You are on my list! How it works.  

Funn2C 52F  
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12/7/2018 5:24 am
You are on my list! How it works.

Pretty simple fellas.
If I tell you you are "on my list", I keep 2 lists. One for Top Fans. The other for Locals who have sent me a name and text number.

When I get ready to party, I go down the Top Fan list until either I get how many guys I want, or the list runs out.

Then I go down my Local list until I get how many guys I want or the list runs out.

Sadly I easily burn through about 20-25 names to find 5 guys. serious.

If you respond quickly with a decent reason why you cant make it. You stay on the list.

If you dont respond or respond with something lame (like going fishing) you are off the list.

Sometimes I send out 10 invites for 5 guys, the first 5 who respond are in. So attention to your notifications.

There you go, pretty simple.

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12/7/2018 10:25 am

Any List Is Better Than The Shit List!

Gooood Profile Photo, Funn.

*Happy Friday*


Funn2C replies on 12/7/2018 2:18 pm:
A girl has to have a system. =) I have lots of fucking to do!

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