Workplace Thrills  

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6/15/2019 4:03 pm
Workplace Thrills

These days I am enjoying new freedoms since retiring and living alone in my home.The main one is that I can dress in my favourite outfits almost permanently and however I wish, patricularly when it comes choosing my lingerie.It is easy forget that this wasn't always the case and that I would be in a constant state of nervous excitement as I looked forward the next time i could slip a lace thong over my clitty or have the thrill of pulling a pair of nylons over my freshly shaven legs. I remember especially those earlly days when I plucked up enough courage drive and go work knowing I had satin panties and stockings on my man clothes and the intense thrill it gave me. So much so that I needed make regular visits the staff toilets to give myself a little rub and adjust my stockings in a vain hope of relieving some of the tension i was feeling. Then came the worry that someone would notice and confront me with asking if anything was wrong. There were other men in the office but about a dozen women, surely of them might sense my heightened level of excitement.. Well if they did they never commented me about it, goodness knows what they said behind my back though. Ah well, Happy Days!!!

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6/15/2019 5:39 pm

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