I Was Girthmaster and Girthman On A Fetsh Site  

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6/15/2019 1:52 pm
I Was Girthmaster and Girthman On A Fetsh Site

Profile for Girthman
I CAM. SEARCHING FOR A FMF ENCOUNTER. A one on one too. A LTR with someone who can take my breath away with a . Where are you? Come home.
I LIKE SLOW, DEEP, SLOWER DEEPER. ANYONE WANT TO DANCE? easy, laid back brainiac too. We can even converse.
Feel push your clit sheath back with my lips, suck your clit head, flick it with my tongue and massage your G-spot w/ two , all once, for as long as you like.
NotCaged02, 52 F -31-:
Girth is the Master!!! He is the whole entire package. It’s not all about him, but how he can please and satisfy you. He takes his time to ensure you are comfortable, satisfied with his comfort, and then proceeds with the utmost care. He is totally into YOU!! No man has ever made me feel the way that he did.
Every inch of his girth, length and width, fills you completely. What you see, is exactly what you will get. Unbelievable NOT!! I believe I said I could feel no air, completely filled from the bottom all the way to the top. The big “O” achieved at least a dozen times. He deserves to have his wish of a FMF encounter. There is no doubt in my mind that he can completely satisfy both women at the same time. He is sexy ! He wants to hear what you’re feeling, with interest I might add, intelligent and so funny. When’s the last time a man made you feel like a woman, a real woman? It was Never until Girth for me. Anytime, anywhere GirthMaster, anytime!! You are the BEST!! Include me in the FMF encounter, with pleasure!
V 29F said, " Who knew a 55 yr old cock looked so similar to 25 yr old cock." I"M looking for a steady sexual partner who can "Squirt on My Clean, Huge Spongey Headed cock". It's long enough to rub, but not bang your cervix and it feels spongey I hear. A "FRIEND w/ BENEFITS" and we can go from there. I have and prefer to be monogamous. I just arrived from Florida.
a "Non-Dom" who likes and has a mutual respect for women.I view sex as a display of affection and the thrill of an athletic event all built into one. It's not "all about sex", but have you had an O-spot thick creamy orgasm yet? Not watery like a G-spot orgasm. Wanna feel that?. overeducated and I perform better with a woman who has a sense of humor. easy to talk to and relax with. looking for a HWP female friend to spoil and indulge in the the romantic and explore ultimate sexual pleasures. a Newbie and not Big Time Kinky. curious. A Sub for play would be fun. I'd like to meet 2 ladies who would be willing to perform w/ me.I will finish you both if you desire. a hygienic Alpha outside and a softie inside w/ unusual sexual skills and an insatiable sexual appetite.One or two hour stroke sessions are the norm. gentle, but relentless. Be ready! equipped with a very thickly endowed cock,6.75+ around(only about 8% of men are), that's 7.5" long so I will not bang your cervix like an 8+ incher. The spongy cock head won't hurt your cervix like a smaller, harder head. It's as wide as some women's wrists! I like a "no stress" atmosphere and Fun is what it's all about! A LTR would be nice.
well, it wasn't from the person, that had slept with you, someone said when they saw my post on your page that you had moved and their friend said you were possibly the best lay of her life
well...the "biggest" I ever had was "Girthmaster"...sure knew what to do with it...and yes GM you can thank me later! ;0) I am being serious btw!
I saw it shoot all the way from my pus to the notch in my neck..so erotic...never had a man come on me before...new experience (again) but what a waste of protein...;o) M
from D,49 F:
"You know perfectly well what is amazing about you...what do i say...that you have the most magnificent cock that i have EVER encountered? I am already a slave to that beast! I LOVE to feel it stretch my poor little pink pussy wide open, and that huge head push all the way into me...then pull out again and again...That you last longer than men half your age and fuck like a porn star? All of which is true BTW...smiles...must be the vitamins and "healthy" living...lol"
Its huge,,, trust me,,, but it goes in like Magic,,, He is gentle and loving and Maaan does he know how to use it !!!!
In Case You Missed The Wall :
Skyeyes Wrote, 40 F:
Hello there D...Had a WONDERFUL time on Saturday...all day and half the night...haven't laughed and talked to someone so stimulating in ever so long...a very nice change...that cock of yours is as large and thick as the photos...I think it met its match in me...or did I bypass you...lmao...the first time was a great experience and only wish that hour and a half wouldn't have went so quickly...you went places no man has ever gone before...only makes me want MORE...(my favorite word remember? ;o))you recovered quite nicely and loved taking you so deep in my throat...you tasted ever so good...don't think I ever had anyone so deep (both orally and vaginally)...what an experience...and yes...was ever so sore...but am recovering quite nicely...so...are you ready for round 3? I am! Let's do it again!
From gapwedge0 02/18/
Very nice man, very outgoing and fun as well as congenial, polite and considerate. Girthman is very clean and well kept, and is also very nicely endowed. We are glad we've met him, and forward to seeing him again. [if254 1]

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great handles

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sounds like fun

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