. Fun times in Alberta room then.Now when the one we met left. The other Girl and I stood out in parking lot talking for about an hour at least.Well started talking more and more in room and at meets. We became Best Friends (YEA HUN I REMEMBER MAY BE OLD , BUT STILL REMEMBER) Giggles

Back to September 2008. Well my date is getting closer I'm so Excited. Friends from Alberta room are planning a going away for me. It had to be 3 weeks before I left , cause was not allowed to drink 2 weeks before that. I was Hammered that night they ending up buying me 5 Jugs of Rye and Ginger. End of the night the Friends who planned the meet handed me a Envelope Full of Money. Thank you everyone .

September 20 2008 finally arrives leaving really early for Montreal.Get to Montreal they have a limo waiting for us.
September 21 2008 Well really nervous now go into hospital tonight. (oh did I forget to tell you guys. First surgery in my life. Yea jumped in BIG TIME. Good thing it was nice in Montreal , cause that day I did a lot of walking as it calms me down.

September 22 2008 Its arrived my BIG DAY. To excited to be scared guess I might have been scared if I had to wait, but my surgery was first thing in the Morning. Doctor Menard did my SRS. I was waking up as they were still putting Bandages on me in operating room. I told some people first thing I would do was put hands down there to make sure it was done and not just a DREAM. Well I did that and got slapped by the nurse, knew it was done.
September 22 2008 fourth Day I will never forget.

My Mother came to see me that night. First thing she said to me was "YOUR GLOWING" I told her yes cause my dream has finally come true I'm the girl I should have been at birth.

Did not take me long to know I did the right thing. Even my Mother knows I did. She came up to me one day and said (Why did not you do this sooner.) I am positive the rest of my Family feel the same way.

Now why am I doing this?

Well I am doing this , cause I am very proud of who I am. I have nothing to hide any more in my life. This will also stop all the guys who send Emails and then run when they find out who I am. Now my life is a journey and I get to learn new things. I changed so much from that Asshole I was to the Person I am now. Quote from a girl in Alberta room. She called me(SUNSHINE) Every time we talked ....

I believe if you treat people with respect 90% of them will treat you the same. I treat people how I want to be treated.

Moving ahead I told myself a long time ago that I would never be with a CROSS DRESSER. Now Please do not get me wrong not that I could not Love you. Its just I did not think I could share you.

Now my last Special Day in my Life, Ok hopefully not last. I waited almost 2 years for this day. Had to find that special person who moved me. Now here's a Shocker I fell hard for a Cross Dresser. Yep someone from this site.When I went to meet this person He was not dressed ok. I fell hard for him, had he kissed me that day He could have done anything to me he wanted too.Fine we met talked for awhile I left.We stayed talking in private and well went back to see him again. Still in guy mold ,him not me Giggles.Talk a bit more and I left again. Talk more in Private told him how I felt and never scared him away Giggles.

Now that special Day was September 6 2010 Never forget it in my Life. That day he made me a real WOMAN. Moving Along I finally got to meet her. I had to be sure it was not just him. Well it was not fell more in Love with the 2 of them.
Now I can not and will not say who this person is. Now what is happening still up in the air.

Now What am I looking for on this site.

First and foremost someone who respects me as I would respect them.Someone who knows that a girl does like Romance once in awhile.

Now before I finish I have a few Quotes from the songs.

I'll be your dream,I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every Breath
Truly, Madly, Deeply,

I will be strong, I will be faithful
'Cause I'm counting on
A new Beginnin'
A reason for Livin'
a deeper meanin'

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lie with you forever

Oh can't you see it Baby
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause its standing right before you
All that you need will surely come

Few words changed , But over all how I feel about someone.


This song touched me cause it was how things worked.

I saw you at midnight in a dream that I had. From nowhere you stood there and seemed so sad and a vicious decision is driving me mad.

Now think about this I did and you know what all Transgender people have gone though this. I picked the right one I FOLLOWED MY HEART became me.

Thank you to who ever reads this

Well its time to update.

Lots has happened since I wrote this.First: things never worked out with the Cross dresser I fell in LOVE with. She was very controlling

and wanted everything to be about her only.We went seperate ways. I tried to remain friends with her.Now I was talking to a good friend.

from the Transgender Room,in Passion.com we started chatting a lot. He suggested that I join this site called SEXY ADS.I was not sure I

needed another chat site in my life right now.

He kept bugging me so on February 4 2011 I joined the site.I popped into the chat room a few times. People said Hi to me I said Hi back.

Well one girl in there keep trying to chat more and more with me. I never really thought anything would happen Between us, Cause she

was 2000 miles away from me.

So I decided I would tease her a bit.We kept chatting more and more. started talking in Private on the site. April 15 2011 Things

changed Between us after she posted this on my Profile.

(Does not happen often but every
now and then you meet someone
that touches your life,your heart.
You may only know them in
passing but your life is better
for the moment shared.The reason may
never be known but the feeling
can not be ignored or forgotten.)

Thank you AM for touching my life

You are a very special person ...........

Things changed after that, we started talking, then started Camming. (Don't get the wrong Idea we only showed faces.)

We got to know each other a lot.We were talking twice a day, Morning and night.One Morning she did not wanna Cam. I asked her why and

she told me cause she was not Dressed. I told her It did not matter to me wanna see you anyways. She came on cam as a guy, HOT GUY .That

changed things a lot more. Giggles

She asked for my phone number I wasn't sure I should give it too Her.Finally I gave her my home Number.She called when I was at work and

left a Stupid Message. I deleted it without even listening to it.She kept telling me there was a surprise coming for me.Finally she asked

if I got the phone message. I had to tell her I deleted it cause it started out sounding stupid.

She called again and I just happened to be away from the phone. she must have thought I was ignoring her.Went back on line told her to

call again , this time I would answer it.We finally got to talk on the Phone .

Things were starting to get serious between us and told me that we had to meet.Well we talked about it and decided to set up a Date

to meet. She was gonna come to Calgary to see me.Well she never had a Passport and had to get one. Told me it would take 6 weeks.

Came online one nite after work to chat with her and she said I have something to tell you, not sure how to say it. Told me to watch

the cam. She held up the passport, (my mouth hit the floor)

We started to set up a time for her to come see me. I had to book Holidays , cause I wanted to spend time with her when she was here.

We picked August 13 2011 to meet.As the date was coming closer, she came online one night and told me she had bad news to tell me.(I

thought OH Yea I gave my heart away to fast again she is cancelling coming here)Well she told me that she lost her job. I said so trip

cancelled then, She said no way I need to come meet you.Well the SMILE on my FACE lite up the room.

We were now talking 3 times a day, Twice online and calling at lunch. Date was coming when he would be leaving Michigan to head to

Calgary.When he left we talked on the Phone a lot.He got lost on his way down here. I had to go online to Goggle maps to help him out.

Well I found the shortest route to get him into Canada, the border guard From HELL as he called it.He got into Canada and spent the

night in Medicine Hat, Alberta about 3 hours away from me.

I am glad I decided to start my holidays a day sooner. We talked that friday morning at 5:00 AM, he said he was gonna have breakfast

and be on his way. I said you are only 3 hours away, why not just wait and we will have breakfast Together.He said OK I told him to

call me when he got to chestermere Lake.

When He Pulled up to my house I was outside getting my Sunglasses out of my truck. I seen him pull up and took my time getting them out.

When I turned around He was standing on the main walkway. (I thought to myself WOW He is hot). I still remember and (ALWAYS WIL that

spot in the driveway that we Hugged and Kissed.We went out for breakfast, niether of us could eat.

We came back to the house talked a lot more and then decided to do a bit of Shopping.We went out that night to a Bar called FAB. She

was dressed as Heather. We told everyone that we just met out front.We had a great time that night Heather even got up there to sing

Walked over to me during one song she sang and had me beet RED.Well we left FAB at closing time came back to my house, as I told her

She could spend the week with me. ( Nothing happened that nite we slept)


The next morning we got up and had coffee together. Bill asked me to be his Girlfriend I said yes. Well that nite we had a Meet and

Greet to go to with the Alberta room in Passion.com I asked Bill if he would go as himself. He said yes.Poor guy must of been scared he

was gonna meet my best friend.Things went great we left the meet early . Giggles I had more important things on my mind. ( YEA I'm Bad)

That Tuesday August 16 2011, I knew Bill liked Dinosaures so we went to the Royal Tyrell Museum.I think I had more fun than he did.

On the way back from there I decided we would go see my Mother, Bill said OK.I was telling Bill on the way to Mom's place about the

World Famous GOLPHER HOLE MUSEUM. He never believed me. Well we got to my Mom's house and Bill had a Pop, dropped his tab into it and

Mom told him that she saves them.Well this takes GUTS , Bill took one of my Moms Crochet needles and started fishing out the tab.It

was so funny, (YEA MOM STILL LIKES HIM).We left Moms so I decided to go a different way home. Wanted to show Bill I wasn't lieing about

the Gopher hole museum. Yea I got Pics him in front of the sign. GIGGLES

The rest of the week we spent together AUGUST 18 & 19 we bought each other Necklaces that never leave our necks. AUGUST 19 2011 we

went back to FAB.They were shocked to see us walk in together. Another great nite we had a blast.Week went by so fast and Bill was

leaving that Sunday Morning AUGUST 21 2011. It was hard to see him leave (YEA I CRIED).

We kept camming and chatting in Messenger, I was his/her Girlfriend now, so now anything could happen in Cam and it did, Yea we were

nauthy. We were really missing each other a lot, Bill/Heather decided it was time to come down again. September 11 2011 Bill/Heather

Arrived. He was exhausted as he drove 2 days almost non stop.Bill stayed 2 weeks so we visited FAB again on Friday nites. They

remembered Heather. Again we had a blast. He left on September 25 2011.

So it was back to chatting online again and the phone. Told me he wouldn't be back until my Birthday.Well November 13 Bill arrives

again. 4 days before my Birthday.During that week Heather goes to FAB and talks with the owner about stuff for my Birthday.That friday.

WHAT A NIGHT.Heather changed the words to the song SIXTEEN CANDLES.

(OK here it is)

Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday
Baby.... Oh I Love you so
50 candles make a lovely glow...
Ohhh Baby Baby damn girl your old
Blow out the candles, make your wish come true
I got a wheelchair and I'll push it for you
Your only 50 but your the Bingo Hall Queen...
Your the prettiest, sexiest Senior I've ever seen
50 candles.... yes you are old
But forever and ever I will Love you so
Your only 50 but your the shuffleboard Queen
Your the prettiest, Sexiest Senior I've ever seen
50 candles, in your wheelchair you go..
I'll give it a push...
then I'll watch you roll....

For I Love you so...

For I Love you sooooooooooo


Yea they had me sitting in the center of the room as Heather sang this to me. ( Oh yea I was BEET RED)

Another Special day

November 22 2011 went to FAB for dinner,Heather started talking about something and kept dragging it on. Finally she asked me to merry her.Oh yea I said yes . Told Jason the owner of FAB , he gave us a free dinner and a special dessert. Also told us we could hold the wedding at FAB.Started planning it, I finally came up with a Date.


We picked Feburuary 18 2012 for the day to get Married. My Mother gave me away. Yes Bill/Heather is moving to Calgary, lives here now on a Visitors Visa and we are working on Permanent Residence for Bill/Heather.

Well now you know how my life has turned out. I could not be happier than I am right now. I'm with the person I LOVE SO MUCH. Everyday

is better than the last.Yes we go out still sing Karaoke. Only bad thing is that the Bar, FAB closed down. So we had to find a new place.

Please enjoy reading this and I hope you will give positive comments




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