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My Love for America  

AmandaOaks 29F  
45 posts
8/15/2017 6:15 pm
My Love for America

I watch on the news all the shit going on today and it makes me sad. I come from Latvia where life is very tough. No freedoms like here. No true opportunity like here. IT makes me sad seeing the people of this melting pot not melt.

For me I want to be part of this country more than you can imagine. It makes me sad to see people take this for granted. Its very special. I love this Country and I hope I can stay.

I have been here now for about 3 years on a student visa. Sadly I will be forced to go back to Latvia soon. Unless I marry or have baby here. I would never trick a man to marry or get me pregnant but I have been off birthcontrol for 2 years. Yet men do still come inside me. i welcome it. I love it. Not just for baby but I just love this cum. Maybe a part of me hopes I do get pregnant. I dont dare tell these men this it may scare them away. But I do hope for this.

I would love to stay here in America. I know I can be a good woman to someone here. I am fun, high sexual like women, and not bitchy. I can cook, look good and really know how to take care of man.

Pres4u2Again 76M  
188 posts
10/14/2017 11:10 am

lol --- honest --- like that. I'm old, last years, been around the world more than most, widowed, wife was 20 years junior to me, would certainly consider a tic for tac arrangement. You get the papers, I get the young, sexy and available gal for the last few years.... Wanna talk?

Tim4nukie 52M
6 posts
11/1/2017 5:44 pm

Well I have a talent for impregnating girls lol

bajaskies 54M/55F  
2 posts
11/23/2017 11:23 pm

Stay, study and enjoy the U.S; you have a certain spark that is enticing to all. We hope to see you soon.

drtyboatguy2 70M

6/19/2018 4:38 am

Having traveled extensively during my 21 yr career in the Navy, and after reading your remarks, I'd say you have an insight that is well beyond your years.

Welcome!! You are the kind of people we need here, and I'd suggest finding an immigration attorney to help you in your efforts to stay legally.

Unfortunately I have had a vasectomy, so I can't help you have a baby!! LOL
Having said that, it in no way deters my desire or ability to perform!

WookinPaNub3906 52M
74 posts
12/4/2018 7:46 am

It's potentially the greatest country in the world, and we as Americans are spoiled. It's only through meeting and chatting with others like yourself, from countries with far less opportunity do I truly get a sense of how spoiled we are here in the US. It's unfortunate that clashes of race and religion exist anywhere in the world, and it's especially true here in what's supposed to be a melting pot for everyone. The US isn't perfect, but perfection doesn't exist...except for maybe in your pics That said, it's still a great country to be a part of, and I'm glad you like it. That makes me proud as an American.

baldor4322 47M

1/14/2019 5:17 pm

I would suggest an immigration attorney, and being very honest when it comes to dating. I'm sure you would have no trouble finding a great guy to help you out.

ludwig202 71M
11894 posts
6/28/2019 1:25 pm

hi you are wonderfully attractiv and so sexy

funsnellvillecpl 66M/53F  
3901 posts
7/1/2019 4:40 pm

mmmm you are stunning

BBCNSA88 53M  
62 posts
7/24/2019 7:14 pm

I will be your man.. You can have my baby to,, hopefully we have a connection and chemistry and possibly marry,, tell me what you think?

Magna970 52M  
19 posts
12/22/2019 4:04 pm

I am sorry I just found your blog. It is interesting, I nearly left the US on medical asylum. I am one of the people the ACA saved, and allowed me to stay here. However, I do think with the current climate, we will see an increase in the number of American's going abroad, for various reasons. I know that sounds crazy. I have been one of those people. It is very hard though to find work in my field over seas.

Allst8frk 39M
12 posts
3/29/2020 9:39 pm

love it, id knock you up

WookinPaNub3906 52M
74 posts
4/7/2020 10:58 am

I dated a girl from Romania who feels very similar to you. She loves this country, and enjoys the freedoms here that Americans take for granted. I'm glad you are still here. Hopefully your pride and love for the US will rub off on some of the people around you who grew up here not realizing how good they have it. I like that you're as easy on the brain as you are on the eyes. Beautiful inside and out, what a combo!

jodyezrider 60M/42F
2 posts
4/21/2020 1:53 pm

like ur story,come south bby,marry me help me run gentlemens club,ur a feature

FrankienJohny 67M/47F
21 posts
5/15/2020 10:37 pm

I'm trying, but to tell you the truth, I don't believe a word of it. Looks like a con game.

bigredinxs65 57M
17 posts
2/23/2021 9:07 pm

Too many people don’t appreciate their freedoms

bigredinxs65 57M
17 posts
3/1/2021 7:29 pm

Are you still in Atlanta?

bigredinxs65 57M
17 posts
3/11/2021 8:25 pm

Hot and sexy lady!

hotredsox67 51M  
151 posts
9/20/2021 9:11 pm

id love to cum deep in ur sexy pussy any time

Redwolf5647 76M
6 posts
9/22/2021 8:59 am

First of all, thank you for the friend request; I hope our friendship never ends.
I will tell you right up front, that I have met others on this site, which lead to friendship, even becoming lovers. That was over 10 years ago, when it was much easier to make contact with others. We separated when our occupations seperated us. One where she moved elsewhere and met another; the other I moved away to take another position in the same state but too far away to keep the relationship going.
Hope this does not scare you off, but it is better to be up front and honest, than to pretend that I am someone that I am not.
Enough for now, I like your attitude as much as your beauty.

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