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No Room For Cruelty
Posted:Jul 3, 2010 4:13 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2011 9:03 pm

Hi Everyone! I am Amanda. I am a TS. I am proud of what I am.
I learned something today, that should've been obvious, but I guess I tried to pretend it was too rare for me to experience.
I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE that has joined this website, has joined it for sexual pursuit. Be it, to hook-up, to fantasize, cyber-sex, experimentation, BDSM, gay, bi straight, voyeurism, exhibitionism, curiosity, or in my case being a T-girl.
But I also assumed no one joined this site to be cruel, or create havoc.
These people need to be removed. From the planet, as far as I'm concerned.
Your "sexual freedom" is totally yours. And except for , and pedophiles, it's no one else's business to say whether your preference is right or wrong.
I have friends from every persuasion of sexuality. Every race, every gender, all ages.
Most everyone that I've corresponded with here has been congenial. We may not be compatible, sexually, but we are not cruel to each other. We simply go our separate ways in such instances.
So why am I writing this?
I have a dear friend that is currently going through a personal ordeal. The situation, is very personal and extremely important to her. Therefore it is also important to me. She is my friend, and my mentor, and I love her like a sister.
She posted a small dialogue on our group site, basically outlining what she is going through, and it saddened me.
But some IDIOT (not part of our group) replied that it was "FUNNY". !?!
These are the people we do not need here, no matter what your persuasion is. This man is here, strictly because he cannot get any satisfaction in the REAL WORLD, so he "hides" behind the internet, and feels "safe", because he's untouchable. Well, mindless, spineless, needle-dicked idiots ARE untouchable, because there's nothing redeeming about them. The only reason he is on this site, is because, even his own computer won't "go down" on him.
So I'm asking everyone on this site to let these people know, (if you run into one) that they are not welcome here.
Maybe I'm out of line, but this is a site designed for enjoyment, not cruelty.
Bullies are generally weak. Weak minded, weak willed, weak physically. rarely does a bully pick on someone bigger than themselves. They seek power through "easy" conquests, and generally hide, when confronted. They are usually poorly educated, friendless, and offer nothing substantial to society as a whole. These are the wife beaters, the beaters, the animal beaters, the usually, sexually inept people in our world. They shoot internet "bullets" on the web, then go back to their feeble little lives, look in the mirror, pat themselves on the back, and begin weeping, because they've just realized that they are out of hand lotion, so they don't have a date tonight.
If you read my profile you will see, that I am not a weak person, nor a crybaby.
But creeps like this, have no place here.
His post/reply was removed, I'm assuming, by my friend who wrote the initial post.
It's a good thing. I really wanted to go to this guys profile, and call him out.
Sorry if I sound a bit "neanderthal" about this, but ridiculing people's emotions, during a time of extreme stress, can be dangerous.
And my friend, the one who is going through this hard time, needs support, and compassion, not idiocy.
This IS PASSION.COM, but if your passion is to destroy someone else. Get lost.
If you are confronted by one of these idiots, "flag" them as abusive. Together we can keep this site as it is intended to be. A place to find enjoyment. But if your idea of enjoyment is cruelty, you will find you have no place here.
Passionately an Compassionately-Amanda Strong-
The Terrorists Are Winning
Posted:Dec 17, 2010 12:13 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2011 8:03 pm

Hi Everyone! This subject has nothing to do with this website, or our sexual preferences. It has to do with our rights.
Basically the terrorists want to overthrow us by taking away our rights, or at least diminishing them.
So, since they are basically incapable of doing this through more plane bombings, or any other kinds of bombings, because they are basically inept in their technical and strategic endeavors, they have maintained a regiment of threats.
So what does this do?
It causes our OWN security to be enhanced. Not against THEM but US!
This means that, for instance, when we go through an airport, WE are screened as potential terrorists. We are X-rayed, patted down, sometimes questioned. We/I have had clothing (belts), and supplies, (lotion, cologne, toothpaste) taken from me. I have been threatened to not be allowed through the airport when I ask why they are taking these things from me. We are living in a police state! Our rights and privileges are being taken away.
The terrorists are winning. The new terrorists are our security personnel.
They are inadvertently working FOR the terrorists!
I am a very patient and logical person. But I'm getting a bit fed up with this. My last trip they took all of my belts from me. 5 total. One belt cost me $105.00! what the hell am I going to do to someone with a belt?
Bin Laden has to be elated that his plan to disrupt or remove our rights is being carried out by our own government. It's disgusting.
I travel for a living. I am X-rayed, and felt up at least once or twice a week. And if I make any comment on it at all, I'm taken to a "private" room and interrogated. They ask me where I'm going and why. If I say business, the want to now what business. If I say "private" or "personal" they want to know what that is too. If I reiterate, "it's personal", I am told that if I don't tell them what it is I will be disallowed on the plane.
So much for "personal".
This is really getting out of hand.
So, basically, I'm asking you.
What do you think?
Is this the right way to fight terrorism?
Do you think our rights are being corrupted?
Is this OK with you?
This year I have lost over $800.00 in clothing and supplies to the TSA . And they have not saved one person's life. Or stopped one terrorist act. Not one since 9-11!
Nothing coming from inside America has been found in an airport since 9-11.
Our tax money is paying for this.
On top of that, I have yet to see one TSA agent that could really, physically do anything to a potential terrorist. They are all old, weak, or out of shape. These are the people that our government has put in charge of our security.?!?!
Do you feel more secure?
Just A Simple Question-Amanda-
November 20th, 2010
Posted:Nov 15, 2010 10:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2010 9:17 am

Hi Everyone! November 20th, 2010, is International Transgender Remembrance Day.
I didn't realize this, and I'm transgendered! But a friend of mine posted it recently on our group, "Diversi-T's".
Whether you are one of us, or not, you should realize that Hate crimes for any reason are wrong. There are people out there that will want You "eliminated" simply for being outward with your sexual preferences. Be they Straight, Gay, Lesbian, BDSM, Group, Swingers, or any other.
So recognizing this day, as well as many others that can affect us is important to ALL of US.
I'm simply asking you to spread the word that this day even exists, if you would, please.
You may not agree with our lifestyle, but that's not the point.
The point is "Freedom".
Without the personal freedom that we are Entitle to, ALL of our rights can be diminished.
And murder because of hate or disagreement is simply Hate.
My friend listed several people that have been murdered because of this lifestyle. It truly saddened me.
Last year it was one every two days!
I would highly suggest that you read it.
'Just wanted to inform more people so we can All live our lives in peace, and happiness.
I Wish You All The Same Equality That We All Must Have-Amanda-
Fitness New and Old
Posted:Aug 21, 2010 12:37 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2010 2:45 pm

Hi Everyone!
I decided to write this blog, based on the history I have in training, and the knowledge I have in the history of fitness.
New statistics show that the U.S. has over 26% of its people obese!
Over 2/3 of Americans are overweight. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Disorders, all on the rise.
Now, to be honest, these stats are a bit off, because a bodybuilder, that weighs 225, with 4% body fat isn't obese. He/she is solid and lean. The actuary charts that insurance companies use base there stats on height to weight, as opposed to, BMI (body mass index). In other words, how much body fat you are carrying.
Also, genetically, some people can "carry" more body weight, and be physically "fit".
We are not all the same. Even identical twins can have different tolerances.
So. There are thousands of companies all over the world, that combined make Billions of dollars every year, selling the next best thing that will help you lose weight, build muscle, or feel better. Whether it's a pill, powder, drink, or apparatus. This is 99% bunk!
We have a basic society that can get news instantly on the internet, or cable. They can get food instantly, with "Fast Food" restaurants, or micro-wave ovens. They can "feel good" with recreational drugs, instantly. They can get rich, instantly, simply by winning the lottery. Everything you desire is or can be instant.
This is all unrealistic.
It's totally NOT HEALTHY!
Physically or mentally.
Basic health is very simple. Unless you have underlying health issues.
Eat what nature made, and you cannot go wrong. This is how humans survived this long, on Earth.
I don't eat "processed foods" at all. I eat "organic" 90% of the time. The only times I don't is when I'm traveling. I travel for a living, so in airports, it is very hard to eat correctly. So I eat a lot of salads, even though they're not organic. But it's better than the "non-foods" that all of he fast food places serve.
Processed foods were "invented" by humans, so that it would last longer on the shelves, and go further.
The reason it lasts longer, is because, even bacteria, nor bugs will eat it, because there's no nutrition in it.
"Real" food, can be found on the "edge" of most grocery stores. Produce, meat, and some dairy.
The reason it is located there is because it MUST remain refrigerated in order to "not spoil". Most of it is put away at night, in a better controlled cooler, to prevent spoilage.
We humans have become "addicted" to "non-foods". The result is obesity, health issues, and mental issues. i.e. depression, anxiety, lethargy, etc.
The reason for the "addiction", isn't really "chemical", it's "taste", and "lack of nutrition".
Your body NEEDS nutrition to survive and be healthy.
If you eat crap, because you're hungry, you will be hungry more often, so you will eat more crap. This may satisfy your hunger, but your body is still craving NUTRIENTS.
Obese people are "malnourished!" Just like overly skinny people.
This isn't "Rocket Science". It's "NATURE!"
We are "natural beings". Everything we need to eat healthy, comes form this planet, in the state the we need to eat it. Basically the only preparation we need is to clean it, cut it and eat it. except for meats, they should be cooked. Fish can be eaten raw, as can lean beef. But fowl and pork, need to be cooked.
I have had countless that want to lose weight, or be healthier, but don't want to stop eating the crap that they are addicted to.
If you eat that crap, you are jeopardizing your health. That's it! Simple.
One apple will give you more nutrition, than 100 Sugar Cookies. And it will satisfy your hunger, where as the processed sugars in the cookies will only make you crave more. Because your body is craving NUTRIENTS.
This is almost Darwinian. The weak and the stupid die off.
Sorry to sound so crass, but good grief!
If you water your flowers with Cola drinks they will die. They need water.
So why am I writing this?
Because, everyone is looking for the short-cut.
The short-cut is simple. EAT WHAT NATURE MADE.
If you decide not to, as most of you will, then the health problems that you end up with are entirely your fault.
Now I'm sure this blog will piss-off most of you.
That's because it's the truth.
It's the "food companies" that have been lying to you.
The "OLD" way to eat, was "eat what nature put here".
The "NEW" way to eat is, "Whatever is easiest, quickest, and tastes best.
The "OLD WAY" always wins. As far as being healthier.
Plus, no matter how I figure it. It's cheaper to eat right. One apple costs less than a candy bar.

Can't Wait To Hear The Negative Responses-Amanda-
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GLBT Prejudices
Posted:Aug 10, 2010 11:04 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2011 8:24 pm

Hi Everyone! As a TS, I knew I would have to deal with the basic bigotry of society. But in the GLBT society, I thought this wouldn't exist. apparently I was wrong.
My experience so far, is that, other than other T-girls, bi men accept me the most.
Lesbians are about 80/20, in favor of who I am. Straight men are about 50/50. But gay men are about 80/20 against me.
Why is this?
They tell me that what I am is a waste of time. That I serve no purpose. I constantly hear, "what's the purpose?", or "I don't get it".
I thought we were all on he same side. Equality for ALL.
Can anyone here enlighten me?
Perplexed But Proud-Amanda-
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Posted:Jul 20, 2010 4:11 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2010 12:15 pm

Hi Everyone!
OK, I've been dressing as a woman for over a year now. I started out as a "cross-dresser", and now consider myself as a Transexual.
I've "come out" to everyone important to me, and the reaction was mixed, but generally positive.
The biggest question was, "Why?"
I am a typical man. I was a bodybuilder, a power-lifter, a martial artist, a business man. Extremely successful.
The answer was, "because now I'm happy".
Well that didn't suit other peoples queries.
So I looked at history.
If you believe in the Bible, we (humans) have been here for about 10,000- 14,000 years. If you believe in Evolution, we've been her for at least a million years.
Regardless, at about the Medieval period, all men wore Togas, Gowns, Robes, or Kilts.
Pants weren't invented.
After pants were invented, primarily for riding horses in battle, men began wearing pants. They, men, were the warriors, after all.
In the 30's during WWII, women began wearing pants or slacks, regularly. Primarily because of factory work, due to the war, and secondly, because they could function more efficiently in pants.
At first, when women began wearing pants, in public, it was frowned upon by society.
"Those are men's clothes!" they were told.
Women who wore pants were looked at as odd, or outcasts.
By the 50's, it was the "norm" for women to wear slacks or jeans, although jeans were looked at as rebellious.
By the 60's, everyone was wearing jeans, men and women both. They were tight, and "bell-bottomed". And although it was at first considered rebellious, it was later accepted as fashionable.
As time progressed, men stuck to pants. They eventually became looser, baggier, and basically, non-fashionable, just functional.
Women's clothing kept evolving. Tight, loose. Long, short. Bright colored, earth toned. No matter what, women's clothing was constantly changing. But the only thing that wasn't changing was the women's ability to dress in skirts or dresses, or in pants, jeans, or slacks.
Now, in the "Animal Kingdom", most "male" Animals are the most visually prominent.
Male birds are more colorful than females. Male carnivores are larger and tend to have more 'markings' or hair, as in Lion's manes. Male fish are more colorful.
But we humans, the males are plain, and functional, but the women go out of their way to look noticeable........Why?
I don't know. (Actually I do. It has to do with attracting the 'strongest' male, in order to create a stronger offspring, that will continue the genetic pool)
All I know, is that when I began trying to look "pretty", everything changed for me. For the better.
Rock bands have been doing this for years. Tight clothes, makeup, high heels, and long hair. And they are accepted by most of society....as "eccentric'.
So what is the big deal with clothing?
I love women. I think they are God's greatest gift to the world. I have dated hundreds of them, married one, and admire all of them.
They are not all good people, as men aren't either, but they are so precious.
So as a I thought, "Why can't I go out of my way to look good?"
"Women do it, and they look amazing, why can't men?"
So as an adult, I finally started dressing the way I wanted to. As a woman. Or at least as Society perceived a woman to dress.
And it felt amazing!
Not sexually, but as a form of freedom. The freedom to be what makes me feel like who I truly am. A beautiful person. (Subjectively of course)
In less than a year, I dressed in "women's" clothing about 90% of the time. I still worked as a man, and wore men's clothing at work, but all the other time, I was a woman, and I loved it.
I'm an entertainer, and my goal now is to "reveal" myself as who I truly am, next year, on stage. I know it will work, because, I've already done it on a smaller scale.
The basic question here is:
Why can a woman wear 'everything' a man can wear, and be looked at as being normal, even sexy.
But if a man wears his Jeans too tight, or a blouse, or a skirt, or a dress, he's looked at as being odd? Really?
This makes no sense to me.
Now, as a TS, I have to admit, I have no sexual interest in men at all. I love you guys as people, but find no sexual attraction. Women I love. TS's, TV's, TG's, and CD's I love. But men simply have nothing to offer me, other than friendship. And I have tons of male friends.
So basically my decision to dress as what society perceives as a woman, has nothing to do with my sexuality. After all, a woman wearing pants isn't any less a woman is she?
So why would a man wearing a skirt be any less a man?
Now I understand that there are people in the "T" society that were born a woman in a man's body, or born a man in a woman's body. With them it is sexuality. But how can society persecute them for what nature or God has made them? These are other humans. They are not weirdos or perverts.
There are also "A-sexual" or "non-sexual" people. This is WHO THEY ARE.
Who is society to say they are wrong?
I'm a Celibate, my lifestyle and clothing and appearance choice has nothing to do with sex. It ONLY has to do with what makes me feel good, happy and normal.
As you may like tattoos, piercings, brands, hair dye, clothing styles, or colors, hair styles, cars, diets, motorcycles, hiking, yoga, weight training, aerobics, wine, beer, football, or tennis. These are all things that make us unique, and Happy.
Tell a Scottsman that he's wearing a skirt and he'll probably knock you out.
But see a man in a dress, and he's weird? Yet, if you look at yourself, there are things you do in the privacy of your home, that others will think is weird.
We Are All Humans!
We are no better or no worse than anyone else, unless we "push" our beliefs and values on others.
A or a pedophile or a bigot, is violating someone else's life.
Wearing a certain type of clothing is not.
My experience with people that disagree with my lifestyle, is that those people, have questions about their own lifestyle.
My clothes, and friends are mine. My tolerance is mine. My happiness is mine.
No one will stop me from being what makes me happy. Because, I'm not telling you to be like me, or accept me. I already accept who I am.
My "rights" end where yours begin. And visa-versa.
I'm a successful entertainer, own several other businesses, an entrepreneur, an artist, a dad, a charity worker, and an employer, so I should be judged, if at all, as to what I contribute to society. Not my clothes or my lifestyle. Because I'm not hurting anyone.
What are you doing for society?

Now the reason I wrote this, isn't because I've been "picked on" or "belittled". But I know those like me that have been. And frankly it pisses me off.
I will succeed regardless of society's and bigots' "boundaries", because, once again, I'm happy.
Everyone here has an agenda that is theirs, and theirs alone. I cannot logically "judge" them, unless their agenda is to hurt someone else. Can you?
Your sexual freedom is the only thing you really have left. Your tastes, desires, and commitments cannot be regulated. (Unless again, you're a pedophile, or ).
Not by the government. Not by society. Not by your friends or family. These are "born" into you. This is what you are. This is what nature or God intended.
I am what I am, and I'm happy.
You be who you are and be happy too.
Just don't take from someone else, or hurt someone else to be who you are.
You can wear "societies uniform" and be miserable.
Or you can be who you are and be happy.
It's up to you.
Happiness Comes From Within, Not From Without-Amanda-
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try try again
Posted:Jun 23, 2009 12:23 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2010 3:23 pm

I tried to post this once, now I'll try again.
Do hair growth inhibitors work? I tried one for 3 weeks and got a rash. I've shaved my entire body for years, and I thought this would make it easier. I'm really not that hairy, but I do have hair in "non'womanly" places. Plus, I'd like to suppress my beard growth.
Funny, I'm 1/3-1/4 Sioux Indian, and I still can grow a beard.
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Posted:Jun 22, 2009 11:42 pm
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2010 12:23 pm

Okay, I realize many of you on this site, don't want to show your face. Either for personal, or professional reasons. But even some of the body shots are a bit fuzzy, and not well lit. This isn't rocket science.
I used to do photography, (black and white), and I have a degree in Commercial Art, so here are some simple hints for you, if you wish.
Almost all, if not all new digital cameras have a timer on them. Some can even take multiple shots, still on a timer.
Most, again have 'editing ' tools on them. Other than scanning, or sending through a cell phone, I'm assuming that most of you download your photos, to your computer, in order to present them on this site. Right?
This leads to the assumption, that you also own a computer.
Most computers have a program, whether it be, Photoshop, Illustrator, or with Macs, I-photo. These programs also have editing capabilities. You can convert to black and white, sepia, or enhance the color, brightness, contrast , or 'noise', (this 'smooth's out any blemishes or imperfections).
Now, you can put the camera on any flat surface, at any height, although a tripod can be bought for very little money nowadays. All cameras have a threaded hole for tripods.
Place an object, say a ball, where you want the center of attention to be. Use a flash in low light, but be careful not to use a 'low-light- mode without the flash, because if you move, the photo will come out blurry and dark. This setting slows down the shutter speed to allow more natural light to enter the camera, but movement is out of the question. You will look like "The Flash". (Hee-Hee)
Take several photos of the same pose, or random poses, as they will not all be what you want. Try to make sure that there isn't a pole, or bush, or something the same color behind you, as parts of you will disappear, or you will look like you have a tree growing out of your head, or between your legs. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are posing in front of a mirror, or a window, make sure the camera is diagonal to the reflective surface. Not directly in front of it. This will cause a 'back-flash'. Move the camera to one side or the other, or up or down.
You can now, most likely, edit, crop, enhance, the photos on your camera.
Or you can now download the photos to you computer, and use you photo program to do the editing. What you don't like, simply move to trash, then empty trash. This takes some time and effort, but the people looking for you don't want to take the time and effort to discern your photos. (What the heck is that?, A shadow? A dog? A vase?) So weigh the outcomes here folks.
I think if you really want to attract someone on this site, you should at least make this simple effort. I believe you will find your contact results are much better.
And remember...SMILE! (if your face is showing), unless, of course, you are trying to project dominance, or seriousness.
Maybe you all already know this and simply don't care.
Or maybe, this will help some of you find what you're seeking.
Of course, the other option is to get a friend to photograph you or hire a professional.
If you have the money, and the gumption, go for it.
'Hope this helps some of you.
Keep smiling, and laugh daily-Amanda-

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