i love be naked hope you are to love  

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7/25/2019 10:23 pm
i love be naked hope you are to love

Hello my dear xxx
in a good mood again, because reading your letter again. Ben, I really want to be with you and I forward to the when we will be together.
sure that we will have a great and fun time. I want to feel your arms now. I want you to not only with your letters, but also with your strong embraces.
my age, almost all of my friends already know their families, but I do not want to have any relationship here, since I have you and I do not need anyone else.
For you are my only and unique man. I do not see any more interest in getting acquainted with anyone else, since used to you and to your letters.
You are the sun for and I do not want you to stop warming up with your warmth. The sun always heats the earth and I want you to warm too, always and make feel good.
If I had been given the opportunity to make a wish, then I would have thought only the best in our relations in the first place. For , now the most important desire is a meeting with you.
Every I think and I represent our meeting. sure that this will be the most beautiful in my life. On this , I will give you many kisses and sure that there will be a smile on your and you will feel like the happiest man in the world.
Ben, meeting you for me is more important than anything in the world. I hope that you will be pleased when you see me in reality.
I had a great together with my mom. We walked with her in the park and then sat in a cafe. We were with her together and we were fine.
We talked with her about you and about our relationship with you. I told her that we are all right and very soon I will be able to to you.
My is very happy that in my life there are you. She always wishes only good. She loves and wants to find happiness with you.
She completely trusts you and hopes that you can make happy forever. Mom tells you hello again. I hope that you are doing well and you had a great ?
I really miss you and I want to be always by your side. I want to come to you and be with you always and not know more loneliness. I send you many tender kisses along with my letter.xxxx looking forward to your letter.

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