New Couple First Time  

DblR74Jac77 44M/41F  
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1/12/2019 7:32 pm

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New Couple First Time

How is the first time? [blog [post 4179986]
Who is it harder for the man or women the first time?
Was it different than you expected?

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Azopencpl 39M
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1/13/2019 1:38 am

It is always going to be easier for the person who’s idea it was, ours was in Vegas and after drinking some made it easier for me

DblR74Jac77 replies on 1/13/2019 4:38 am:
Thank you for that.

clittywhisperer1 54M
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1/12/2019 10:42 pm

Anything sexual or intimate is variable with the people involved and current mood .If you are nervous it will not be a great thing usually .If you are keeping score ditto, if you are self conscious and timid , it also will be tough .If you lack confidence and a secure real relationship and are not honest it can open up huge cans of worms , jealousy , is common , and normal, envy is common and normal .the fear of losing a partner to a new person is common . The actual events were in my mind anti clmactic . It sounds good , it looks good, it gets built up with fantasy , and then reality has a hard time matching up . best of luck

DblR74Jac77 replies on 1/13/2019 12:01 am:
Thank you for your response. It was very honest and we appreciate that.

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1/12/2019 9:29 pm

Hello, Dbl R & Jac.

*Have A Good Weekend*


DblR74Jac77 replies on 1/13/2019 12:06 am:
Thanks, you also.

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