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Just a question on body grooming.  

Kkokpellij 59M  
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9/10/2017 1:41 pm
Just a question on body grooming.

Years ago on deployment my DC team was exposed to a toxic mix of fuel/lubricating oil, hydraulic oils and fire fighting chemicals.
That exposure and event lasted long enough to have us waist deep in this soup for 3 hrs.

We all developed minor to some serious skin irritation following that exposure. To monitor these issues the medical advice was to shave the areas exposed both to monitor the skin and to reduce the risk of contaminated hair and absorption of the

I was very lucky to have only minor itching that was short in duration and have not had any issues from that.However periodically shaving and trimming pubic hair has become something I do. I actually prefer to be clean shaven
from belly button to the top of the knees.

I recently got a bit of negative feedback from a lover about this grooming as excessive. Very lovely smart lady, I will probably not have sex with her again. That will be truly regrettable too. As I do not intend sex to be uncomfortable in any way or form to any party involved.

Am I being too defensive about her preferences and is being clean shaven a turn off?

Just curious to have the ladies take on groomimg.

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