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Submissive wife
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Frenzied Men...
Posted:Nov 16, 2020 3:39 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2020 6:01 pm
I did look amazingly sexy and was getting heaps of looks from both men and even some women.

I was wearing red high heels with my tight fitting stretchy red dress that only just covered my ass. It was backless, with thin shoulder straps coming down to a very low neck line that showed an ample portion of my soft natural breasts. Hubby said I looked amazing in this dress and with my long blonde hair, make up and dark red lippy looking just perfect, the whole image was extremely sexy, powerful and provocative!

I felt like a sexual goddess because men just couldn't keep their eyes of my body. I could see heaps of men perving at me making me feel moist because that night hubby wanted me to hookup with as many men as I could.

There was this one guy who looked quite rugged, a little too rough perhaps, but nice body, great tattoos and lovely short black curly hair. A European foreigner of some sort and looked serously manly but the one thing that really caught my eye was this massive package he appeared to have locked away in his pants. There was a lot of eye contact between us and I knew as soon as I pointed him out to hubby, he would definitely want me to have sex with this guy! He had two friends with him who had similar characteristics and it was obvious they were looking for sex.

I was standing at this high round table with hubby and it was no accident these three men stood right behind me to watch the band. After a few songs I decided to be a little daring and leant on the table pushing my ass out a little just to tease. The area was quite crowded and my ass would have been only centimeters from this guys cock. Hubby knew what I was doing and I kept secretly smiling at hubby while I was deliberately teasing these men behind me with my sensuously curved ass.

I could feel him "accidentally" brushing his cock against my ass which for me was a serious turn on!

He kept bumping himself against me but I didn't move then I felt this huge hand touch my ass and I turned my head and just smiled at him. He smiled back with his gorgeous white teeth showing and I could tell he and his two friends knew they had my permission to do whatever they wanted with my ass. The crowd was thick, it was quite dark and no one noticed these men fondling my ass from behind. I stood there leaning on this high round table standing right next to hubby with these three men directly behind playing with my ass. Then I felt a hand slip between my inner thighs and I could feel fingers sliding along the moistness of my pussy. I turned my head again and just smiled at the guy doing this noticing an expression of distain as if he was enjoying treating me like a dirty slut.

For me, it was such a turn on being pussy fondIed in a public place like this but it was so hard for me not to react. I felt several fingers slowly being forced inside my pussy and I instinctively moved my legs further apart.

I squeezed hubbys hand and he squeezed mine back indicating he knew exactly what I was letting these guys do to my pussy. Then I leant over a little and gave hubby a kiss on the lips as these guys continued to slowly and ever so softly fondle fuck my pussy. It made me feel so dirty and I could feel myself getting so wet because of how erotically naughty this was, making my mind go insane with hot thoughts of sex.

I felt the firmer touch of their combined fingers repeatedly sliding over my slippery wet clitoris and fill my pussy. I started to breathe more heavily then stood upright with my hands on the edge of the table and and my arms stretched out straight staying as quiet and motionless as I could. I kept looking behind and smiling at these guys, silently giving them permission to keep going. I was pretending what was happening wasn't happening but secretly hoping it won't stop and I looked around to see if anyone was watching but not one person had noticed what they were doing.

Still pretending not to know what was going on hubby smiled at me and left the table with only a quick glance back at me leaving me standing in the crowd with these guys standing directly behind me with their hands on my hips as if to stop me from moving away and their fingers inside my pussy. I could see hubby moving through the crowd toward the exit and while watching hubby disappear I moved my hand behind my back to deliberately feel this guys cock and I could feel it was huge and already half erect responding rapidly to my subtle stimulation.

Hubby knew I would take them out to the car and let them fuck me on the bonnet because that's what he told me to do earlier and he would no doubt be waiting somewhere in the shadows watching me let these men do things with my body. I started talking to these guys, kissing two of them and being physically intimate. The entire time we talked and flirted all three would fondle my pussy, teasing my senses, stimulating my body, making me feel like a slut and controlling my mind. I waited a little while then was direct and told them hubby had gone home because he was unwell and asked if they wanted to come outside with me. They already knew I wanted sex and they were more than willing to play. I was walked out of the place under their ownership with their hands all over my body and I could see the jealousy and resentment on other mens faces as I was paraded past them by these guys like a prize. They were being loud, bragging to a heap of friends they passed as I was fondled and physically handled by them.

When we left the bar I tried to get them to follow me to my car where hubby would be but they had other ideas and easily persuaded me to go with them instead. They took me to their car which was down the road a little and in this alley access way.

This alley must have been a main walkway because there were heaps of party people walking past making some really crude comments with my boobs out of my dress being displayed for all passing by to see while these guys pack fondled my body. This only spured these three guys on and they openly finger fucked me on the bonnet of this car. I was between a wall and the car but anyone could still easily see what they were doing as they walked past not more than a couple of meters away! As these three kept playing with me heaps of other men walking past were wanting to join in the fun and I was being offered to anyone! I didnt realise it at first but the alley was actually a path to another bar from the main road. I literally had men stopping by on the way to and from the bar to watch and have a little play with my pussy.

I was so drunk I didn't care who was finger fucking my pussy, or fondling my breasts or getting me to suck or jerk their cocks. I drunkenly went from one guy to another letting anyone come up to me for a little feel and play. It just felt absolutely amazing sitting on the edge of this car bonnet with my legs spread and having all these men moving around me and playing with my pussy, two, three, five or more at a time. I was in this super horny, super flirtatious, slutty mood and I wanted sex with everyone that walked past. Guys were even coming back with their friends for a play and I wasn't saying no to anyone!

Hubby was getting his wish because I was now this free for all street sex party and there were plenty of random men willing to join. I would have looked like a complete slut with my breasts popped out of my top, my dress pushed up over my ass, sitting on the edge of this car with a heap of men around me using my pussy as a communal play toy! I was in the mood for sex and wanting it from anyone and everyone who passed. Some guys were complete assholes and there were a few arguments about who could play with me as I sat on the bonnet of this car with my legs spread wide but I didn't care. I was just loving all this attention I was getting from so many men who were all lusting my beauty. I knew I shouldn't have had that champagne earlier in the night because I know what affect it can have on my mind, but I foolishly did and now I was willing to do anything with anyone!

I became surrounded by men watching me behave like a complete slut. This guy from the bar with the huge cock just about to have his turn to fuck me from behind aftet his two friends had already fucked me with this huge crowd of onlookers clapping and cheering as they took turns stretching my pussy with their huge unrelenting savage cocks tearing me apart and leaving my pussy soaked in their cum.

This guy kept saying he needed to go last and when I felt him forcing his huge cock inside me I almost passed out! I had one knee up on the bonnet and he was holding me tightly by the hips trying to push his cock fully into me from behind. It was painful and I reached behind to better position his cock but it still hurt like hell. The crowd of men that had gathered were cheering him on as it felt like I was being fucked by a ! He slowly worked his cock further and further inside me as I floundered over the bonnet begging him to pull it out but he just held on to me tightly and kept going. He then held me down pushing his hand against the back of my head and pinning me down against the car as he unforgivingly pounded away at my pussy like a machine!

To the great delight and entertainment of everyone else watching I was kept pinned down against the car as different men swaped with each other taking turns to fuck my pussy from behind. Some men used protection but because of the excited hysteria that had developed amongst the crowd most men just fucked me without anything as this frenzied group of strangers had sex with my body. I wasn't treated or viewed as a woman with feeling and emotions, to them I was just this drunk slut in an alley letting anyone fuck my pussy.

The crowd of men were unstoppable and unrelenting as I welcomed every cock into my pussy with an eager smile. I ended up being taken to this other bar with a pussy full of cum and a completely different group of men and I was so drunk it all became a bit of a blur for me. I was dancing with different guys, talking to different guys and had heaps of different guys play with my pussy.

I eventually saw hubby again hours later watching me behave like a with any guy at this bar doing things with them most men would hate to witness their wives doing.

He later told me he was really worried at first when I didn't show at our car and was frantically running around looking for me but relaxed again when he found me in the alley drawing quite a crowd as I was having my own little sex party. He said I was the one encouraging men to fuck me with heaps watching. Hubby also told me from the time he found me I had sex with at least seven different men in the alley and countless more had a play with my pussy and that doesn't count the ones before hubby found me.

The good news, is I am more than willing to do it again!
A Secret Sex Game...
Posted:Nov 13, 2020 4:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2020 1:54 am
It was only a light brush that triggered my reaction, but I guess deep down I was really the one who had been begging for their cock all night long.

I was at this party and hubby and myself had been fighting. I was angry and behaving like a complete irrational bitch! I was upset at hubby because he wouldn't let me go out with a male friend I had become quite fond off, but we were just friends, although with some incredibly amazing awesome benefits.

I was out to prove a point, so I made sure I dressed just the way hubby likes me too and wore a very short, tightly hugging, transparent white dress which really was like wearing nothing at all! I think even hubby felt a little self conscious being with me that night, as I strutted around knowing full well both men and women at this party could see every detail of my naked body beneath the dress. It was so thin you could easily see the fine details of my pussy and my breasts were very perky with nipples fully aroused from the rubbing of the nylon material against them. I was loving having literally fifty men or more absolutely fixated on my body with quite a few women also admiring my body. Against his wishes, I arrived in this dress to embarrass hubby in front of his more opinionated friends but it quickly turned around to have a positive impact for him with many of his friends stating how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous wife.

This was becoming very fustrating for me so when we left the function and headed to this very upmarket bar I was even more determined than ever to embarrass hubby with some appalling slutty behaviour. Sadly, all his opinionated friends left the bar early before the atmosphere was right to behave badly but the place had filled solid with the after work crowds.

Two of his very opinionated work friends were still hanging around and although hubby still denies it, they were still at this sleazy hookup bar just to try and fuck me. I can just sense these things but at the time I think hubby was completely clueless to the real intentions why his two friends stayed for a while longer. I felt like I was drowning in sleazy older men all trying to hookup with me at this place but hubby wasn't worried because I had his two friends looking after me, or at least that's what he thought. Every time hubby left the table to get some drinks, his two friends would be trying their very best to convince me to sneak off with them to a room. Yes, I was having a little fun with it, flirting heavily with both of them, teasing them and being very receptive to their suggestive remarks but still keeping them in their place. Then the second hubby returned with the drinks they would completely change from being sleazy assholes to being respectable best friends again.

They had probably heard rumours about me at work and thought they would try their luck but probably weren't sure if the rumours were actually true. Ordinarily, I would have fucked them both in an instant but I was angry at hubby and thought why should I always do what hubby wants when he won't let me have some fun too! I didn't even tell hubby what his work friends were trying to do so he was clueless and although I felt really bad doing that to him, it did kind of make the whole situation feel a little naughty and sexually stimulating. I never hide anything from hubby but being angry and not being totally honest with him made me feel a little wet because I couldn't stop thinking about what he might do to punish me for behaving so disrespectfully. I do enjoy being punished by hubby and I have deliberately done things in the past just so he would punish me.

The more I drank, the more often hubby went to the bar and the more braxen and forward his two friends became. They had already paid for a room upstairs, organised an excuse why we would leave in a hurry and even had three other friends already on their way to meet us at the room. After so much booze, feeling so horny and watching these two practically drool all over the table perving at my breasts all night long, it was only a matter of time before I eventually said "Yes". I tried so hard to keep saying no but after drinking so much it was impossible for me to keep any secrets from them. Once I started telling them all about the things I have done they really put a heap of pressure on me to go to the room with them. My sexual nature took control of my common sense, it shut down any reason and stole my good conscious way of thinking and turned my mind into this rampant out of control horny slut. Like having two personalities, in a moments second of time I went from being this loving devoted wife to desperately needing sex to satisfy my incredibly insane urges to wanting hot hard cock inside my pussy. I sometimes just can't help myself and this was one of those nights.

The next time hubby left the table to get some more drinks, I just to walked off to the room with these two slimy, sleazy assholes. This wasn't the first time I had done this to hubby so there was no need to message him because he would know exactly why I had left, who with and what I will be doing very shortly. So many people were looking at me staggering along arm in arm with these two guys heading up to the room. I could just feel what they were thinking, but sadly this wasn't the first time I was doing this with men I shouldn't be doing this with or being publicly judged by strangers. They took me into the room and I think I must have tripped and landed on my knees in front of a full length wardrobe mirror. I could see my reflection, a gorgeous, sexy and super intelligent woman on her knees before two men, eagerly sucking both their cocks in this frenzied hungry fashion, almost like I was dying to drink their cum.

My reflection showed sophistication, elegance and poise but my mind was going insanely crazy and in desperate need for sex. Like a hideous beast hidden inside me, I could slowly see myself transform into this fifthy cum loving slut that hubby loves so much. Just as I greedily gobbled down my first taste of sinful cum another six men all walked through the door. I had only agreed to an extra three, but now there were six and I honestly didn't care! I didn't care they were much older than myself, I didn't care they weren't very good looking at all and I didn't care they all probably had partners. All I wanted right there in that moment was to satisfy my incredibly sensative pussy. The nagging tingling feeling that felt so intensely painful, like a severe headache that just constantly pounds and throbs and won't go away until the pressure has been relieved. That's how my clitoris feels almost every time the thought of sex goes through my mind and I simply cannot concentrate on anything else until I have satisfied my urge to fuck!

I was leaning on the floor giving these two a blowjob on a two seater couch when the rest walked into the room. They would have seen me kneeling on the floor at the other end of the room, my ass high in the air, my aching sensative pussy between my legs and the massive smile I had on my face when I turned around to see them. I won't lie because yes, I was extremely excited seeing another six horny men all ready to fill me with cum. I went back to giving the other two on the couch a blowjob and pushed my ass out a little for the others to join in with the sex. Without even knowing who they were, or even saying a word to any of them, I waited for one of them to touch my pussy. I could sense they were standing right behind me, I could hear them removing their clothes and I could feel the breeze of the aircon tickling my hyper sensative clitoris. I soley concentrated on sucking these two cocks but knowing there were six men behind looking at my pussy was just unbelievably erotic! The suspended anticipation of feeling that first touch was incredibly insane. I waited for what seemed like forever and then I felt it, I felt someone's cock pressing against my super wet, insanely hot sensative pussy. I didn't look behind me, I just kept sucking on these two guys cocks. I was so worked up I almost gushed when I felt this guy push his cock deeply inside my already sloppy pussy. I was so hot and worked up I could barely feel his cock inside me. I started to push back against his cock as he thrust himself deep and hard. I couldn't help flipping my head backward, feeling my long hair tickle the skin on my lower back and scream out, gasping for air, my eyes closed, begging for him to fuck me harder! I was right on the edge, the whole night of sexual prosmicuousness built up to this one moment, then I felt the release as I gushed uncontrollably all over the floor. Screaming out this deafening howl of pure sexual pleasure. Then I felt this super hot cum being splattered all over my back, hitting my hyper sensative skin like a hot iron scorching my nerves, then I just collapsed upon the floor feeling absolutely spent. Breathing heavily, lying on my side, with my legs clasp together and my hands between them feeling like I had just been a very naughty girl who was now in really big trouble!

I couldn't just walk away and I certainly couldn't let hubby watch because I wasn't even supposed to be with these guys but I did let them fuck me again and again and again for the rest of the night until I literally couldn't walk anymore from all the orgasms I kept having.

A night of secret sex that his opinionated friends will never forget, they will never speak off to anyone for fear of consequence and as far as they are concerned, hubby will never know about.
Open Bar Creampies...
Posted:Nov 7, 2020 11:38 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2020 9:42 pm
I was seated at this table with one guy on one side of , his arm over my shoulders with his hand placed over my breast, his body leaning heavily against mine with his eyes fixated my breasts as he lightly traced the shape of my nipples with the tip of his finger under my top. Another guy sitting the other side of with his hand between my legs, softly sliding his fingers and down my very wet pussy and another two guys sitting opposite telling how much of a good slut I must be, be letting the boys gangfuck my pussy tonight and I could do was smile and agree with them.

Once again I was drunk, the night was getting late and this wasn't the first time I was being openly groped in full view at this place hubby and myself used regularly frequent. It had a beautiful massive service bar in the middle, a few pool tables and this really lovely beer garden area. For a long time it was a regular Friday night thing for hubby and myself be there and as much as I tried behave, it was almost impossible!

It took people a long time to suspect we might actually be together but we kept the lie going and continued to tell people we were just good friends who liked to party and with the things I used to let men do to me right in front of hubby, it wasn't really that hard to keep the lie intack. This was when hubby and myself felt it was important to keep our sex life totally seperate from our normal life to avoid any complications. The bar was a very popular place, drawing a young crowd, with great bands, plenty of dancing and it was one of those places that was big enough to become lost in but not to big to lose someone in it. I became very popular with many of the regulars and the place was almost like a second home to us so hubby could leave me by myself and not worry.

We had been going there for around months and I knew quite a few faces and was on first name basis with just as many others and every Friday night was a full on party night for me with hubby always watching from the shadows. I had gained a reputation for myself as being quite the party girl, I was the popular girl that every male wanted have sex with but never really quite managed make it happen. Until this night, I hadn't really done anything other than gain myself a reputation for being a massive cock teaser! Many men had kissed me, fondled my body and felt my pussy but that was as far as things usually went, although I had given several men a blowjob in the car park since we started going there and there were two guys who claimed they fucked me in the toilets but I was too drunk to remember if they actually did fuck me or not.

I loved the attention and if I went in alone without hubby I would be instantly swarmed by men, all with one singular thought on their minds. Hubby would often have a snooze for several hours after driving there straight from work before joining me at the bar because of the long shifts he did at the time. Sometimes I would only see him toward the end of the night and not even get a chance to spend any time with him at all but I always dressed the way hubby wanted me to look which was as slutty as possible! I nearly always wore high heels, a super short skirt and a revealing top exposing as much of my breasts as was legally possible so it was no surprise men were trying to fuck me the second I walked into this place. I loved being the extrovert, I loved the sexual tension and I loved watching the jealousy emerge with the men competing against each other for my sensual affection. They all wanted to own me, they all tried to control me and they all so desperately wanted to fuck me.

Hubby never wanted me to fuck anyone, not without his permission anyway and that was always the rule back then! If I became so desperately horny and wanted some guy to fuck me, then I had to get hubbys permission first, but he would always say "NO" He would always let me do anything except fuck! He would dangle me in front of all these men like bait but always pull me away just before any of them would get to have a real bite.

That was the game he loved to !

He would pretend not notice the men touch me, he would pretend not to see men openly fingering my pussy in the corner while he played pool and he would pretend he didn't realise I had disappeared into the car park with two or men doing things a real lady wouldn't allow. He loved knowing I was being a massive slut but kept the pretense of letting people believe he knew nothing about what I was doing with other men.

Sometimes I would lose control of a situation or just simply lose control of myself and things would happen, then suddenly realise I was in a situation where things were going happen that shouldn't! Then I would have quickly think of an excuse get out of there and get back hubby. Some men would become quite angry at me and call me nasty things for doing that but most were happy with getting a hand job, or a blowjob, or letting them jerk off over my breasts. I just loved knowing hubby was always pleased with what I was doing for him and I also loved being so desired by so many other men!

The first time hubby gave me permission fuck other men at this bar was a full moon night. He has always told I am so much hornier during a full moon, crazier and sexually unstoppable! He always told I fucked like a horny rabbit sexroids when it was a full moon, which was his way of giving a compliment. I wasn't expecting hubby change his mind this night so it came as a bit of a surprise when he told at the bar he wanted fuck this guy he pointed out. At first I thought it was another one of his tests and he would stop at the very last minute but he kept persisting. The guy he wanted take back the room was really good looking, quite tall and very handsome with a beautifully sculptured muscular body and that's why I thought it was another one of his tests because there was no way hubby would normally pick a guy like this!

He was one of the regulars who was part of a large group that had been trying fuck for months. These guys treated like dirt now because I had cock teased them for far too long and with the type of reputation I had developed for myself at this bar it would have been an insult to them. Hubby put in an impossible position try have sex with just one guy from this group. They were a very tight group of friends with a long and deep history who lived in the moment which was what made them so much fun to be around but also very unpredictable and sometimes quite dangerous. I was really apprehensive about doing what hubby wanted me to do but he insisted. After about an hour of hesitation, excuses, delays and resistance, I finally decided to throw myself at the mercy of this pack of sexual wolves. I may have had a reputation for being a cock teasing slut, but they had a reputation for destroying sluts like me. I heard a rumour that these guys had taken this girl out to the car park and more than twenty of them had sex with her leaving her in the back of the car covered in cum, then they went inside and bragged to her partner what they just did with his girlfriend.

These guys were just plain bastards to women, but there were no shortage of women who wanted to be their sluts and now hubby wanted me to be one of them!

I just started talking to these guys and although the reception I received at first was a little cold, they soon forgave me for being a cock teasing bitch when they realised I was serious about wanting them to take me back to the room to gangfuck my pussy. Slowly the murmurs started to spread and more men started to join me at the table. Hubby was right, I am like a rabbit on sexroids with a full moon. I sat at this table behaving like the biggest slut for any guy who wanted to join the party. I needed to prove to them I was serious about wanting them to gang fuck my pussy. I sat at this table situated in the corner near the pool tables. Hubby could clearly see what I was doing while he played pool but kept pretending he didn't notice. I was stuck in the corner with guys all over my body, hands up my skirt, hands down my top and fingers inside my pussy. The guys from this group finally had me, they were going to finally fuck the bar slut and not one of them intended to miss out! I didn't realise there were so many of them there that night and I was starting to get seriously worried. I kept looking over at hubby expecting him to come and rescue me as he normally did but he wouldn't. I could see him looking straight at me being openly mauled by the men who had gathered at the table. I kept begging with my eyes for him to get me but he just ignored my visual pleas. Instead he looked at me with this expression of deep satisfaction as if he coldly knew exactly what he was getting me to do for him.

With the alcohol, other mixed things and my extremely heightened sex drive I truly felt like I was drowning in sex at this table. I was being groped, fingered and almost fucked in front of everyone by anyone and then just like a storm hitting I was swept from the table and taken outside heading to my room. Half the pub of men were following and it would have looked so obvious to everyone there I was being taken away to be gangfucked by these men yelling and cheering about it which only attracted more men to tag along. I was staggering there, tripping over and having to fight off men as I made the hundred meter walk to the room. The guys had to break in through the window because I forgot to get the keys and once the door flung open and I was taken inside not one of them wasted any time lining up to fuck my pussy! My body had only literally just hit the mattress and there was some guy on top of me with his cock deep inside my pussy fucking me as hard as he could. Everyone was cheering him on chanting something about fucking the slut. My skirt pulled up, my top already torn with a heap of cocks being shoved in my face. I think the door to the room was still open with more men piling inside. Apparently, according to hubby, it was big news at the bar I was being gangfucked by dozens of men in the motel room. He said men were behaving like it was a world event and were rushing out so not to miss out.

These guys were like fucking animals! One after another they fucked me as hard and as roughly as they could destroying all holes in my beautiful body. They kept telling my days of cock teasing were done and I was theirs now have fun with whenever they wanted. They shared amongst themselves then offered the onlookers, some taking the opportunity fuck my cum filled sloppy pussy but most passing the offer share their proclaimed slut. I had my wrists tied together and secured to the bedhead for easy access to my pussy. At first I was scared out of my mind, but then once the fear subsided and I felt nervously safe I actually started to really enjoy being used like a slab of warm meat. I was lying on my stomach tied of to the bedhead with a roughly formed long line of men waiting for their turn to fuck me and dump their cum on or inside my pussy and ass. I felt so abused, yet satifyingly so, giving my body to so many men, giving so many men total control of my body for them to use for sex but it wasn't the sex that was so incredibly intoxicating, it was the fact I had no control of the sex I was having or how much or what they wanted from me that quickly became the addiction.

I was in that room for hours, tied to the bed with men coming and going as they pleased for no other reason than to fuck my pussy or watch me being fucked. It made me feel so helpless and vulnerable yet so comfortable and at ease. It is so hard to explain but every time I saw cum squirt from some guys cock I had this deep sense of satisfaction sweep over me. I was on my back, arms stretched out and tied to the bed head, my legs held upright in the air and spread wide with men huddled together on the bed watching me being fucked, then shuffling around to let another guy have a turn, then back again. They shared me like they would share a cold drink with each other on a hot summers day. I lost count of how many men had sex with me while I was like that but there was a huge amount of cum spread over my pelvis where guys had pulled out and jerked of over my pussy.

Hubby didn't even bother coming to the room to watch, he said there were so many men going back to the bar bragging out loudly about what was happening he didn't need to see me to get intimate details. He didn't come back to the room at all until much later, he left me there on my own, allowing that group of men to claim me as uncontested property.

We continued to go to that bar for a further four months and every Friday night would be a gangbang night in that room and eventually I think there wasn't a single male that went that bar that hadn't fucked at least once! Apparently, I had become kind of a regular attraction for the men, boosting the bars popularity.

Then suddenly, without any warning or discussion, hubby stopped wanting to go there because he had some new sex game he wanted to elsewhere instead.
Chained to Men...
Posted:Nov 3, 2020 11:48 pm
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2020 11:35 pm
I met this guy online, we chatted for a few months and he seemed quite okay but intense compared to what I was used to with hubby. He said he was very dominant in the bedroom, into using restraints, inflicting moderate pain, using toys and was looking for a submissive. Messaging each other definitely peaked my interest with the things he was into and wanted to do with me.

He was kind of alright looking which was a big plus for me, his cock pics showed ample length and girth and the headless body pics he sent me of his four friends who also wanted to play weren't too bad either. There was something about him that stood out, when I spoke to him on the phone I was captivated by his self confidence, his ability to make me feel so comfortable, his assurances making me feel safe, he made me feel I could trust him so after a of times I eventually accepted his invite to meet with him and his friends for a little play time fun.

This was my first time with these guys so we all met a bar for a few drinks first. He was nice enough but his friends were a little on the quiet guarded side, hardly saying a word the whole time we were there. Back then I normally went , became drunk and just hooked up with any random men hubby told me to hook up with for a little play time fun then not see them again because it kept things simple. I wanted to experiment a little, I wanted a casual but regular thing with one of men and thought what this guy wanted could be fun. He wanted to restrain me, render me completely helpless and use me for a little rough play. I was totally fine with that but wasn't sure about doing that type of thing by myself. I was really excited though and looking forward to it but I don't think hubby was as keen and did have some concerns. He told me to wait for him until he arrived at the bar from work to go with me but like a foolish little I went against his wishes and left the bar before hubby arrived. that time I was naively trusting of everyone and thought hubby was just being a little paranoid.

We were at the bar for around two hours, flirting a little and just getting comfortable with each other and the men seemed fine. This guy I met was very dominant, a little arrogant, very self assured and somewhat a little different too. When messaging or talking to him he seemed fine but in person he came across as a little dismissive, treating me as someone insignificant which did annoy me a little but I was kind of swept up by his self assured ownership of me as if he already knew I wanted to play and didn't need any convincing.

The night started off quite slow at the bar but things did change once I was taken back to the room. I just wore a simple full length backless black dress which had a kind of gothic tone about it with my blonde hair down, dark red lippy and quite heavy makeup emphasizing the depth of my eyes. Not to brag but I did exceptionally stunning and attracted a huge of attention at the bar. It was so obvious his friends were dying to get back to the room and the sexual tension between everyone was seriously intense so the pressure to leave before hubby arrived was mounting. As usual, yet again, hubby was annoyingly very late and with the of pressure these guys were putting on to head to the room I simply couldn't stall them any more or hide my own eagerness to want to leave with them too. When I finally did agree to leave the bar with hubby it felt like a huge load of pressure had been lifted because I simply couldn't stall any longer and was worried they would leave.

Looking back, I definitely wanted to be there more than them, I was doing all the chasing and even kept begging for them to stay a little longer to wait for hubby. Without even realising I was already being controlled by them, behaving like a silly eager in love doing anything for her boyfriend.

They took up to the hotel room in this very plush place and I did feel quite nervous as we made our way there. I kind off felt like a working with the exception I wanted this more than them and the closer we came to the room, the deeper the guilt set in leaving the bar without hubby. I truly felt like a cheating wife, a cheap slut about to walk into a room with five strangers and have sex with them for my own pleasure. I kept checking my phone for a response from hubby telling him I was on my way up to the room but there was nothing. I was praying for hubby to message me and forbid me to go ahead with this, stop me before I couldn't turn back. I was becoming angry at myself for being so stubborn with hubby and not changing the night to meet up but it was too late now.

I was escorted into the room in an almost business like manner. not a complete and did message the room to hubby as I walked in but in my haste I unknowingly messaged the wrong which was apparently several rooms further down the hall.

I was ushered into the room where I humbly stood in the open space the end of the bed. I stood there quietly, not knowing what to do or expect, my head lowered, just waiting, unknowingly holding my breath in these very tense moments of silence. I was super excited, yet feeling just as scared, vulnerable, knowing I probably couldn't change my mind, or more to the point, they wouldn't let me. When I heard the heavy hotel door click close my stomach sank, I could feel my heart racing and I started feeling a little faint. I had to keep reminding myself to breath.

Nick and his four friends encircled me, moving very slowly around me, studying my body, touching me with deliberate purpose, almost like they were preventing me from quickly running away. Together they had already subdued my mind, taken control of my body and were in the process of making me their sex toy for the night. I continued to stand there quietly as they slowly removed my dress, feeling every touch upon my body as a command. I remember like it only just happened hours ago, I was then naked, standing in this room with five men standing closely around me, Nick then stood behind me and placed a blindfold over my eyes and as he stepped away lightly ran his fingers over my breasts and nipples sending a massive shock wave of intensely focused vibration through my entire body. l kept feeling their breath upon the back of my neck, my thighs, my pelvis and upon my throat. They lightly touched my entire body almost like they were searching for a weak spot, a way in, a way past my gaurded tense shimmering stance. So desperately trying to fight off the sheer terror I was feeling, to try to relax and enjoy what was happening. They knew I was terrified and I was secretly trying to think of an excuse to leave, I simply couldn't speak, almost like my voice had been muted. Their touch upon my body became a little more focused, a little more direct and so much more determined. One of the men tied my wrists together behind my back, I tried to stay calm but couldn't, I could feel my stomach heaving, my breathing was very heavy and my legs felt like lead weights. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe and I couldn't move, totally paralyzed from fear, but was it fear?

I was taken to the bed, I could feel fingers inside my pussy and I could feel my pussy was drenched. Maybe I had been mistaking fear for excitement! Maybe not knowing was what excited me most, feelings of shame, vulnerability, anticipation, submission to strangers, giving them my power was the excitement for me, it was that night I started to truly learn what my desire was with men. It was like I had been in the by a rock, the shock realisation it wasn't the sex that did it for , although that was great! It was being controlled by hubby, or any man really that made !

I started to relax a little and just let things happen. They took to the bed, then the mood and atmosphere changed! They were no longer nice to and they were no longer gentle with . They had now and were there to use for what they wanted, they were there to punish my body with their cocks, with their toys and with their sexual mindset of brutality.

I almost felt guilty being used by them without hubby to witness it and enjoy watching his wife being gangbanged. They grabbed my hair and fucked from behind, holding by my arms, and pulling on like they were deliberately trying to hurt my body. I didn't know who was fucking but I knew they kept swapping with each other. I could hear the voices, the tone of how they said things and the manner in which they spoke made start to worry a little. I could hear the message tone on my phone going off which no doubt was hubby looking for me.

These men were brutal with me, relentlessly fucking me hard in every hole, using massive dildos, vibrators and straps. Slapping my ass red raw, slapping my breasts and fucking until I would gag and choke on my own throat spew. They delivered everything that had been promised to and kept yelling to do this or do that and I kept forgetting my safe word for them to stop so they wouldn't until I had to scream at them to stop! The sex was harsh, not soft, not like I was used too. These men knew what they wanted from me and just took it and did it in such a way I was given no choice but to consent.

For me, the sex was amazing! Five powerful men all using my body all at once, commanding me to do things for them and just taking me at their own leisure, fucking me then throwing me away for the next one to use my body. I had become their property, their sex slave, theirs to own and it felt so intensely satisfying. It felt like I had been sexually set free, I felt unencumbered with these men, I felt I had found my place.

I started to have one orgasm after another in this session of intensity sex with these men and especially after I mixed a few things with the alcohol consumed it just put the sex I was having or more to the point these men were having with me on a level of impact intensity like I had never experienced before. I was fucked all night by these men and was left in the room by myself after they left. Incapable of moving, totally drained of energy, my mind trying to make sense of what I had just done and feeling a little lost. Feeling like I had been missing before, feeling like what I had been doing with hubby was kind of tame for me and thinking to myself, maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn and boring, just maybe I should start doing as hubby asks, rather than question all the time. Maybe hubby was telling the truth and was only trying to free me of my sexual inhibitions.

After that night things did change in our relationship together. I became a lot more willing to accept things and change for hubby. I was a lot more willing to adopt my role as a submissive sex slave for hubby, a slut to other men and obedient wife to myself.

A role I now intensely enjoy!
Hubbys Bar Slut...
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 5:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 7:56 pm
I had been such a very naughty girl the whole time whilst holidaying with hubby.

This night I was in one of my hyped up moods, hubby and I had been out drinking together and I had been shamelessly flirting all night with so many men and we were now on the way to yet another bar.

It was a cosy little place with plenty of alcohol consumed, a really great band, lots of dancing, plenty of intimate flirting and in the first hour of being there half the men knew I was the girl who would let anyone with my pussy. I bounced from one guy another behaving like the horny bar slut hubby wanted be which was making VERY popular!

The rule hubby had for the night was let any man fondle my body or do anything else they wanted but I wasn't allowed leave the building and go outside. Hubby said if I couldn't control myself and had let some guy fuck me then it had be done inside somewhere and believe me there were plenty of men that night who wanted have sex with inside! Hubby knows how spontaneously out of control I can be when I have been drinking and this place was full of young, horny, hot looking men all around my age.

The moment I walked into this place I knew I was going to have sex with half the men there and I was so definitely in the mood for a little fun with any guy who wanted me. I dressed for sex that night and was wearing my red lace up shoes, my very high cut denim shorts with a loosely fitted, sleeveless camosol top. I loved the top because it felt like I was wearing nothing at all and the light touch of the material constantly moving across my breasts and especially my nipples felt so tantalisingly sexual. When I moved my breasts would jiggle and bounce making the material kind of cling to the shape, leaving nothing hidden for the many ogling eyes staring at my boobs and especially at my partially exposed nipples through the open lace pattern and it was so sexually provocative it made me moist knowing I was displaying myself so openly. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties because hubby never lets me when we go out together for sex games so my gorgeous body was covered in nothing more than these very tiny pieces of clothing that were barely legal but thats how hubby always wants look and all the sexually explicit comments I kept getting dressed like this did made me feel very vibrant. I only really spent around five minutes or so with hubby at any one time because I had so many guys trying hook up with . I would be taken away some obscure part of the building by whoever and end up trapped there for ages surrounded by heaps of men who would take advantage of my intoxicated state and sexually free mind.

I couldn't help feeling exceedingly horny and I think this really screamed out to the men around me giving them an obvious open invitation to do whatever they wanted. My attention would wander from one another spending only minutes with each and deliberately teasing them with my body, my breasts and allowing brief fondlings of my pussy. I would stand there and kiss some guy and instantly feel his fingers slipping between my legs and over my pussy. Then moments later another guy would do the same thing with many others groping my breasts. Any who was within reach of my body would automatically have a little as I stood amongst them. No one asked, nor did they need any permission, everyone just knew I was the girl.

I somehow found myself in this little nook with my back against the wall. My arms around a man either side of me with a crowd of men all squashed together to my front trapping me in. All I could see were the grins on their faces as they all fondled my pussy. I couldn't stop them and I didn't want to stop them because it felt so amazingly good behaving like such a slut for hubby.

I stayed hidden from view behind this wall of bodies with heaps of men fondling my pussy making me literally drip. I just couldn't stop myself responding so intensely to this and also started moaning loudly, spreading my legs wider for them and pushing back against the many fingers inside my absolutely drenched pussy. This was obviously too much for one guy who just couldn't wait another second and cleared a path through the others straight at me. He was much taller than me and very broad, towering over my petite frame and in a menacing manner took clear possession of my body. He held me against the wall with one hand and undid his pants with the other, then reached into his pants and pulled out his very large, half erect circumcised cock and looked at me with this focused expression of determination. I knew he was about to fuck me and I knew there would be nothing I could do to stop him! He firmly took hold of my body spinning me around and slamming me hard up against the wall. This made me feel very disoriented and in seconds he had undone my denim shorts and pulled them down to below my ass. Squashed between his bulky body and the wall I felt trapped, incapable and physically overpowered. I could feel his cock pressed hard against my ass searching for a hole to slip it in, any hole, then I felt it pushing into my ass with force. I screamed out but wasn't heard above the music and the roar of the men surrounding me. I instinctively put my hands up against the wall then I felt the intense pain as he drunkenly and forcefully pushed his cock deeper inside my ass. It hurt like hell but he didn't care and kept forcing himself inside me tearing my ass open as he aggressively thrust himself deeper inside me. At first I tried to resist and stop him but it felt useless, he was so powerful compared to me and no one else was going to help because so many were so excited about watching. He fucked me in the ass slamming my body hard against the wall with every aggressively determined thrust whilst yanking my head right back by my hair. I had no choice, I wasn't enjoying it, it was pleasure but so painfully aggressive and forced it felt more like hell. I couldn't stop it either, I had no choice but to endure it, just endure the sex with this sexist pig of a man because that's what hubby wants me to do.

I think everyone was in total shock he actually did that but not one of them tried to stop him. He finished just as abruptly as he started leaving me against the wall with my ass bare, my shorts now down around my ankles and cum dribbling from my ass. He then disappeared as quickly as he appeared and I never saw him again that night.

This started a frenzy and the mass of men there all wanted sex right there and then! They closed in around me, encircling me and left me no choice but to do as they demanded. I was almost forceably taken outside to a courtyard of a closed business building nearby and gangfucked by this mass of men. It wasn't romantic, or seductive, it was just fucking! I was used for hours by these men, fucked in every hole and in every way possible by random men who kept coming and going from the bar. I wanted to be gangfucked but not by so many men! They just kept coming one after another and waiting for their turn to have sex with this hot looking bar slut then stay awhile to watch their friends fuck me then leave bragging about what they had just done to other men arriving. Most were very uncaring and physically abusive having sex with me like they were trying to hurt me.

I was used and taken advantage of for hours which seemed like seconds for . I was alone, vulnerable, hot looking and willing do anything for everyone that night although I must confess I didn't do this entirely for hubby.

I also did it because I simply enjoy being a slut too!
Protected Silence...
Posted:Oct 24, 2020 4:33 am
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2020 3:35 pm
My mind was drifting from one thought another and I could hear men sitting either side of me talking but it was a little difficult clearly hear what they were saying above the sound of the music.

I wanted ask what they were talking about because from the odd bits I could hear it sounded like they were talking about my friend.

She was sitting opposite telling about the problems she was having with her partner. Her gaze kept sliding over my shoulder and after a while I became curious enough ask what was distracting her. There were four men sitting at a table behind me and they couldn't keep their eyes off my friend. I must admit she is a lot prettier than I am, so there was always this subtle rivalry between us.

After some time my girlfriend ended talking these guys leaving no choice but follow her and although I simply had no interest in any of them I still instinctively flirted. We were similar looking but her boobs were much bigger and she was so much more out going than what I am. She is a friend but we have never really been that close mainly because she is a deceitful bitch! Her partner is a really nice guy who does everything for her and she has always treated him like crap, which totally annoys !

These guys were over but I was behaving like a complete bitch because I just wasn't interested and didn't want encourage them but for some reason my friend loves hooking with older married men. They pestered me for the entire night and I did have a little fun teasing them although only light entertainment for me I think these guys thought I was a garanteed thing for them. My friend was supposed be patching things with her partner but from what I was seeing that was the furthest thing her mind. She was over this guy and that made really angry because I just couldn't stop thinking about poor Dave. I watched as she used her magical female ways to lure and use these guys.

Much later that night with my friend being who she is we all ended at her place so she could continue the night drinking and no doubt have a little fun with this guy she was keen on which left in the awkward position of having keep the other guys entertained and that's when the night became really interesting. I had no idea why she invited all four men but when they knew I was staying the night nothing was going stop them going back to her place.

I could have just left but I'm a loyal person and didn't want to abandon my friend. I ended downstairs with these guys while my girlfriend disappeared upstairs with her guy. She left standing in the kitchen having a very strained conversation with the of them. There wasn't even the slightest bit of physical attraction for with any of these guys but it was so obvious they were very keen with . I just snubbed them in the bitchiest way I could whilst counting down the minutes when my friend was ready kick them out. I was drunk and felt really tired and I was annoyed at my friend so I sat the couch, closed my eyes and just took a moment to rest.

I could hear my friend upstairs with her guy having sex and as ashamed as I am to admit to this, I was extremely jealous! I started to be a little nicer to these other men who were still lusting for my body. I started to take a little interest in talking to them and I started to use a little of my female magic to turn things around and encourage them. After being a complete nasty bitch to them night long it still didn't take much have them drooling for my pussy. They were so boring though, talking about this technology stuff and so much other crap I either just didn't care about or understand then finally I managed get them interested in the one thing I love and know about, SEX!

These guys may have looked like total married geeks with their bad dress sense, bad hair cuts and boring topics of conversation but they were seriously horny! Their eyes followed every jiggle my boobs made when I moved, they wouldn't stop staring at my body and the expressions on their faces were of unbridled lust. I wouldn't have been surprised if they were hard from just perving at ! I started tell them a little about myself just see how they would react, about some of the more tame things hubby and I have done together and they were like little kittens turning into massive big sexual monsters! We talked for probably around an hour or so while I drank an entire bottle of wine to myself and by the end of it I was seriously tipsy and just kept laughing at their lame attempts to seduce me.

I could still hear my friend upstairs with her guy and thought to myself why am I the one missing out? She should be the one talking to these guys and I should be upstairs fucking the hot looking guy she was with! I was sitting on my friends couch with one guy either side of me and the third guy sitting on the coffee table in front of me. I was now fairly drunk, giggly and very flirty and touchy with them, leaning over them just playing around and having a laugh. I just had a pair of jeans and a red open blouse but I think it may have been my scantily clad breasts beneath my blouse that made them do what they did next. I can't say I didn't intentionally tease them by letting my breasts become almost fully exposed as my blouse was pulled at by their wandering hands. I flirted and played drinking games with them and I could feel them constantly although "accidentally" brushing my breasts with their hands as I did flirt but I pretended not notice. Then slowly the accidental touching from them became a little more purposeful. I kind of resisted but for how drunk I now was really couldn't and I kept telling them I shouldn't be doing this but they insisted saying if my friend was then why shouldn't I have some fun too. I really did try to stop them sliding their hands through the opening of my blouse and fondle my breasts but once I felt their touch against my nipples I instantly sensed my pussy tingling. I truly felt weakened from their relentless onslaught then one of them started to kiss me and it felt like I just fell from a cliff! I was suddenly rendered powerless, their bodies pressing onto mine with their hands all over my breasts and now with my jeans undone, two of them slipped their hands down the front of my jeans firmly pressed against my pussy with fingers slipping over and against my super sensative saturated clit.

I kept softly saying no to them each time they did this and kept thinking to myself what am I doing? Why am I doing this with these guys? I don't even find them physically attractive! Has hubby turned me into the type of slut that will fuck anyone now, or have I been this way all along but never wanted to accept my true nature?

I felt confused, horny, guilty, slutty, angry and resentful all in the same instant but despite my thoughts and feelings the one thing that overpowered everything was my nature, my deep seeded need to please and as always the way I know how to please men is through sex! I shouldn't have mentioned some of the weird kinky things hubby likes with bondage and the way he loves to sexually torment me into total submission because already these guys were pinning me down! Emotionally my mind was so torn with what I was doing but my body and all my senses were so alive! Maybe I wanted them to know, maybe deep down I need to feel powerless to truly enjoy sex, or maybe I really am simply just a slut like everyone keeps telling me. I was writhing on the couch letting these men touch and fondle my entire body as much as they pleased. Feeling their hands all over every part of my body slowly stripping me of my clothes. I really did want to stop them but it was so hard to gain the will power to actually do it. I kept softly saying I didn't want to but they just kept ignoring me and continued doing what they were doing. I was slumped on the couch in this dreamy state wishing I wasn't doing this, wishing this was just a dream. Was I really on the couch, naked with my legs spread wide with one guy licking my pussy and the other two using my mouth as a fuck hole? I couldn't believe I was doing it again, already after having had sex with two other men for hubby only the night before. Had I become so complacent about sex I just didn't care anymore who I had sex with? I was flopping about as these guys were having sex with me in one position or another until one of them decided to use my blouse to tie my hands together behind my back and put me on my knees then bent me over. They took turns fucking me from behind which wasn't a very pleasant experience because they were so rushed about it, then after they had their fun they just left me there. I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch and woke up freezing because I was still naked.

Dave came home that morning from work and saw me on the couch still sleeping and a few days later I found out my so called friend blamed me for the cum filled protection Dave found in the bedroom, saying it was mine from the guys I insisted on bringing back to her place and had sex with in their bed! I felt so betrayed I never spoke to her again...
Reminiscing innocence
Posted:Oct 22, 2020 4:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2020 7:59 pm
Hubby and I were going out a lot looking for suitable men for me meet. At that time I knew little about hubbys sex games and was quite unsure about things but I knew hubby had expectations as we had talked a lot about me having sex with other men.

When we were out together hubby would quite often just pick some random guy or guys out of the crowd at a bar and tell me he wanted me to go and behave like a complete slut with them. Then, as the months went on, if the men hubby wanted me to behave like a slut with took an interest in wanting sex with me which happened almost every single time he would then message me and tell me to take them out to the car, or the room, or at some other place nearby and fuck them. He would always just blend in with the crowd and watch me from a close distance which made the whole thing feel so intensely erotic knowing hubby was watching me behave like a slut with these men. I always became so excited when he made me do this and I could always feel my pussy moisten from the anticipation of the promiscuous sex I was about to have with these men. Obviously there were many attempts and just as many fails mainly because I wasn't doing as hubby would ask which was very fustrating for him but he is a patient man and his gentle persistence eventually paid off.

I want to share this one experience with you that was only the fourth time I had sex with other men for hubby. When I went out with hubby I was always ready for sex because that's what hubby wanted so I always like to look sexy and desirable and this night I wore a very sexy pale yellow dress. It was a full length cotton dress with long shoe string shoulder straps and a very low back and neck line showing most of my soft white breasts from the front with a very noticeable amount of side boob too. Without a bra the dress precariously hung very low off the tips of my breasts and was very eye catching. It tightly hugged my midriff then flared to just above my knees. I loved this dress and so did hubby because I had so many very memorable sexual experiences wearing it.

We had been to several bars this night with no luck meeting the right type of men and I think hubby was becoming a little disappointed so I decided the next bar we went to I will definitely find a guy to fuck for hubby. We had only just walked into this bar and hubby decided to go outside for a smoke and left me inside the bar by myself. All it took was one look with men and straight away they knew they would fuck me but finding men who would fuck me with hubby watching was hard. Back then it still felt like I was cheating on my husband each time I had sex with another man but it was that feeling that made the sex so awesome!! I know that sounds so wrong but when it came to sex hubby and I quickly discovered we were like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that just fitted perfectly together. He loved to watch me have sex with other men and I loved having sex with other men. What I didn't know was that hubby was just gently easing toward the things he really wanted and they were to watch me have sex with many other men in big groups and with all the kinky weird stuff he also likes too.

I was quite timid back then and very pliable with suggestions hubby made (or any man really) because I was so eager to please and impress. I would do anything for hubby and he knew that, taking me a little further each time. At first he just liked to watch me behave like a slut with other men, then he wanted me to fuck them and now he wanted to watch me being fucked by other men and is why I was finding it so hard to find someone to fuck me that night. It wasn't me, it was because they all thought hubby was gay or weird and that scared them off but after many fails I did finally meet up with guys who were friends with each other that were willing fuck with hubby watching. Hubby was outside again so I messaged him saying I found guys who were willing fuck and let him watch. He messaged me back telling me meet him at the car. I know nobody knew or would even care but when I walked out of the bar with these guys I felt so guilty. It felt like everyone there was looking at and judging thinking themselves "Just look at that slut cheating her husband" I knew that wasn't so but it sure felt that way. I coyley walked through the dark car park with these men and not really knowing what hubby wanted me do next I paused wait for hubby. I was so shy and unsure of myself and just stood there quietly and feeling a little lost so I was so glad when one of the guys started to kiss . His hands immediately found their way under my dress, discovering I wasn't wearing any panties he fondled my pussy. I was already so worked with sheer anticipation I could feel I had saturated his hand with my sweet flowing juices. I was praying for hubby arrive soon because these guys were seriously keen. I started kissing the other guy while the first one was still fondling my pussy then the third guy came from behind slipping his hand my dress from behind and started fondling my pussy too. It felt so, so good, sandwiched between these men and feeling the strength of their touch firmly massaging my whole pussy with their fingers slipping in and out both from the front and back. They stretched my pussy in in directions and were so forcefully passionate with their kissing. I tried slow things down a little because they were really getting seriously hot and horny! wanted at once and grabbed at my body in this frantic competition between themselves trying gain ownership of my pussy. One guy started fondling my breasts too and I was so lost in the sexual pleasure I completely forgot I was supposed to be waiting for hubby! I turned and faced the car placing my hands on the bonnet then one of the guys came up from behind lifting my dress and started undoing his pants to release his hard erect cock. I could feel it pressing up hard against my ass so I reached behind me and holding it in my hand slid the head of his cock along the soaked saturated slit of my pussy until the head of his massively engorged cock found its way inside me.

The other two stood back and watched as their friend fucked me from behind against the bonnet of my husbands car. Then out of the darkness I saw hubby coming toward me then he stopped opposite me on the other side of the bonnet watching me behave like a as I relished in every hard aggressive deeply stabbing thrust this guy was giving my saturated pussy and slamming my entire body into the side of the car. Hubby watched intently but said nothing as these guys took turns fucking in many different positions on the bonnet of my husbands car and releasing themselves deep inside my pussy every time. At first, the sex with was very passionate with a lot of kissing and firm touching. I could feel their cum dripping from my pussy and the next one would thrust himself into stating how sloppy my pussy was. These guys didn't seem care my husband was right there watching them but instead seem enjoy putting the sex show for him. I think they were getting off just as much as hubby was knowing they were fucking another mans wife right in front of him, almost like they were daring him say something but he never did. He just stood there quietly as I was fucked really hard by these men who were forcing themselves into me so hard now it hurt like hell. They realised there were no limits because I wasn't allowed to complain and the sex changed rapidly. It went from firmly passionate to aggressively dominant very quickly and they started treated me like a gutter !

Then one of them decided he wanted to try and fuck me in the ass, which he did, making me cry out in silent pain. There were people walking through the car park shouting out things and coming closer for a look to watch the live sex show that was being given to them. These guys didn't care, they seemed to love knowing other people were seeing them fuck the bar slut and were actually bragging to the people about it offering me to them and saying it was okay because I was just a pub !

When the last guy of the cum for the last time inside my already cum soaked and very sloshy pussy my husband came around and slipped his hand under my dress. As the men wandered off back the bar, no doubt brag about what they had just done Hubby stood right against my body and ran his fingers and down my inner thighs feeling the cum that had run down my legs from these guys, then slowly moved his hand toward my pussy feeling its stretched sloppiness with his fingers. He slowly jerked himself off with his other hand until he himself cum over my dress and when he cum he cum so hard going into this weird spasmic fit and the expression on his face was of such intense release.

I knew I had pleased hubby but as always with hubby that only opened his mind to more possibilities, more sexually deviate thoughts and more expectations from , continue satisfy the sexual monsters that dominate his mind.
Playtime Fun...
Posted:Oct 19, 2020 5:14 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2020 4:16 pm
I still very clearly remember one of the earlier times hubby wanted me to hook up with another man or in this case men by myself.

Hubby and I went to a popular bar with the intention for me to find some guy to hook up with and fuck. This was the beginnings of our sexual adventures together and to say the least I was very inexperienced, naive and sometimes, seriously dumb!

I was extremely nervous about the whole thing but hubby was nothing but excited about his wife being fucked by another man. When we were getting ready in the motel room he kept telling me what to do, how to do things, what to say, where to go, how I should behave, when to message him and he just went on and on about it all.

I wore this little black super short dress made of a stretchy nylon material that was a little too tight, so it kept sliding up my bum which did feel very sexy but it did keep showing above the little triangle gap between my legs. I had my black heels on, dark red lippy, with my blonde hair down and a lovely necklace piece that temptingly nestled between my ample breasts. I thought the dress was way to short and despite it making like a sex doll hubby insisted I wear it.

We made the short walk down the road to the bar attracting an abundance of sexually vulgar comments from men walking past and tooting horns from passing cars but by the time we arrived at the bar I was definitely feeling fully confident and ready to flirt.

The only reason why we were there, was for me to find some guy to fuck!

So, with hubby disappearing into the crowd and no doubt watching me closely from a distance, I sat at the bar on this bar stool openly flirting with every guy who came along. Every now and then I would get a glimpse of hubby in the crowd and could feel his eyes watching my every move, watching every guy who approached me and watching every hand that was placed upon my body but I was still very much on my own and it did not take very long at all for me to draw a reasonably sized of men who were interested in getting to know me a little better. I sat on this bar stool feeling quite tipsy, surrounded by men with my pussy clearly on display. I may as well have not even been wearing my dress because sitting on the bar stool in that dress gave everyone the perfect view of my pussy but hubby insisted I wear it for that very reason.

He would send me messages every five seconds telling me what he wanted me to do or how to behave. As I sat with my legs together and partly crossed I knew full well men were staring straight at my shaven unprotected pussy through the gap between my dress and legs. At first, I felt a little self conscious and embarrassed, almost ashamed to be displaying myself like that but then after a while, once I became used to the blatant ogling I started feeling quite aroused knowing men were staring at my moistening pussy. I tried to pretend I didn't notice the stares and avoided eye contact but I could feel their eyes fixate upon my half naked body and sense their dirty sexual thoughts penetrating my dress.

I was amazed at how easy it was to find men who would fuck me! I was giving hubby almost non stop messages on what was going on, how many guys wanted to fuck me, what they looked like and the things they were doing with me at the bar and I could tell hubby was getting really excited by the jarbled messages he was returning.

One guy after another started to crowd around all wanting to have sex with me and soon there were so many I didn't know what to do! I was a little too tipsy to know what I was doing clearly and because of my nature being easily led by this of sexually hyped up men. The original plan was for me to take just one guy back to the room and have sex with him then tell hubby when I had finished so he could come straight in after and play with his still inside my pussy but that plan was changing fast! Every time I messaged hubby about another guy wanting to play, hubby would tell me to invite him back to the room too.

I really wasn't sure about inviting too many men back to the room and hubby and myself had this flurry of messaging going on between us on what he wanted me to do. There was a fluctuating of around to guys who wanted to go back to the room with and hubby kept telling to take them all for some playtime but I didn't want to go back with anymore than two or three.

I was sitting on this bar stool completely surrounded by these men with hubby trying to convince me to let them all gangbang my pussy. They all knew hubby and I were playing a little sex game and they were ALL seriously keen to ALL be a part of it!

I sat there feeling very tipsy and extremely horny, with a husband trying his hardest to convince me to fuck all the men with me and all the men with me trying to convince me to listen to him. I had been teasing and flirting with these men for hours and I was seriously worked up and horny. A few kept putting their hands on my legs, positioned so close to my pussy their fingers were almost touching it and they would keep brushing their fingers against my pussy with quite a noticeable level of pressure as they came in close to talk to me which was simply sending my heart beat racing in excited anticipation.

I was being bombarded with promises from both the of men who wanted to fuck me and hubby trying to convince me to do it. I was on my own being seriously pressured to have sex! Encircled by this of men the bar and well hidden from view I just couldn't stop smiling them as they all started to brazenly touch my body. They were no longer being gentlemanly about wanting to fuck and were now starting to take expectant ownership of .

I have to admit, I was really enjoying feeling their many hands upon my body. I was accepting my role and playing the slut for hubby with these men. I felt desired and comfortable with them and I was really starting to enjoy it. I was getting so aroused and horny I started to let them slip fingers into my pussy as I stood leaning against the bar. I knew other people were watching me let them do this but I didn't care. I was enjoying the moment far too much to concern myself with judgement. I was too drunk to care and far too horny now to stop it. My messaging to hubby had slowed as I was swept up in the sexual atmosphere with these men. They must have known I was ready to leave because they took control of me and before I realised I was staggering back to the room, arm in arm with this of random men. Everything was spinning and I was making much sense of anything, then I was suddenly kneeling on the floor in this tiny room next to the bed giving some guy sitting on the edge of the bed a blowjob. My legs spread with everyone else fondling my drenched pussy from behind.

I could hear my phone going off with messages from hubby but I was far too busy having sex with these men to bother answering. It was such an incredibly intoxicating feeling being in this tiny room barely big enough to fit the double bed, absolutely jammed pack with men and all there wanting to fuck my pussy again and again!

I was picked up and tossed onto the bed with two naked men both with massive hard erections and in an instant I was smothered in bodies, hands, cocks and shortly after a non stop flow of fresh . The sex was hard and fast making feel very much lìke a with very little self control from the men. After it was all over I found hubby had sent me 42 messages trying to find what I was doing spanning over a period of nearly four and a half hours which seemed like four minutes to me but when hubby did finally meet up with me, the abundance of the had left all over and inside my pussy more than made up for my mistakes that night.
A Prize Slut...
Posted:Oct 15, 2020 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2020 9:05 pm
This night of sexual prosmicuousness is part of the puzzle how I became hubbies submissive.

Although, I have always been a very sexual person I didn't just wake up one morning and magically become his obedient sex slave. That has evolved over a long period of time, something that has snuck up on me, something he has been training me for without me even realising and is something I have now become in my place with our relationship together.

Like all things, everything started out small and considering the type of naturally flirtatious woman I am with very little self control it does not surprise me I was such an attraction for hubby to nurture my potential from who I was to what I am now.

On this night we had been invited to an open party to celebrate a friends good fortune and the atmosphere was very friendly. Hubby and myself were still learning about each other and had only being experimenting sexually in a casual opportunistic on again off again thing so I had had sex with other men but wasn't really committed to the whole thing. I guess I used to always test Hubbys limits but slowly learned he didn't have any!

Hubby was and still is a very persistent, yet patient man with convincing mannerisms which I have no defense against when I have been drinking.

This night we arrived together but soon separated with me flirting with any guy that came near me and hubby off with his circle of boys. Even at the early stages, I was very fast becoming known as the party slut amongst his friends and was kind of disowned by hubby for awhile this night for behaving like a complete bitch which made me pretty much anyone's for the night. When hubby did try to control me it was almost impossible for him, especially for how drunk I was and so as he always does, he just ignored me or at least that's what I had thought.

There were several men there that took quite an interest in me and they weren't even trying to hide wanting to fuck me. I was standing right near hubby and guys were all over me behaving in the most disgusting sexually arrogant manner!

Of course, they were drunk too, with random men coming up to me and trying to fondle my breasts right next to hubby or asking me if I wanted to fuck and heaps kept trying to kiss me. Everyone was very forward with me that night and I did kiss quite a few and some of them even slipped their hands under my skirt whilst kissing me and fondled my pussy.

I simply didn't know what to do so I just let them touch my body. I wasn't sure how hubby would react if I seemed to be enjoying it all too much and thought he should be the one to say something if he didn't like it. Hubby did absolutely nothing to stop any of them from touching me and actually didn't react at all looking quite composed the entire time. I was pretty drunk and just kept laughing about it but I would be standing right next to hubby and some guy would just come up to me and tell me how hot I looked and have a feel and as the night went on more and more men kept doing it. I probably should have wore something different but I didn't think a mid length skirt and a white shoe string top would be that enticing. I felt quite sexy and everyone kept saying how good I looked but there were other girls there that looked much prettier than myself. Maybe it was the stretched thinness of the top being partially see through and showing the firm shape of my breasts with the coloration of my nipples showing that attracted so many ogling eyes.

After a while hubby kept putting ideas in my head!

He wasn't pushy or demanding or aggressive about it. He just kept calmly saying how he would love to see me fuck this guy or that one and this went on for hours. I had done it a few times already with other men and the thought just kept growing in my mind. I wanted to but wasn't sure if I should but there were so many cute guys there that wanted to fuck me! I kept stalling and coming up with excuses with every one of Hubbys suggestions of men to choose but I could feel myself weakening. My mouth was saying no but my mind was definitely swaying toward a massive YES! I had already chosen three or four in my own mind I would fuck but I was just feeling a little nervous about actually going ahead and doing it.

The flirting went on for hours with many different men and there were so many men who I could choose that wanted to fuck me but I still felt a little scared. I was really quite drunk and guys were getting really pushy, even right next to hubby. They would have me against the wall where we were settled, their bodies pressed against my body, their wandering hands touching parts of me they shouldn't and I would be intensly responding to their sleazy slippery touch in the most sexually enjoyable way. I would completely lose myself in the moment and forget where I was then suddenly find my being shamefully fondled by some guy with many others all gathered enjoying the free sex show.

I kept looking at hubby watching me behave like a complete slut with these guys and he was obviously loving it because he wouldn't do a thing! Guys would come up to him and say straight to him that they wanted to fuck me, then he would just look at me and smile saying the decision was entirely up to me which put so much pressure on me to say yes.

I was really, really drunk and everyone there seemed to know I was wanting sex. I was so confused too because hubby kept changing his mind. He would tell me he wanted me to fuck some guy then after I had flirted with the guy and become seriously worked up and horny he would then at the last second change his mind and tell me to stay with him instead.

The very next guy that came up to me and started talking to me was the first guy to fuck me that night. Like all the others he was a sleazy slimy male and couldn't keep his hands of my body but instead of being a little reluctant and cautious I behaved like a total slut! I let his wandering hands touch me where ever he liked and in minutes others were watching me behaving like a total skank with this guy and I think hubby was in complete shock I was actually doing what I was doing with him.

Then another guy joined in and all of a sudden I had two men slobbering all over me right in front of hubby. I was standing with my back against the wall in the main room with heaps of people around watching me kissing both these guys and as I did they both had their hands under my skirt fingering my pussy into a soaking sloppy wet mess. Their hands all over my breasts and occasionally popping a boob out of my top. They were both practically fucking me against the wall with hubby standing right there just watching me being mauled by these two and doing nothing!

I could not help but enjoy what they were doing and more so how they were doing it and with others there commenting and spurring them on I must confess it was impossible for me to stop. Guys were walking past and just playing with my pussy then kept going.

I was dubbed "The open pussy" by all the men there because they said I was the same as an open bar.

I would be talking to some guys and they would just start fondling my boobs and pussy. So many men wanted to fuck me and tried again and again and again but I teased them all because that's what hubby told me to do, although I became so horny from behaving like a complete slut I just completely lost myself in the end with these two different guys touching and fondling my entire body.

I was still near hubby standing against the wall with these two guys touching me with their smooth wandering hands. I was definitely an easy target for them being drunk and horny with hubby controlling my mind. I didn't stand a chance at stopping these men or the one after them. They took me in a room and every one of them had sex with me on the bed. For me it was just a blur of naked bodies, cocks and cum. I was the drunk slut being gangbanged in the back room and I know word spread almost instantly because of how quickly the room filled with men.

I could hear men bragging to each other with what they were doing with me with most not even knowing who I was but still willing to have sex with me. I was abandoned by hubby, left to the pack of men I had been teasing all night and was used and abused by them who fucked me over and over again!

I think I was in that room for hours but can't be certain and still don't have a clue how many men had sex with me. I didn't stand a chance because hubby had manipulated me into being the biggest slut for him that night but I wasn't upset about it. I actually enjoyed being that for him, I enjoyed pleasing him and felt good about being the perfect wife for him!

It was the shameful guilt the next day that I always had trouble dealing with after doing things like that for hubby and thats why the beginnings were so turbulent for us...
Who's Next?
Posted:Oct 14, 2020 5:12 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2020 11:38 pm

There is a little more to my last blog than I let on because I still feel just a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

I was bound to a wooden coffee table, my thighs strapped around the legs of the table with tightly fastened leather belts. I was on my knees, bent over the table, with my wrists bound together under the table making it impossible for me to move. I was completely at the mercy of my sexually deviate hubby, my shaven pussy bulging out for him to use and was actually really quite enjoying being fucked with the long thick cane he was using to tease, torture and torment my mind and body.

I thought it was just going to be him and myself for a little playtime but after hubby had whipped my red sore bottom numerous times, fucked me with the very same cane and tormented my mind with sexual threats of giving me to a group of men, he then left the room and actually came back in with a group of men!

When I saw them come in I just froze and tensed up straight away. I recognized some of them who Hubby had let play with me before and they were complete bastards with me. There were six of them and as they walked into the room and saw me there bent over and strapped to the table they would clap their hands or rub them in excited anticipation or make some disgusting vulgar comments about how they were going to destroy my pussy.

At first, I was petrified! Hubby had left the room and I had been left in this room with six men who hubby had promised me too. At first they just stood around looking at me, then a few came a little closer and started to touch me. Slowly moving their hands over my body, feeling my pussy, my legs and everything else they could get too. If I wasn't so nervous and scared it would have felt incredibly sensual but instead it felt kind of creepy. I was completely vulnerable with my pussy totally accessible and bound to a table in a room full of sexually sadistic minds. I was their gift, a gift given to them by hubby, a gift for them to use and abuse for their pleasure until hubby decided I have had enough and takes me back.

My entire body started to quiver from sheer fear but yet I could also feel my pussy starting to moisten and become exceedingly sensative. I was being lightly touched, teased by all of them, showing me the massive dildos, vibrators, whips and restraints they had brought with them.

My mind was going crazy and not having hubby there controlling everyone was simply terrifying! These guys were all over me behaving in such a sexually addictive way, like animals feeding on my flesh, feeding off each others sexually dominant sadistic and aggressive nature. I could feel the tension building inside them as they edged closer to doing the things with me that they really wanted and it felt like they were trying their best to out do each other.

Before hubby left the room he told me to make sure I was a good girl for his friends and I know exactly what that means, meaning don't disappoint any of them by complaining or saying no to any of them and like I had a choice anyway!
Bound Left and Used...
Posted:Oct 5, 2020 3:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2020 11:57 pm
I have always been a little embarrassed to share this with others and have kept this to myself for quite a while but I now feel confident about sharing this night with you without fearing I will be judged.

Not so long ago hubby had organised something for me with a group of men but told me we were just going to have a night in and play together. He was in an unusually tense mood, a little on edge and quite abrupt with me. He told me he was going to treat me to pleasures I had not experienced before but was very secretive about everything!

He bound me to the low wooden coffee table we have in the spare play room, beside my red high heels and black thigh high patern stockings I was completely naked. My make up and hair looking just perfect and when hubby bound me to the table je was very meticulous with the details, making certain everythingwas just perfect.

He made me lay flat over the table on my stomach, my knees on the floor. He then bound my legs to the table legs wrapping thick leather belts around my thighs and around the table legs, then very firmly tightening them until they pinched my skin and felt very restrictive.

Bent over, with my legs spread around each table leg, my pussy bulging out for easy access and use by him. He then tied my wrists together under the table making it impossible for me to move. I felt so vulnerable, so very raw and totally at his mercy, resigned to accept whatever he had planned for my body. I also felt extremely excited and could feel my juices starting to moisten my pussy.

Hubby toyed with me, keeping me guessing with what to expect. He would get out his thick cane and insert it inside my pussy, then whip me across the ass and pussy saying I was enjoying having it inside my pussy far too much!

I was completely unaware of his true intentions...
Edging closer to Submission
Posted:Oct 1, 2020 3:17 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2020 3:05 am

In the earlier stages of our relationship hubby and myself were always out together going to heaps of places with his various groups of friends enjoying a very active social lifestyle together.

This experience occurred about six months after I was gangbanged at a bar and was one of the first times I had sex with other men because Hubby told me directly to fuck them.

We were at a night spot cafe in a very popular part of the city which was central to two very popular bars. A normal fun night out mixed with plenty of alcohol and other substances. I was flirting heavily with two guys I met at a which wasn't unusual for me but hubby was keeping a watchful eye on me and making sure I didn't mess up again like the last time when I was gangbanged through my own stupidity.

I could see him getting so excited as he watched me play up to these two guys. My boobs bulging out of my top, lots of touching and close body contact along with a lot of accidental or not crotch touching. Their hands were like magnets to my pussy, constantly touching it every time they leant in to speak to me.

I didn't mind it at all and was quite enjoying it so I made no attempt to stop them. We were there with some friends and they didn't seem to care about how I was behaving with these guys and neither did hubby. Things were still a little tense between hubby and myself about me having sex with other men so I was just testing him to see how he would react.

Hubby was close by with his group of friends while I was behaving like a slut with these two guys at the bar. He had a very clear view of what I was doing with them and every time I glanced over to jim I could clearly see he was thoroughly enjoying watching me being drunkenly amorous with these two.

I don't think they realised I was married or maybe they just didn't care although I did have my wedding ring on but they must have known I was with someone there at the bar. Either way it certainly didn't stop them treating me like a slut and they certainly weren't shy or self conscious about displaying physical acts of passion with me in front of a crowd.

I kissed both of them at the bar and knew hubby was watching but he didn't do anything. I let these men touch me as much as they wanted and only stopping them just short of slipping fingers inside my pussy. The more time I spent with these two guys the friendlier and more expecting they became of me and after letting them fondle my pussy as much as they did I was starting to feel seriously horny!

After everything hubby had let me do with other men up to this night in our relationship I was now finding I was the one who was becoming addicted to the thought of fucking other men. He appeared to be so calm and in control, not one bit rattled with how I was behaving with these guys, even in front of his friends.

After about two hours his friends left and headed off to another place and thats when hubby really started to control the situation. He came up to me and introduced himself as my friend not my husband and started to drop suggestions for these guys to fuck me. It was like je was setting me up to have sex with these two guys but not really giving me a voice to say yes or no! In less than ten minutes hubby had arranged for me to take these two guys out to the car and fuck them both and with the way he did it I truly felt I had no choice.

We all walked out together and on the way to the car I was thinking to myself how did I go from just toying with the idea of fucking these guys to actually about to do it in less than a few minutes?

I was amazed at how easy this was to do with hubby and that opened my mind to many other possibilities. We arrived at the car which was parked on the third floor of a multi storey car park and kind of tucked away under the ramp so kind of obscured.

On the way there hubby was leading the way and the two guys were all over me practically fucking me on the street. The second we arrived at the car I was bundled into the back seat by these two guys and while hubby waited outside the car they both fucķed me really hard in a dozen different positions for at least an hour or so and the whole time hubby patiently waited outside the car.

He would have heard and seen everything! Then after the other two had left, hubby sat in the back seat with me, in the very same spot the other two men had just both had sex with me and told me to suck his cock and he cum almost the instant I started giving him a blowjob. I could feel his balls were so full and when he cum he shuddered and his whole body stiffened, then released this massive amount of cum in my mouth which I so eagerly gobbled up!

I didn't feel like a , I didn't feel dirty or ashamed of what I just did but instead in a weird way I felt quite pleased with myself that I just brought hubby such intense sexual pleasure watching me having sex with other men.
A shameful Act of Indecency
Posted:Sep 30, 2020 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2020 6:52 am
This is something that I still hang my head very low from the dreadful disrespectful shame of being wantonly gangbanged against my husbands wishes. This was before I had fully succumb as Hubbys completely obedient submissive wife and was also a pivotal experience that well and truly placed me where I am today in our sexual relationship together.

An innocent night out with some friends that evolved into a night of complete embarrassment for my husband, total humiliation for myself and earned me a reputation amongst all our friends at that time which drove me into what I then considered the underworld of sexual depravity.

This was at a time of turbulence in our relationship together, combined with a healthy dose of stupidity, fueled by alchohol and other substances and encouraged by a bar full of hot looking, very fit, horny studs, who all knew each other and totally took full advantage of my sexually promiscuous behaviour that night.

Without going into specifics, my husband and myself had been invited by some acquaintances of ours to join them at a bar directly after an event we had attended. We had already been drinking quite a bit and decided it would be fun to keep the night going.

When we arrived to meet our friends the atmosphere was simply electric, with an abundance of highly motivated drunk men all eagerly looking for girls. The event we were at was quite polished so I was wearing this very sexy eloquent tight fitting blue dress which was literally stretching around my body leaving nothing hidden. It was extremely short and low cut exposing a very naughty healthy portion of my soft supple breasts making it impossible for every male there to look into my eyes.

The ratio of men to women at this privately operated bar at this establishment was easily 10 to 1 and when I walked in through the door everyone just starred as we made our way toward the bar. We did look completely out of place because of how dressed up I was compared to everyone else.

Initially, I felt really out of place and very uncomfortable standing at the bar with a thousand eyes all fixated on my body not even trying to hide they were staring. Hubby handed me my drink then left me standing at the bar while he wandered off to the toilets promising he would be back as quickly as possible.

He hadn't even been gone for more than a minute and guys either side of me at this tiny packed bar where there was standing room only were trying to hook up.

Beside a few brief times when hubby kept telling me I had to leave with him that was the last time I spoke to hubby that night until the very end when he found me and took me home.

I was immediately drawn into the really intense party atmosphere that was going on, talking to anyone and everyone, flirting with as many men as I could, kissing just as many others, stopping twice as many hands from groping my breasts and pussy and the whole night, every time I looked around, saw hubby watching, sooking in the corner by himself and looking really seriously angry at me for having a good time.

Every time he came up to me and told me I had to go home with him I became really angry and told him to fuck off and stop trying to spoil my night.

Now, looking back he wasn't trying to spoil my night, he was trying to save me from myself, save me from irreversibly setting my reputation as an easy slut, save me from my own humiliation of being wantonly gangfucked by so many random men that night.

Despite my husbands efforts, my stubbornness was my downfall, my naturally promiscuous behaviour a recurring addiction I have no defense against when I have been drinking and my deep desire of feeling wanted, my need to please, my inability of saying no to men for sexual pleasure placed my mind and my body at the mercy of the entertaining men surrounding me, who all had the one collective goal, a single thought of fucking my pussy and filling every hole in my body to the brim with their non-stop abundance of cum.

Every time hubby tried to take me away he was
Booed, hassled and pushed around and sometimes even threatened by men. I had become the groups property but was too drunk to realise that and hubby was definitely viewed as an irritating annoyance.

I felt vindicated in behaving like a complete slut in an attempt to be a complete bitch and teach hubby a lesson for being siuch an asshole to me previously. I stood there quietly as part of the group secrectly thinking to myself hubby deserved everything he was getting but then realised, but only when it was too late, the men who had become my protectors were also fully expecting something in return!

In retrospect I wished I had listened to hubby and left when he first told me too.

Hubby had been removed from the bar and I was still in the bar, feeling very drunk and extremely horny from all the hands on flirting that had been going on all night with so many different men and the mass of men there now had nothing stopping them from doing whatever they wanted.

I was taken up some stairs to an adjoining room that looked a little like an unused empty storeroom. A little dusty and grotty with a few cabinets along one wall, a few chairs stacked in the corner and an old jeavy looking wooden office table against another wall.

That office table was the spot that changed me from being viewed as a fun, flirty, girl of innocence into being the biggest slut of the decade and am still reffered to as one by everyone who was there.

I felt completely relaxed with what I was doing at the time and didn't even think about just how vulnerable I now was in a room full of men. I was right next to the main area and felt completely safe but still had to shout to be heard. I distinctly remember how excited everyone was behaving like they were super hyped up and bursting with an abundance of energy.

I was standing up and leaning against this table with my drink in my hand and hanging off this guy with my arms around his neck not even noticing this very tiny room had almost filled to capacity with men. He started kissing me and before I realised he had his hand between my legs and was sliding his fingers against my pussy and it felt absolutely amazing!

This guy definitely wanted me all to himself and in that moment was the only thing stopping me from being gang fucked right there and then. I lost myself kissing this guy and had completely forgotten about hubby, the fact I was a married woman and that my husband was well known by almost everyone in that bar.

They all knew our relationship was falling apart, they all knew I was a complete flirt and they all knew I was known to have cheated on hubby before but what they didn't know was that hubby wanted me to fuck those men. Everyone thought I was just a horny slut who loved to flirt and tease that had on occasion been fucked by a few lucky guys here and there.

Back then this had put a huge strain on our relationship because I was confused by this, by what hubby wanted me to do because most men don't want their partners to fuck other men bareback and truly felt he didn't love me.

This guy I was kissing was getting really pushy and really pressuring me for sex. I kept saying no and pushing his hand away every time he slid it between my legs but he was just as stubbornly persistent as I am and kept trying. After quite a number of times I thought if I just let him touch me a little then he would give up and leave me alone. So the next time he tried I didn't stop him fondling my pussy and I actually love it. I became so wet so quickly it even surprised me and in an instant I was really struggling to stop him.

I stopped kissing him and looked down at his hand firmly lodged between my legs, feeling his fingers moving inside my pussy. His other hand behind my neck pulling my body toward him. I slid down just a little so my pussy was over the edge of the table and relaxed my legs slightly pushing my pussy into his hand enjoying every second of his firm manly touch.

I simply couldn't look at all the others all gathered around watching this guy frantically finger fucking my drenched pussy. I closed my eyes, leaned back a little and raised my knees placing the heels of my shoes on the edge of the table.

I just couldn't believe I was doing what I was doing but I couldn't deny it either. I was being what hubby had been trying to convince me to be for the past eight months. I was being a totally unfaithful slut and I was utterly enjoying every micro second of it, immensely!!

I could feel the phone vibrate against my leg where I placed it, then stop, then vibrate again and this happened the entire time I was being finger fucked by this guy. I knew it would be hubby but I didn't care and just ignored it.

I was so close to gushing and I couldn't stop myself thrusting my pussy against the three or four hands now fighting against each other for room to play with my clit. Others had joined in on the fun and I made no attempt at all to stop them and instead encouraged even more men by spreading my legs wider for everyone to see. Now that I didn't feel so self conscious I kept looking around and smiling or giggling at the men playing with my pussy.

I knew I was about to be fucked by every one of them and I was now actually wanting for that to happen. I grabbed at one of the guys infront of me, hurridly undid his pants and grabbed at his hard erect cock. Leaning back I pulled his cock toward my pussy and a second later I watched as he slid his fully erect hard cock deep inside my soaked sloshy pussy.

I think everyone was shocked I did that but that certainly started a frenzy of sexual brutality from the men there. It felt like the bubble of sexual tension finally burst and everyone wanted to fuck me all at once!!

There was no protection used by anyone and in minutes several men had emptied themselves inside me leaving me spread legged upon this table with cum dripping from my pussy but that didn't stop anyone! Guys were huddled around the table fighting against each other to be the next to fuck me, filling my pussy with cum or spreading their cum all over my pelvis.

I thought I had accidentally activated my phone but someone had called hubby and left the phone on the table next to me because I could hear his voice yelling and screaming in this garbled nonsense of threats that I couldn't quite make out above the din and echo of the room.

He must have been seriously angry because the room I was in faced the street and with the windows open would have heard everything!

I was most definitely the party slut that night and even now it still gets mentioned by some very old friends. Hours later after almost every guy there that night had finished having their fun with me I was faced with a very upset husband who strangely enough, wasn't actually angry at me for behaving like a slut with literally entire bar of men, he was angry because he didn't get to see it.

It was after that, I started to better understand what he wanted from me...

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