Nothing else Matters  

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6/23/2019 11:51 am
Nothing else Matters

So, like I stated I don’t have many stories to share, yet! But I have a few. As many of you know I am married as 95% on this site are. Some have permission to step out and most of us do not. I do not. I’m one of those “what you don’t know, won’t kill ya” kinda people. My family is everything to me. My husband is undoubtably my life partner and the one I plan to spend the rest of my life with. doesn't mean I can’t have fun and do what I want to do and here’s why.

As a female (and a real one at ) I get lots of emails on here. I mean I have well over 0 right now. Now most of them are ones I don’t even open because well, if it’s says 70m, NO! I know I’m not going to even entertain the idea of fucking gramps. But I do get those catch my eye.

Well I got one of those, I opened it up and he said he’d ran across my profile and liked what he read/saw and wanted to chat farther and see where it went. I’m game. So we exchanged names and started chatting. We exchanged a few pics and he was in great physical shape and easy on the eyes. He thought the same about me.

He asked if I could host and I told him no, I was married, he was too but his wife was it of town with the . So he could host for now. I have been seeing someone is great in bed and is becoming a dear friend. And I’m pretty content with just fucking him. We had made plans to “hook up” week but I woke up to my monthly gift and had to cancel. I love sex and great sex at and he’s a really good fuck. Most of the time I get wet just driving to his house because I know he’s going to fuck me hard and I get a couple of rounds. Well worth the drive. I’d make it everyday if I could. Though I’m not sure I could handle his huge cock everyday two or three times a day. I’d be sooo sore. I can tell he’s been there a couple days after we’ve fucked.

Anyways, I was chatting with this guy and had explained I had gotten my period and was out of commission for the next few days. He said he didn’t mind making a mess but it was up to me. Some guys don’t mind and some do. I’m not one for fucking while on my period anyway. But for some reason I was really horny. evening I had gotten word a good friend of mine had suddenly passed away and I was pretty upset. I had just talked with this persona week or two ago. Of course my phone was blowing up with other friends calling to ask what had happened and to check on me. Once again I was reminded of how short life can be. Life is ours, we live it our way!

The next day I get up and go to work and I get a message from the guy and he asked if I just wanted to at least meet and see if we had any chemistry and I was like, fuck it, sure. I was going to be out night anyways. So he shoots me a message when he got home from work and gave me his address. I let him know I was on my way. I get to his house and he comes to the door. Very nice home. So I go in and he introduces hisself and we talk for a few. He then just starts kissing me and I’m a sucker for a good kisser! His were good, really good.

He knows Its time of the month and I could tell how bad he wanted to venture down there with his hand while he was kissing me. And then tells me he has a very roomy shower. And starts kissing me again taking off my shirt and bra and sucking on my tits (which I love). Ok, now I’m horny AF! He ask if I want him to start the shower and I was like, YES! Let’s do it. I’m horny, he’s horny and we both want to fuck.

We go into the bathroom and he turns the shower on and we get undressed. Damn his body! Yummy! Now he’s just a little taller than me (I think) he may be the same height, not the 6’6” guy I’m used to. But he’s hot and is hitting all of my buttons. He tells me to get on knees and suck his cock, I’d been stroking while we were kissing.

I get on my knees and begin sucking his cock. He begins to fuck my face and I can hear him breathing hard and enjoying the blow job. He pulls me to my feet and we hop in the shower. He pushes me against the wall and kisses me and finally he gets to massage my pussy and fingers me. Fuck, I’m beyond horny now and I’m ready to see how his cock feels. He turns me around and bends me over and I feel his hard cock enter my pussy. He slides right on in. And says “ damn, you feel amazing”. He begins to fuck me. Harder, I tell him. OMG, he already wants to cum. Not yet! You just got in there. He pulls out and turns me around to face him and starts kissing me, raising my leg up so he can enter from the front. I feel him slide back in and he’s fucking me at a good pace. Our hands exploring each other’s bodies, the steam from the shower. It was just hawt! I tell him I’m about to cum, he tells me to cum, cum on his cock.

I cum, and I cum hard! He pulls out and kisses me and my neck, sucking my tits and turns be back around and bends me back over and pounds me form behind. He tells me he’s about to cum. His pace gets faster and I can feel the release of his cum as I cum again. Something about a guy telling me he’s about to cum and fucks me hard, I’ll cum just about every time! He slowly pulls out and I turn around to kiss him. BTW- if I haven’t mention he’s a really good kisser.

We wash off and hop out. He hands me a towel and I dry off. We get dressed and as I’m walking back from the bathroom I told him I’d done something I said I’d never do. What’s he asked? I said fuck inside someone else’s home while their wife wasn’t there and didn’t know about his naughtiness. I’m going to hell, he said I’ll be there with you. He explains they’re in separated/ trying to work it out/ it’s still not working stage. He doesn’t even know when or if she’s coming home. eases my mind a little.

I grab my purse and he walks me to the door, he leans over to kiss me bye and I shove him up against the wall and kiss him just like he did me when I first got there. Damn, he’s a good kisser! I pull back, give him a peck and tell him bye.

On my way home I was just replaying what just happened in my head. He was good. I enjoyed it. I get home and he had sent me a message (which is rare). I usually send a message. But he tells me he hopes I enjoyed . Absolutely, I did! Not quite the anaconda cock I’m used to getting, but it was good. I’d take it again. His kisses made up for anything I was missing.

If I had to pick, I’d still go with my “regular”. Those kisses tho! Damn it!

I never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words, I don't just say
And nothing else matters
Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

RobK2006 52M
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6/24/2019 9:49 am

That was a very hot post. Love how you both cummed so hard.

Ryan88dude88 34M  
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6/28/2019 5:03 am

Great post

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