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Episode One Part 2 Four Years Later
Posted:Dec 9, 2018 1:38 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2018 7:08 pm

Fantasy 1 Part 2 Teacher and Student: Four years later.
Setting: Same classroom, Homecoming Weekend.
Our teacher is wearing a school sweater over a white see through button up blouse. She is wearing some regular jeans and hiking boots.
Our College freshman has returned home on break from his first semester. He is wearing a letterman jacket over a college t-shirt. A pair of jeans and some running shoes finishes up our two lovers in Fantasy Land.

As she works at her desk one fall afternoon she hears a knock at the door.

A full grown man with a bouquet of flowers walks in .
She recognizes him immediately, she had after all lusted a little in private as she watched him grow and finally graduate last spring.

He comes in and looks around the same class room he had spent two awesome semesters learning about Shakespeare and trying to keep his mind off her ass on the play. He quietly reminisce. Sadly, like Romeo and Juliette they seemed somewhat star crossed, and well the rest of school is a blur.
But he never forgot the object of many a nights of erotic dreams and plenty of mind porn to beat off to.
He hands the flowers to her and awkwardly gives her a hug and a small kiss to the cheek. And then asks if she remembers him. She assures him she does and they spend the next hour catching up on life.

After a while the sexual tension between the two begins to grow as they discuss more risqué pieces of literature he would be studying in college. Lady Chatterly’s Lovers, The unedited Canterbury Tales, were some of the few.

For brief moments there eyes lock as each can feel this heat and hunger starting to rise.
But now instead of a law preventing them from acting on there feelings it’s a gold band about an inch in diameter on her left ring finger Which she has been nervously twisting for at least the last hour.
She had finally found someone in this city that could fuck her brains out and had a good job. The romance had been quick and they were married 18 months before. But it had soured as quickly and now she wondered if the end was near.
She flushed red for a moment giving a brief pause long enough for her to start trying to think this through logically.
But the passion was clouding and she could feel her will power ebbing away like how the sun’s heat begins to warm a cold body, slowly at first and then with more intensity until it’s on fire.
The man finally grabs her hands looks into her eyes and in an instant the powder keg inside her exploded.

She moves his hand under her shirt quickly so he can play with her nipples as she pulls out her prize for being a good teacher.
She unzips his jeans and yanks aside his underwear unable to wait any longer she shoves the whole thing from tip to taint in her mouth and begins sucking him slowly to complete rock hardness.
His hands having lost there temporary sanctuary among her nipples begins their search for something he has only dreamed about for four years. They strike pay dirty as he almost tears the buttons off her jeans in his rush to show himself worthy of an older more beautiful woman.
She doesn’t mind the youngsters hunger and urgency because many an afternoon had been spent day dreaming about this very moment. With his pants off and hers around her ankles she bent over and offered herself to him. Instead of a throbbing hard cock entering her pussy she felt him push her panties to the side and he began to eat her out.
Overly delighted that some young lady had taught this boy to give she forced her pussy farther into his mouth and there it stayed fucking his face like a jockey riding a horse in a race until her clit was screaming in wave after guilty wave and showers of her juices poor out onto his face and run down his chest and arms.
He smiles a silly innocent smile as she once again bends over. This time he doesn’t hesitate knowing exactly what what he wants he rams hi rock hard cock into her pussy and begins to slowly and methodically fuck her. He is young though and she knows exactly what she wants for there first time. She makes him start pushing deeper into her cervix needing to feel that hot shot of cum inside of her. And as he is hitting the back wall he explodes even more violently than he would have guessed.

As they disengage from each other and put them selves back together they make plans to meet later that evening at the school bonfire!

Hope you all enjoyed episode one of Fantasy Land
Next week: Santa and Mrs Clause
Fantasy Land: A world of thoughtful fun.
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 7:39 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2018 7:07 pm
Hi all so I don't write to often but hoping to change that on this thread I want start with Fantasies that I have as a Straight Man in America. If your rolling your eyes then maybe this wont be for you. However if you like me are tired of everyone separating us like cattle and telling us what to believe and not to believe and are looking for some fun mental fun time with me then welcome to Fantasy Land.

Fantasy One.
School Teacher/ Student:

The school teacher is a 30 somethings lonely teacher. She's not a super model but has that very rare quality of being a sex freak. She discovered this in College when she went through the incoming freshman class of men in one year. Lets just say she loves to study and she loves fucking.

She knows that her students are out of bounds, at least to touch but then...

Late one afternoon an athlete that had missed class shows up to get some help on a paper he had been writing on the play Romeo and Juliet.

The teacher she's is wearing a gray turtleneck that hugs her ample bode and especially shows the fullness and of her breasts.

She has a black skirt that goes to her knees and underneath a pare of black pantyhose . Her skirt which zips from the back has a slit that goes to mid thigh.

To top her outfit off she is wearing knee high black leather boots . The kind a smart young woman wears when she is feeling sexy and wants others to know that too.

Underneath the skirt her black boy short panties hugged here ass and lips giving her an ever so slight camel toe. Her bra was black as well and did little to hide the quarter sized nipples and there beautiful areolas.

Lately she had been in a dry spell because she was working on her doctorate, and in order to avoid any unintentional mix signals with her faculty adviser she had placed her desires under lock and key.

Only silk and lace touched her skin she thought, and this kicks off the waterfall of thoughts that slowly raises her color in her pale cheeks.

She glances quickly at the student athlete too see if he notices her blush but ends of looking at the thick outline of an erect penis under his jeans. He also was slightly blushing as he had been thinking about the teachers ass.

Stop! This is not going to happen she says in her mind. But deep down she is no more in control than a flash flood rolling through the dry desert, gaining in speed and size as it spreads through her mind and then to her body.

She helps the student with the work and sends him on his way but not before, she lustfully records the details of the boy-mans body.

To be continued...
Next edition:
Fantasy Land: Teacher/ Student; Hometown Athlete makes Good! 4 Years Later

Let me know what you think with your comments and what you would like to see. I would love to co write a blog with other parts in Fantasy Land, such as Fantasies of Gay Man/Woman, Fantasies of Bi Man / Woman and you get the idea. We don't have to agree on anything to be friends we just have to love.

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