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Husbands Pleasures
Posted:May 25, 2019 6:45 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2019 9:41 am

A lot of the profiles on here, genuine or not, are from couples looking for men to pleasure their wife, usually whilst the husband watches and records the performance (no pressure guys ! )

Following on from talking to a friend who apparently knows somebody in this situation and who in their case mainly does it to please their hubby I was wondering what proportion of the women on here were fully into that scenario or indeed the other combinations sought on here FMF, MFMF etc or are a lot of them just going along with it to keep hubby happy?

Views/experiences sought?
Private Pleasures
Posted:Apr 28, 2018 11:17 am
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2019 9:21 am

A few brief episodes, not long enough to be described as full fantasies, more like things that pop into my head for a short while, usually fuelled by people I randomly encounter as I go about my day, they are what I like to 'moments':

One of my senior managers at work can be safely described as an arrogant pig but sometimes when I am not furious with him, I imagine him giving me a thorough and expert working over on his desk, when he is in my bad books, I like to think I am in his office sitting across from him whilst he reprimands me for "a very disappointing performance", I simply open my legs and let my skirt ride up, he immediately stops his rant, his mouth slightly open with shock. I get up from my chair and move to his corner sofa, I lay back, legs dd over one of the arm rests, my thong pulled to one side. He quickly gets up from behind his desk and hastily pulls his trousers and boxers down to his ankles, his cock already hard. He stands between my legs and reaches under me, clasping my buttocks he pulls me closer to him and I respond by raising my legs and resting my feet on his shoulders. He sinks his erection into me but after barely half a dozen strokes, I hear him groan, a groan mixing pleasure and disappointment that he is already climaxing. I feel his penis jerking uncontrollably inside me and then he comes. I look him in the eyes, then down to his rapidly diminishing penis that he has withdawn and then back up to his face again to look him once more in the eye and say to him, ever so sweetly, "Now THAT is what I a disappointing performance"....

I am reclining on a hotel bed purring, stroking my breasts and nipples, my legs spread. I am with a couple probably in their mid to late 50s, he is trim, muscular, in good shape, something of a silver fox, his wife, elegant and willowy with long blonde hair. The husband sits impassively in a chair in the corner of the room, his wife is tasting my pussy, her lips and tongue exploring every inch of it, sensing my wetness she works a finger around my entrance, then two before pushing them into my vagina and rubbing against the roof of my pussy, she locates my g spot, I groan in ecstasy and she continues to work her fingers as she resumes her assault on my clitoris. After a while she decides to take her pleasure, she gets up from the bed, kneeling she straddles my face and lowers herself so her well lubricated pussy is an inch or two above my face. I begin reciprocated the oral pleasure she has given me, she moves forward and lays on top of me and resumes her expert cunnilingus on me. After a few moments of this mutual oral lovemaking, I hear the sounds of her husband undressing. I and his wife rouse ourselves and kneel side by side on the bed, stroking each others backs, occasionally softly kissing and then sucking on each others breasts and nipples in turn. The now naked husband approaches the bed and stands before us sporting a lovely erection. His wife lowers her head and lightly kisses and licks the tip of his penis, before wrapping her lips around his shaft and moving them back and forth with ever increasing vigour. She pulls away from him and smiling, directs his cock in my direction, I begin to give him oral sex and simultaneously she begins to suck on his heavy balls...

I am in the gym, receiving weight training tips from a gorgeous female instructor, she is much younger than me, maybe early 20s, pretty face, long brown hair tied in a ponytail, a firm, tanned and toned body shown off be her white crop top and shorts and those breasts, large and firm, I was so distracted by them, they were so wonderful, I couldn't work out whether or not they were implants or it was just the benefit of youth. I found myself reddening as I flushed with arousal, desperately hoping she wouldn't notice. I retreated after the session to the communal shower, which to my relief I found was empty. I stripped off and enjoyed the sensation of the warm water on my body. I begin to caress my breasts and nipples, then I feel two arms wrapping around me from behind and those unmistakable breasts of the instructor pressing into my back. She begins to kiss my neck and shoulders and leisurely lets her right hand slide down my body until I feel one of her fingertips tracing its way along my pussy...

Dee x

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