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Kkokpellij 59M  
5 posts
2/2/2016 12:44 pm

Hey! I appreciate the interest in my first blog. Thank you all for stopping by.
Well I guess it is time to reveal the rest of the find that inspired my first blog .

I do admit finding used toys was a bit of a skin crawling affair,but after close inspection and a good washing. the toys were if fact near new . Most being glass was of course easier to deal with. This whole find has indeed made me look at things in a different light. I have always had a bit of a wild side and have used toys in my sex life. These take it to a different level though.

I was surprised that there is a little more kink in me after all. I guess as we age we care less about the norm. Not like I am about to go off the reservation as per say, but I am opening up to different ideas and appreciating aspects of sexuality that I had not spend time thinking on.

Someone or a group of people spent some time and money on these toys. I would have not. I can see the appeal of these and feel kind of bad that they were lost to them...but I hope if they are still into it they will have fun finding new toys and fun adventures with their new collection. More thoughts later .

frog_princess 60F
754 posts
4/4/2016 6:47 am

I would guess that being glass it will make them easy to disinfect...funny I just lectured a potential lover about toys...."NO used toys...and Don't be using our toys on your other friends...even after I'm gone. It's is kind of a mind thing...I'm just not sure my mind could adjust to sharing...My guess is the new lover made her/his mate get rid of them...clean house, clean heart as a show of commitment.

Kkokpellij 59M  
23 posts
6/14/2016 1:12 pm

TY for your thought on this. Yes I did discard any of the non glass toys. I did find them not what I would have bought. I like the idea of certain toys for certain lovers. The few times that I have shown them to a lover it has been more of a tease and a novelty. So I have found use for them in a less intimate way.

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