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Short Story Installment #2  

Bluenosers 38M/37F
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5/8/2014 9:35 pm
Short Story Installment #2

His mind was a blaze. What in the Hell is happening, he thought, staring at the two sexy women, slowly embracing each other and kissing each other passionately. He could just imagine how stupid he looked, sitting there with a raging hard on, covering himself barely with his fly still open and his cock still exposed. How had his life gone from hot, to hot water, now to... this, in a matter of seconds? The girls were still making out, seeming oblivious of him standing there, staring like an idiot. Do I leave? Do I stay? His mind told him he shouldn't stay, that there was more to these girls than he thought... but yet he just couldn't pull himself away. Both girls were wrapped in each other, hands in each other's hair, fingers from one hand laced with the fingers of the other, loving and tender. He couldn't help but stare. It was jus tso beautiful, and the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Slowly, Jen pulled away from Ashley's kiss and brought her laced hand to her mouth, rubbing her lips across Ashley's fingers slowly, threading her tongue through each joint. Ashley leaned back, moaning in pleasure with her head tilted back, andJen locked her eyes directly on his.. She couldn't help but notice how cute he was, how masculine his body seemed. He was staring back, in obvious disbelief. She lifted her partners fingers from her mouth and spread Ashleys fingers wide, placing her tongue on the middle finger. She slowly, while maintaining eye contact with him, sucked Ashleys fingers while using her other hand to caress one of Ashley's still half uncovered breasts.

Ashley knew what was coming soon, knew Jen's intent. She was a powerful sexual being... often being the leader when it came to their sex life. Maybe that's why she had fallen for his attaction... she was looking for a change. Maybe not to feel in charge, but rather to have a different leader. She tilted her head upwards, and watched as Jens tongue made her wither as it stroked softly over her fingers. She could see Jen's eyes locked on his, and he staring back, practically drooling, yet nervous at the same time. The lapping of Jen's tongue was so strong, she could barely take it. She took her right hand and laced it through Jen's blonde hair, pulling back pulling Jen's mouth away from her fingers, breaking Jen's gaze from his. She then took her own hand, still moist from Jen's mouth, and slipped her fingers up Jen's skirt. She began to feel the outside of Jen's panties, knowing full well how damp they would feel. Ashley's' fingers would only add to that sensation, that soft dampness of the cotton. She turned and looked over her shoulder at him, and winked.

Jen stared at her partner, seeing her as not just her toy, but as someone she could watch. Watching her take charge, feeling her hands on her own body, excited her. Jen wanted him to come to them, to join them, to sit back and watch as her partner Ashely's legs were spread by someone else other than herself, and to watch her lips part for his obviously excited body. Jen grabbed Ashley's hand, and reluctantly pulled it away from her skirt. Her voice was thick with passion, and she barely could contain her excitement in a raspy voice as she said, "He needs to come over here. I want to see."

He was slightly nervous, but his excitement was impossible to hide. Ashley was soft, sweet, tender and submissive. Jen was the opposite, hard and edgy, strong willed and passionate. He wanted Ashley, to finish what they started... but he wanted Jen too. Hearing Jen's voice, and watching Ashleys' reaction, filled him with a strange twinge, a pulling in his groin. He watched as slowly, as if in a dream, Ashley left her partner, and walked towards him, staring directly into his eyes. Her usual soft stare seemed to see into his mind. She looked like a dream, pants still open, exposing her lacey panties just above the pant line, and her blouse, hanging open and drifting subltey agasint her nipples, keeping them taught and visible through the translucent fabric. He stood up from the couch, no longer embarassed at his arousal. She slid her hand up into his hair and pulled his mouth down onto hers, feeling his soft lips with her own. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close, pushing his body against hers and depend his kiss. She pulled her mouth away from his, and pushed her fingers, still covered in Jen's scent, up to his mouth. He slowly put one finger in between his lips and tasted the tip. Ashley gently pushed him backwards onto the couch, and leaned forward, kissing him yet again.

Ashley turned backward and reached out a hand to Jen, beckoning her to join. Jen walked over, sliding her knitted sweater over her head and undoing her bra as she walked. She stood behind Ashley who was now on her knees in front of him, and gently pulled her hair back out of Ashleys' face, letting her bra fall from her arms and drop to the floor. Her breasts were supple, and swayed gently as she walked. When she bent down behind Ashley, her nipples caught the cool air and tightened, little pink circles darkened around the center. She bent over, the crest of her ass showing just above her head as she bent lower and lower, to nibble on Ashley's ear. Ashley's hands were on his fly, finishing his zipper and pulling his pants with his boxers down past his feet. Jen then turned her attention away from Ashley, and slid slowly to sit next to him on the couch.

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