Take me home tonight  

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6/14/2019 7:42 pm
Take me home tonight

So my girlfriend calls up and wants to know if I wanted to go and have a few drinks, she’d drive and have home by . I ask my husband and surprisingly he says sure. So I get ready, she picks up and off we go. We get to the bar and she orders us a round of drinks. We make our way to the back and place our quarters on the pool table ( meaning we take the winner) for those of you don’t know. It’s our turn to and we are playing a pool shark. We knew he’s good and he knows we suck. But he let us win anyway. We played a couple more games and had a few drinks and she gets a message from a friend who is another bar. She asked if I wanted to ride over to where he was. Sure! Off we go.

We get there and are greeted by some friends and we used the bathroom and order a round of drinks. This is not huge bar, but it’s not small either and has a different room where the pool tables are. So while my friend is talking with the dude invited us (her) there, I make my way to the back to see if I know anyone. As I was was coming back there he stood, tall dark and just plain sexy! He was there with his buddy who I also knew fairly well. They instantly hugged me and asked where my husband was. home with the ! Momma needs a nite every now again. I had already been asked this by everyone I knew. His buddy smoked and there was no smoking in this particular bar. So he stepped to smoke and I chatted it up with Mr. Sexy. There was a little flirting but he too was married so it was very subtle.

It was colder than a witches tittie outside so everyone wanted to go to another bar allow smoking inside. My girlfriend asked if I wanted to go and I was down for whatever. I wasn’t driving and I had a pretty good buzz at this point. I quickly invited Mr. Sexy to come and he quickly shot me down and said he had to work the next and had to get his drunk buddy home. “ ok well if you change your mind, you know were i’ll be”! I hugged them both and went to the other bar.

As soon as I walked into the bar I was greeted by some very good friends of mine were plastered! So my friend and I order another round of drinks and she sits with her guy of interest (who was a good friend of mine as well). So I get me a beer and he hands me a shot of whisky. “Happy belated bday”! Now this particular whisky makes me kinda wild. So I found some random dude and we struck up a friendly conversation about nothing. He then notices my wedding bands and asked me if I was married and where my husband was. Yes, I’m married and he’s at home with the . It’s a girls night . He then tells he can’t talk to a married chick. I mean it’s not like I was trying to fuck him! Maybe ’s what he was after? Who knows. So I make my way back to the bar a I was handed another beer. I looked up and there he stood.

I immediately made my way over to him and said, “I thought you wasn’t coming?”. He said his buddy needed some smokes and so they dropped by the bar anyways. He asked if I wanted a beer, sure! So we chatted and had a few more beers. Some of my friends lived close to me were there and was leaving. It was getting late and I was already past the time I was supposed to be home. So I see them walk .I hugged Mr. Sexy and his friend and he was like you invited here and now you’re leaving. I tell my girlfriend (who is in deep conversation with her interest) I was gonna catch a ride with the folks lived close to so she wouldn’t have to back track and could do her thang with ol dude.

I walk outside and scanned the parking lot for their car and didn’t see them or their car. I go back into the bar where Mr. Sexy was standing right by the door. Thought you were leaving? Yeah, too! So his buddy offered up Mr. Sexy to take home. FUCK NO, he said! Are you trying to get us both in trouble? He was married too and well known. So I was like, well fuck you too! I wouldn’t let you take me home. And walked over to my girlfriend who was like, I thought you left. Ummmm I got left! No biggie, I’ll take you home. My friends brother hands me a beer and a shot of whisky.... WTF! I’m feeling pretty good! I walk back over to Mr. Sexy and was giving him hell about the way he reacted to taking me home. What are you think something ’s not supposed to will happen? He smiled and shook his head. Are you ready to go home? I shook my head yes. And his friend said take the girl home, I’ll find another ride. You ready, he asked? I then went back over to my gf and told her I had found a ride home. She looked up and saw him and smiled and said have fun and be careful, love you! Gave her and her interest a hug. Mr. Sexy said let me go start the truck up. Wait about 5 minutes and then come out there. So it doesn’t like we are leaving together. So I did. I climb up in his big ass diesel truck. He said where are we going? He knew where I lived. I said ummm to my house? Where do you want to go. To bed, he replied. Ok so take me home and go home to your bed.

Wellllll, next thing I know we are in some random ass field. Where are we ? He told he owed the piece of land and he cut the truck off. WTF have I gotten myself into? He said, “you’ve been talking shit all night”! You wanted me to take you home. No one made you! He said.... welllll whatcha wanna talk about about. Me? Nothing! What do you want to do? Are we in ? About time he leaned over and kissed my. My throat was in the bottom of my stomach. Holy shit! This is really about to to happen! He cranks the truck back up. What are you doing? Well it’s cold and these clothes are coming off! He hops out of the front and into the back. I just crawled through the seats. There we sat. He leaned over and kissed me again, this time I felt It. He takes my shirts off, undoes my bra and admires my tits. Those are nice. Thank you! He takes his shirt off and pulls me down into the seat. Heavy make out session is in full swing. He whispers in my ear, this is all your fault. I give him come fuck me grin and the pants come off and we are fucking like two teenagers in the back seat of his truck. All of a sudden my phone rings! Holy shit it’s my husband. It’s 2:30 in the morning. I didn’t answer the first time and 5 minutes later it rings again. I’m pulling up now! Gave him some BS story of why I’m not home. Me and Mr. Sexy are both freaked out, putting our clothes back on. And he knows my husband and well! And remember he drives a diesel and it’s loud as fuck. How the fuck am I going to get you home? He’s gonna hear my truck. Drop me off at the end off my driveway and I’ll walk. What if he sees my truck? We’ll cross bridge when we get there. He pulls to the edge of my driveway, we exchange numbers. A quick kiss and I hop out and go into the house where I find my sleeping husband. Whhhhhheeeeewwww! couldn’t ended bad but it was fun!

With all th power you’re releasing
It isn’t safe to walk these city streets alone
Anticipation’s running through me
Let’s find the keys and turn this engine on

I can feel you breathe
I can feel your heart beating faster
Take me home tonight
I don’t want to let you go till you see the light
Take me home tonight
Listen honey just like Ronnie sang
Be my little baby!
Oh, oh, oh

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6/14/2019 9:17 pm

Quite the busy night for you.

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6/14/2019 9:56 pm

As Soon As I Read The Blog Title Eddie Money Was Playing In My Head.


Hvschickforfun replies on 6/15/2019 12:09 pm:
I thought it was quite fitting for the story! However it didn’t end there.... stay tuned!

Mollah0433 31M
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6/15/2019 8:00 am

am agree

RobK2006 52M
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6/17/2019 2:43 pm

Must have been so hot when he was fucking you. Must have felt so good. Did either of you cum? I remember once going back to a married woman's house after we had been out for drinks with a bunch of people. She invited me in to sit in her hot tub. Her husband was out of town. We ended up having the hottest sex. Still think about it sometimes.

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