i love be naked hope you are to love  

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7/10/2019 8:24 am
i love be naked hope you are to love

Oh hi my dear Ben !

You are here and my heart is filled with joy and tender!I was waiting
for your letter so much!

I am shocked by the fact that I think about you so much! But you have
already become a very important part of my life. I feel that I'm
falling in love with you more with every next letter, every next
photo. I already cannot imagine myself without you and don't want to
do it. My life without you will be senseless!

Ben, my dearest man. I remember the time when I saw your photo, just
read a couple of phrases addressed to me as a stranger in your life.
It is so unusual intertwined the threads of our fates. I can yell at
the whole world that I'm happy, and then everything that happened
stunned me. All I know is that I fell in love with you. I want to be
with you forever.

Great that we agree with each other about love. But it is not so easy
to follow these rules in reality. There are no ideal people but I
think we should attempt to reach it. Of course, not always we can
control our emotions but when it happens we should admit our mistakes
and learn from them. Love is not when you have ideal relations but
when you are strong enough to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. Love
is a great everyday work, where two people are involved. Only in this
case it will work out.

I miss you not only with the soul But also with the body. It longs for
your touch. I want my lips to burn from your kisses and your hands to
explore my body with the greed of the discoverer . I dream of our
bodies to merge in a mad and passionate dance of love! I want to
caress your body and to hear the moans off your mouth. I need you. I
want to be yours.

We're on the same wavelength, Ben, and this is very important. I am
very well with you. I am happy that we have such a passionate
relationship. They say that passion is the opposite of love, but I
disagree. Love and passion are impossible without each other. Passion
is very important in a relationship , but of course, in addition it
should be other feelings and values between two people. If people want
long-term relationships with your lover, in addition to the passion
needs to be respect, ability to forgive, to look through the eyes of
another person, always try to understand his point of view, not to
criticize each other, to lead to spiritual conversation, have common
interests and Hobbies. Love between people is important each
component, as it will be incomplete , if something clean. Without
tenderness, love gets rough, without sacrifice to the fore
selfishness, without respect love gets stale, without attachment, it
becomes indifferent and without passion it will be boring.

I will wait for your reply dear!

Your Liza

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