Hot Oil Massage & Role Play
I love to give hot oil massages to ladies and couples if they care to join in... very hot indeed.. We start with getting nekkid of course. and some candles incence and hot oil.... I like to warm the oil up between my hands and start to work on the back and sholders. I like to get on top of my massage partner so I can use my whole body to do the massage.. can you think of something hard that might help massage you... of course little kisses and nibbles are allowed along that way and expecially tongue licks..

Any how you can see how this may progress...

If any Chandler or close by ladies or couples want to get together let me know..

Love to show you how's it's done ..

Role Play...

Ladies ever think about suduceing the pool boy or plumber... hmmm boy we could have fun with this one... let's get wild... I'd lvoe to see you try to bargin a deal on the service
Couples.. hmmm hubbie catches us .. but I'm not servicing the pool .. it's his hot wife that is getting the service.. what will hubbie do ? surprize.. he doesn't get mad.. he damands to watch and direct the action at hand.. telling the service guy just how to service his wife.. he may even join in at the end..

Whos's gonna clean all this up ?

Discression assured and expected...

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Posted:Jul 13, 2010 3:25 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2019 2:09 pm

Who wants to take this on and see if they can take it all ...
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Posted:Jul 13, 2010 3:23 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2010 8:04 pm

So I am interested in a 3 way with a couple ( or two women, I know keep dreaminng on that one ) ..

But I would like to be with a couple.. if the guy was bi that would be interesting as well.. or even a swingers group would be awesome.

Clean and Discreet here..
Posted:Jul 13, 2010 2:24 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 3:34 pm

I love to Role Play with Ladies and Couples... anyone interested lets come up with some fun ideas...
Trade Massages
Posted:Jul 13, 2010 2:22 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 3:34 pm
Looking for a lady or a couple to trade massages with ... hot oil erotic I hope simple as that... !
Alphabet Tongue
Posted:Jul 13, 2010 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 3:34 pm
I wonder if I can find a nice lady to let me try out my Alphabet Tongue... She needs to be clean and discreet perferrably shaved kitty and loves to be licked. I will trace the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet on her clit and see how may times I can make her cum.

Who would like to try ???
CUT or UN Cut Cock
Posted:Jun 27, 2010 8:18 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2010 11:41 am

So Ladies and Men .. What are your opinions..
Make sure you leave a comment what you like one way or the other.
I am Male and UN CUT
I am Male and CUT
I am Female and perfer CUT
I am Female and perfer UN CUT
I am a Male and perfer CUT
I am a Male and perfer UN CUT
It make no difference either way
0 Comments , 9 votes
Posted:Jun 25, 2010 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2010 8:04 pm
Ladies want some mutipule O's ... PAULINARIZONAUSA is willing to give them to you.. I perfer people in the east valley at A dults O nly L ocation. I hope we will connect soon !
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Hot Tub / Hot Oil Massage / Bubble Bath / Shower Sex
Posted:Dec 28, 2006 8:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2010 11:41 am
Anyone care to join me for one or all of these. I'm home alone.

Also love some role play... show up and suduce me..
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Posted:Dec 28, 2006 5:55 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2010 7:05 am
I'll be home alone from Thurs 12/28/06 till 1/1/07, I'm looking for ladies or couples that would like to play. write me here or wink if your standard and I'll write you back. I live in Chandler so hope I can find some fun. you MUST be CLEAN and DISCREET !
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Afternoon Delight
Posted:Mar 18, 2006 6:23 am
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2010 2:11 pm

Or Morning Delight or All Day Delight.. LoL ...

I'm looking for a hot lady or couple. to spend some quality sex time with.

I perfer weekdays so lonley ladies out there...

I am married..just so you know.. NO she doesn't know or play...

But here is a good thing about married guys..

They are discreet...
They are not stalkers...
They are usually respectible....
They are VERY Horney and willing to please !
They are carefull (don't want to bring any presents home to the wife)

I love to give and trade massages and role play.. I am pretty open minded so don't thnk your gonna scare me away, if you want to try something just ask...

You can also wink if your a standard member that will tell me your interested..

Love to play ... LETS DO IT !
Posted:Feb 28, 2006 8:21 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2010 3:46 pm

First of all this is a fantasy of mine to have happen. ( anyone care to help me fullfull it ? )

**** THE POOL MAN ****

I arrive at your home to clean the pool. I walk through as I normally do to get to the back yard. I didn't notice at first but you were out lounging and getting some sun. As I srart to brush the pool down I catch you from the corner of my eye and notice your body all oiled up and you are totally nude lieing on your belly..
You notice that I have seen you but don't let on , your watching my bending over and using long strokes to clean the walls of the pool.. the strokes up and down are making me think of what I'd really like to be doing.
It's making me very hard and you notice the growing bludge inside my shorts. you move around in your lounger and tease me a little. lifting up just enough to see our breasts below and I notice as well that your getting turned on by being watched as your nipples are getting perky and hard.. damm that oil and the sun shining down is so incredible.. I come around closer to you and I hear you moaning softly and I notice that your hands are beneath you rubbing your pussy...
you moan a little louder and I ask if your ok "Duh" I guess I was speechless..
You say well I sure would love some more oil rubbed on my back.
Well of course I am willing to assist.. I get the bottle and pour some onto your back and start to work it in slowly.. your body is riseing and falling to my motions, you tell me to make sure I get your leggs all over and your butt too... you don't want your butt or thighs to be burned... I agree that would not be good and move down rubbing your leggs... you start to spread them slightly so I can make sure I don't miss any area's.. my hands a are covered in oil rubbing up and down your leggs.. and every time I move closer to your middle you lift up amd let out a little moan.. I start to pay a little more attention to this area. your body is so warm from the sun.. and your ass is glisting with oil I rub each cheek in circles and my hands and fingers travel between and down.. I can feel another heat in I rub deeped and agaist your pussy I realize you are soaked. I am now rubbing harder and faster and you are now riseing and falling to meet my stokes... my fingers are entering into your pussy against your clit that has swollen up from the excitment.. you ask if you can turn over so I can get your front.. well of course I say you bet... well I get right to work with that oil... but you take the bottle and put some into your hands and start to rub my leggs up and down.. teasing me .. moving higher and higher every time.. I can feel your hands and fingers reaching up under my shorts to explore me, my cock is so hard I can't stand it... you can see it straining and wanting to be released from it's cloth prison.. you undo my shorts and they fall to the ground... I now only have my underwear on Yup you got it whitie tighties.. but you make quick work of them as are now stareing at my big thick rock hard un cut cock... saying oh my god you have a huge cock...I blush and say thank you. you start to stroke my shaft with your hands and are watching my cock head dissapear under it's foreskin... my hands are still working your body. I lean over to take one of your breasts into my mouth... I'm licking and sucking that hard nipple.. damm you've even got flavoured oil.. your hands cup my ass as you rub my cock my ass and balls, your fingers feel so good.... I move up to kiss you.. and your tongue slides down my throat and you pull me closer... your mouth is like a vaccume sucking on my lips and nibbleing a little.. I move my hand down and start to slide deeper into your pussy finger by finger till I have three of them pumping into you... your hand are milking my cock like crazy it's like a vice.. your other hand is rubbing my balls and ass... you pull me closer and want to take me into your mouth... I straddle the lounger and you pull me deep into your mouth.. I can't belive you have taken my entire cock down your throat.. it feels so good.. your hands are cupping my ass... pulling me in and out.. well I gotta have some hunny too so I pull your legs back and bury my face into your shaved pussy... licking and probing your sweetness. I use the alpahbet method of giving you pleasure.. working your clit with my tongue spelling out the alaphbet.. your squirming and you are ready to explode.. I can feel you start to shudderand clamp down on my head as your ready to let go.. I am so close as well but your hands tighten on my ass and you slide one of your fingers into my ass.. I wasn't expecting that intrusion but it felt incredible.. oh fuck your fingering my ass.. it'd to much.. you feel me start to pump my cream down your throat stream after stream... your bucking and humping my tongue I can feel you flodding as well.. your cum is pouring out and into my mouth... we are both cumming at the same time.. your gobbling all my juice sucking so hard I think my insides will come out, your fingers are working my ass alternateing to my squirts of cum...

We collapse and both smile... I get up dress and collect my gear and head out to my truck wondering what the next visit will bring..

Ladies I have many stories like this.. for example the plumber.

Wanna Play...

I hope you will all read and enjoy this story and rate it very high...

I need to go jerk off now. anyone care to help ?

Road Trip
Posted:Nov 13, 2005 7:13 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2010 8:05 am
I was travelling back from Tucson to Phoenix one eveing
and was getting kinda tired so I'd though I'd stop
at one of those rest places for a soda...

Well when I walked up to the vending machine I saw a note on
it, thinking great it's out of service...

well to my surprize the note said
" Guys do you like having your cock sucked ? Do you like
to have your balls licked ? Do you like to have your ass rimmed
? Do you like to slide it deep in a nice tight pussy ? If so turn
arround and you will see a brown RV at the back of the parking
lot. Come on in the door is open, I'll be in the back
ready for you. Don't say a word to me, just come in and
lets get busy. If someone is here then join in or wait your
turn that's up to you.
Sally.. "

Well can you guess where I went next.. all of a sudden I wasn't
thirsty or tired anymore..

I entered the RV it was one of those damm big ones you know
the ones with a washer and dryer and a vacuaflo in them.

I walked to the back and there she was all spread out on the
bed. She was alone and was rubbing her clit with her BOB.(Battery
Operated Boyfriend) She was one fine lady I'd guess
about 5'6" long blond hair and a set of tits line
none other, They should have had warraning markers as they
stood out so firm and perkey... Well I wansn't going
to lose any time here.... I got out of my clothes like they
were on fire.. and dove into that sweet pussy .. it was so
smooth must have been freshly shaved.. and she was drenched...
I used my special tenquine with my tonuge I like to call the
Alaphbet Manouver.. I trace the entire alaphabet over
and over again on her clit as I finger her deep.. well she
liked it for sure as she was squirming all over and thrusting
to meet my fingering.. she grabbed my head and pulled me
in hard I could feel she was about to cum.. she shuddered
and held me fast and she let go.. my god she's a squirter..
I bet she gave me a cup of her juice it was actually squirting
out... admazeing... so sweet so stickey.. she relaxed
a little and let out a sigh... and motioned for me to move
up closer...he lips met mine and she kissed me deelpy...
and she whispered to me thank you that was incredible..
please lie on your back as not it's my turn to please
you.. well I wasn't going to argue with that... she
slowly kissed me all down my chest and nipples she spent
some extra time licking and nibbleing just a little...
she arrived at my manhood... by now my cock was so hard and
throbbing to be touched.. it was boiling.. she moaned oh
my your cock is huge and ohhhhhhhhh un cut too.. she licked
the tip of my cock and pulled the forskin into her mouth ..
she was really an expert as she grabbed the base of my shaft
and ran her tounge all arround the inside of my forsking
along the base of my cock head.. I wannted to blow right then
it felt so good but I held on knowing that there are better
things to cum oooops come... well I was right.. she worked
my 8" pole for a few moments more when she just slid
right on top in one swift move.. I could feel my shaft gripping
the inside walls of her pussy.. it was so tight so silky...
so freaking hot... and her movements were like clock work
up and down and a little twist.. up and down.. I can't
discribe it but maybe to say what a milking machine might
be like.. she was to tight... she kept grinding and pumping
my cock faster and faster.. I reached up and massaged her
breasts, her nipples were so huge I wanted them in my mouth
and she leaned over so I could taste them... she worked my
cock for another 10 minutes and was getting tired.. she
said baby please do me doggy style..I keep my silence as
she had asked and got into position.. and drove it home..
what a sweet ass she had.. and I could see my cock entering
her pussy from behind.. well this sight didn't take
long.. the view was getting to me and the sound of my cock
pounding into her like a jackhammer... or was it a battering
ram .. well let me tell you I was fucking her so hard so fast
that I though my balls were going to fall off.. she was moaning
and almost yelling for me to fuck her faster and harder..
I did my best.. she met every thrust and her vice like pussy
was taking it all ... I couldn't handle it anymore and
I grabbed her hips and pulled on her hard holding her in place
my cock burried to the hilt and I let go, I could feel my cum
surging deep into her stream after stream I was pumping
my cream into her... I must have squirted at least 8 times..
she could feel every one filling her up....
We collapsed onto the bed and rested for a moment and she
kissed me softly and said thank you. but pointed to the door
and said I think I have another visitor.. and I looked up
and noticed another guy standing in the door way. well he
was already nude and stroking his cock.. I said how long
have you been here. he smiled and said the whole time.. she
is my wife... and I've never seen her fucked so good...

I looked back at her and she gave me a big smile..
She said I'll be here same time same place next week...

I smiled and said I will too...

I got dressed and left and went to get my soda and noticed
the note was gone.. I guess they just wanted one guy to pleasure
his wife so he could watch.. what a sneaky thing to do..

all I can say is in closeing is next week


Licks and Slurps to All ...

The Plumber
Posted:Oct 22, 2005 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2009 8:07 am

The door bell rings.. I'm a little eairly for my serivce
call, you answer the door in a towell and I notice that your
freshly showered. I apploigize for not calling and taking
you from your shower. you tell me no problem at all.
You direct me to the sink in the kitchen where you are having
problems with the garbage disposal. it seems to be plugged
or seized you tell me. I say it shouldn't be too bad and
lets have a look. I get under the sink on my back and start
to look at the disposal. and noitce it is quite old and starting
to rust out. It really should be replaced to make sure you
don't have any more problems I tell you. You ask how
much will that cost saying that you don't have a lot
of extra money right now. I suggest a new unit that I have
on the truck will run about $150 installed and that was a
pretty good deal as I have the unit as an extra.
you sigh a little and tell me that really is more that you
can afford and is there anything else that I could do to lower
the cost, I look up at you from under the sink and notice you
have squated down to be able to talk to me. and your leggs
are slightly parted and I can see beneath your towell, you
smile a little and spread your leggs a little wider. I notice
you have freshly shaved your little minkie.. it looks so
cute peaking out ... you repeat is there anything that I
could do to help with the price and at the same time you start
to rub my leg.. well that got the attention of my other head instantally springs to attention and you quickly
move to rub the growing mass in my pants... you say I think
we can work this out as your towell falls to the kitchen floor...

Well I could continue my story if you all want me to... let
me know how I'm doing so far...

Here are some alternate endings that you might want to suggest
I use..
1) The homeowner gets her pipes cleaned
2) The plumber gets his tool wet
3) The plumbers snake get in deep
4) The wife's husband arrives home to find her fucking
the plumber on the kitchen floor.

I LOVE ROLE PLAY ! .. so if any of you ladies or couples want
to work on a real life story let me know..

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