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Dragonfly019 47M  
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5/22/2019 1:08 pm
Profile Reads

Do you hate it when people (or bots) message you when they clearly didn't read your profile? I do.
But they're hot

3628 posts
5/22/2019 1:50 pm

It's annoying, for sure.

57FredFred 62M  
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5/22/2019 2:43 pm

Those are the ones to get blocked

FresnoWoman 48F
367 posts
5/22/2019 4:09 pm

I understand if other basic members message me without reading, although they should at least have looked at the tag line. But gold members too often also message me without reading my profile first. Or worse, they start off, "I don't meet your requirements BUT...."

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5/22/2019 4:42 pm



tresennui 64F  
2354 posts
5/22/2019 4:54 pm

I ultimately want to meet, and I have specific criteria I mention in my profile. Hate, may be a strong word. I find it annoying.

Succumbing to me at tresennui

zeke53028 60M
869 posts
5/23/2019 6:57 pm

It's funny...I don't get many emails since I won't post a picture and I'm in my 60's, but whenever I let my membership expire I get all kinds of texts and flirts and likes from women in their 20's and 30's that are hundreds of miles a way and they want to know if I'm into BDSM or if I'll go down on them.

Dragonfly019 replies on 5/23/2019 8:16 pm:
I'm tired of all the msgs from exactly that.

rm_Ariguy 49M
8 posts
5/24/2019 12:38 pm

YES! Same us both time and aggravation and read first. As a gay man on a site where most of the guys aren't, it is imperative to read their profiles before I decide if it is okay to make a move. And I wish some people would do the same before they hit me up!

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