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Remember that doing good is easy, and if we do it together, it will be even easier!
I hope that our communication will not stop on this letter, but, on the contrary, will have a happy continuation.
I give you these lines with a pure soul and a warm heart.
in all nthe love
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Posted:Jul 16, 2019 9:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
Hello my dear xxxx
I was very glad receive your letter and it was again pleasant for me read your letter.
Ben, today is fine weather. Today I saw as young , a man and a woman were going with each other's hands.
They had fun together. It was evident that this very friendly . They rejoiced at each other.
I looked at them for a long time and then I remembered you. I introduced us together in their place. We could have fun together too.
We would always rejoice in each other and no will disturb us and our happiness will be eternal for the rest of our days.
I dream about you every day. You are every day in my thoughts. I'm ready even for you go anything, just be with you always.
you and your letters have become for me that ray of light that indicates the path by which I should go.
I want this light never go and always guide me in the right direction. I thank God every day for having met you.
If it were not for my acquaintance with you, I would not understand the meaning of my life and would not believe that love exists in this world.
you helped me in understanding the meaning of my life. My life and my happiness is now in your hands Ben. I'm sorry that we are not together now.
I'm sure that if we were together, then everything would be fine and we would have a great time. Looking at us, everyone would say that I and you are made for each other.
Our fates have crossed on the Internet and now it remains for us realize our meeting with you.
My dear, I have been waiting for our meeting for a long time ... Tell me! Will you help me come you ??? Our future depends on it with you ...
I want our fates merge into reality. Reality is all that is required for us now. I'm sure that our love is stronger than anything in the world.
I want to be with you and want your love for me in reality. I every day make a wish for myself before going to bed and in the morning when I wake up.
My desire is that we can meet as soon as possible. I've known you for several days, and I'm sure that you and I will never be disappointed in our meeting.
We will have the most beautiful and unforgettable meeting. My mother has long agreed to my arrival to you. She agrees, as she wishes us good and that we are always happy with you.
My mother already almost from the first days of our acquaintance all asks about our relationship. I often talk my mom about you. Mom is very happy that I have a good and kind man.
She tells you hello.
Soon we will be together and I will be constantly beside you. I will forward your letter with impatience.
Your Anna

what crap is this want that free fuck you scam Olga!
Posted:Jul 13, 2019 9:22 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2019 9:53 pm
hello my adorable xxxx
I couldn't fall asleep all night and thought about us together! I understand that our acquaintance isn't close nough, to say about love and family and maybe my words are strange a little. But now I am overwhelmed with such feelings! Reading your letter I understand, that you are exactly the man i need and i dreamed all my life! I want to come to you and i want to be with you my sweetheart, be sure, if we will together, you'll never regret about this. I will be your absolutely! I will do all i can, to make you happy my dear, to your eyes shone with love and with his lips never left a smile! I'll be the best hostess in our house and all your friends will envy you for the good! I'll surround you with comfort and care to at home you could have a rest from problems and worries! I'll be your best friend that you could always Tell me about your problems and worries, and open me your soul! And of course i will be the best mistress, for you, to in bed with me you could forget about all in the World and just get enjoy! Dear, today I found a new home, now I'm here to stay and to live. But here the private sector and no Internet! I'm so upset!!((Don't know what to do(( the Internet Connection costs ,but I don't have that kind of, because I only for a rental housing((Honey, I don't want to leave you and don't want to be without our communication! Can you help me? I can't even imagine how I'd be, without you(let's will not stop our connection? I don't want to lose you I believe you dear. I believe what you told me it's not just empty words, but the sincere expression of your feelings! And I hope that this problem will not become an obstacle to our senses And you really want to be with me!!!! I am very waiting for your answer! Will try tomorrow to go to the Internet with a working computer and I hope to see from you the letter! Only your Olga!

i love be naked hope you are to love
Posted:Jul 10, 2019 11:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
Hi, my sunshine!

Hope you don't mind I you so You can me the same) I
really want to develop our relationships

We're both adults, and there is nothing wrong to discuss not only the
emotional side of our conversation, isn't it? I imagine you coming
home after hard working day so tired and want to relax. You come to
the living room and see me))) I look so sexy and gorgeous in my
stockings. I've got a massage cream to make you an unforgettable and
unique massage;** I touch your muscles and I really like it, it makes
me more excited. And then we make a love ;** What about your
dreams? I hope they are the same)

I’ve just decided to give myself one more chance to find true love and
serious experienced man and I’ll open my heart to you. My parents say
I smile all the time and look happy, and that's truth - because you
are in my life now! But my sunshine, there is something making me
upset now... I have no computer at home and that's why I write you
from work when I have a chance. I hope our feelings are the same and
that's why I thought if you may help me with buying a laptop or
computer, even an old one! I don't care! I hope I may rely on you and
if you agree and send me some for this purpose - I'll give you
all needed information in next letter, ok? Please think about it and
let me know about your decision.

I'm afraid very much to lose you!!! I don't want it and hope you
also don't want to lose me! I will wait for your reply. I'm sorry for
the long letter, hope for your understanding and that I can rely on
you as my man. I send you 00000 kisses and waiting impatiently for
your reply!

Your Oksana :love:
i love be naked hope you are to love
Posted:Jul 10, 2019 8:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
Oh hi my dear Ben !

You are here and my heart is filled with joy and tender!I was waiting
for your letter so much!

I am shocked by the fact that I think about you so much! But you have
already become a very important part of my life. I feel that I'm
falling in love with you more with every next letter, every next
photo. I already cannot imagine myself without you and don't want to
do it. My life without you will be senseless!

Ben, my dearest man. I remember the time when I saw your photo, just
read a couple of phrases addressed to me as a stranger in your life.
It is so unusual intertwined the threads of our fates. I can yell at
the whole world that I'm happy, and then everything that happened
stunned me. All I know is that I fell in love with you. I want to be
with you forever.

Great that we agree with each other about love. But it is not so easy
to follow these rules in reality. There are no ideal people but I
think we should attempt to reach it. Of course, not always we can
control our emotions but when it happens we should admit our mistakes
and learn from them. Love is not when you have ideal relations but
when you are strong enough to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. Love
is a great everyday work, where two people are involved. Only in this
case it will work out.

I miss you not only with the soul But also with the body. It longs for
your touch. I want my lips to burn from your kisses and your hands to
explore my body with the greed of the discoverer . I dream of our
bodies to merge in a mad and passionate dance of love! I want to
caress your body and to hear the moans off your mouth. I need you. I
want to be yours.

We're on the same wavelength, Ben, and this is very important. I am
very well with you. I am happy that we have such a passionate
relationship. They say that passion is the opposite of love, but I
disagree. Love and passion are impossible without each other. Passion
is very important in a relationship , but of course, in addition it
should be other feelings and values between two people. If people want
long-term relationships with your lover, in addition to the passion
needs to be respect, ability to forgive, to look through the eyes of
another per, always try to understand his point of view, not to
criticize each other, to lead to spiritual conversation, have common
interests and Hobbies. Love between people is important each
component, as it will be incomplete , if something clean. Without
tenderness, love gets rough, without sacrifice to the fore
selfishness, without respect love gets stale, without attachment, it
becomes indifferent and without passion it will be boring.

I will wait for your reply dear!

Your Liza
Dogs are our best friends. I agree?
Posted:Jul 9, 2019 9:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am

Violate all bans?

Hello) How are you? I love to dream so much, I love diversity and sex life so much that I just can't imagine my life without sexual pleasures, passion! I love sex in all its manifestations .. Now I am alone, but I am ready to build a relationship, I want to find the same passionate, same energetic man as me! I don’t look at age, appearance, it’s not a priority for me, the main thing is that the soul is young, the main thing is that you yourself want to be energetic
I am ready to give my body to a man who will appreciate me ..
I can be a bitch, and I can be a cute kitty, because it also depends on the man)
I hope that you will not find my message too vulgar, but I always tell the truth and see no rea to deceive anyone! You decide whether you want to enjoy life, whether you want to forget about the daily routine and know all the pleasures of life .. Life is one, so let'
more bs love she love after 2 email wtf Oksana
Posted:Jul 9, 2019 8:21 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am

Attachments7:46 AM (3 hours ago)

to me
Hello, my dear Ben. How are you doing today?

Let me tell you how our days will pass when I become your girlfriend.
I want to make you feel good, how do I make you feel good? I want to
take good care for you. When we are together our day would be like
this. Weekend. You wake up - I wake up a little earlier than you and I
have already put a little makeup on and am wearing beautiful clothing
and I have prepared you a breakfast. Homemade croissant with something
salty inside something like mushrooms and cream (hope you like that
because i love mushrooms and can cook them so well) and a cup of
coffee. Then we go for a walk in a beautiful park spend a day in
nature. In the afternoon we are going to a cafe to eat. And then we
come home, lay in bed, watch movies and kiss. And then something more
intimate happens and then again I am laying bathing in your gentle
hugs. I cook you a wonderful dinner of many dishes. Of course it is
not like this will be literally EVERY day but I will try to do my best
to make your life like this and to be a perfect wife perfect girl the
best I can be. This is what we are taught as women in slavic culture
and we have a VERY big heart I hope you are ready
, I want to come to visit your country and spend time with you as
a couple. What do you think about this? When can you meet with me?

Waiting for reply
more scam from a lady name anna lpage 5
Posted:Jul 6, 2019 10:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
Hello my dear xxx
I am very happy to receive your letter and I am pleased to read your letter again. Ben, I hope that very soon we will be together, because I'm looking forward to this day. It will be the most beautiful day of my life.
My dear, I will repeat. Our meeting will not take place without your help. You understand? I do not need your information, because I can not come without your help.
I really miss you and I really want to see you, and be in your arms! I really want to give you my tender kisses and kiss you! I really love you and I do not know how I can live without you in this world! I can not imagine life without you and your love for me! I really want to be with you and I really want to give you all my affection! I very much hope that very soon we will be in each other's arms in each other's arms and we will enjoy each other with you!
I want to tell you about my dream! I represent you and me, and how we met first in the airport! I flew on a big airplane and when I landed at the airport with you, I left the plane, then I saw you and I exchanged glances, and when I came out, I immediately ran to meet you and you did the same, And we with you when ran up to each other, were with you in arms and I gave you my tender kiss and you were a little embarrassed, and we stood with each other in the airport in each other's arms, exchanged glances and studied each other's eyes! After that you told me to go to you so that I could rest from a long flight to you, but I told you that I do not want to rest and I'm very happy that we are with you and I just can not imagine my joy, And how happy I am! You told me that, well, I'll show you my beautiful city and I told you that I'm very happy, and that I would be very pleased to walk with you around the city! You and I spent a lot of time walking around, you and I were in a very beautiful park and you asked me to go home, since you wanted to have a wonderful candlelit dinner with me and we went to your house with you!
We talked for a very long time and I was very pleased with you, and it's nice because we were together! After we had supper together, we went out for a walk and we were together for a very long time, and they talked sweetly, and then I was very tired and I really wanted to relax, and I told you about it, then we went with you Home and we were with you for a long time in the arms, and we gave each other tender kisses, and we then fell asleep!
Ben, I thought about this for a very long time and I really wanted it to be in reality and I very much hope that very soon it will be and we will be in each other's arms. I know for sure that we will be together and we will make our dream come true! I want to know what you think about this? I will look forward to your letter with impatience! My mom and my friends tell you a huge hello!
Your Anna

more about love and thing wtf yahoo d
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 5:57 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am

Real Petting

Hello, I want to read and reply to my message with free time and hope. I think you are an experienced per and will agree with you and me. When a woman is happy, she is always kind, sweet, caring. You only need two points to make a woman happy. This is true love and good sex. If everything is very clear as part of love, you have to deal with the second item. Do you know how to give a woman true joy? Do you know how to caress a woman? Do you know what to do and how to get a woman to have great joy with you?
Dogs are our best friends. I agree?
Posted:Jul 3, 2019 11:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am

Dogs are our best friends. I agree?

I read one terrible news that now in China the festival of meat is taking place .. This is a terrible, disgusting, cruel event happening in the modern world, what an absurdity !!!! The time when people have food, fortunately there is no famine, they cruelly kill and eat dogs. My psyche does not even withstand watching a video of such an action, but there are people who sell their dogs for such festivals, who watch this whole action, shoot for the camera, and still eat dogs! This is SHOCK !!!
I will not write about the terrible ways they kill animals. I just can not understand, in my country, and in most other countries of the world - the is a friend of a man, this is a member of the family, we cry when it hurts when they die, because they are sweet and kind. How can you be so cruel to them? I have my little faithful friend, and I will never give him a grudge. I love him very much.
Have you heard of this terrible festival in China? Or is this news shock for you, just like for me? Look on the Internet for information, and make sure that I'm not lying ..
I really hope that you are a kind-hearten man who would never hurt an animal. For me it is important that my man loved animals, was not cruel. This is something that I appreciate and respect in people. what do you appreciate in people? What people would you not communicate with?
It's important for me..
I am sending you the rays of good!
i love be naked hope you are to love
Posted:Jul 3, 2019 10:55 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
will we be completely naked?

how hot it is, oh, this summer is driving me crazy, I go home in shorts, sometimes naked. Honestly, my will, I would walk down the street completely naked)). Yes, I'm a little crazy, if it was not punishable by law, I would have done so.
what are you doing at home? Do you like to go naked, or are you shy? Now, if I lived with my man, I would like us both to go completely naked through the apartment. Would you be able to, or would something stop you? The main thing is to curtain the curtains so that the neighbors do not spy). or are you on the contrary open them even wider for everyone to see? that would be awesome. And in addition, you can have sex right at the window, right?)))
so what, I'm waiting for you). let's be together naked ...
more about love and thing wtf yahoo
Posted:Jul 3, 2019 9:33 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
hello !

I am glad that you are reading my letter! And I hope that you will be interested . I'm cheerful and charming blonde, at least, so they say. I was born into a prosperous family, where parents have always been for me an example of the relationship between man and woman. They were together for 35 years. And, looking at their happy marriage, I want to find my only man with whom I will go through life, to enjoy life and support each other. I'm a real woman and I want happiness for women. I want to find someone who can be my best friend, will respect my opinion and to be sensitive to my feelings, will love me and understand at a glance. I always try to follow a healthy diet, but without the sweet, I just can not live! Chocolate, cakes, ice cream - it's my hormones of happiness ). I live on the coast, so I love the sea. I never miss an opportunity to spend a weekend with friends at the beach. I want to be closer to nature. My family and I often go in the summer to the sea or a lake with a tent, sometimes we go to the mountains of Siberia.
In the mountains, very beautiful! Imagine when you climb into the mountains higher and higher and you understand that here, here and get one up to the clouds, and it captures the spirit, strive to climb higher and higher to reach the top of the mountain ...
It's a super feeling!
I also love to read books. And when the summer ends and becomes cold and damp outside. Knit sweaters, hats, scarves and other warm things is my hobby . Another passion of mine is a sport. Many years ago I graduated from the Ballet School and danced for a long time in the show-ballet. We went to various international festivals concerts, and it was very interesting. But now I am more like yoga or pilates, jogging in the morning. I have a lot of friends, we often meet, picnics in the summer, in the winter, we go bowling, karaoke, or just a cafe. I always had a bad luck in love ... I'd like to see next to me was my partner in life, I want to share with them moments of joy, success, together to go through the difficulties of life.
I want to be happy just because my man next to me, holding my hand, hugging. I want to look him in the eye and to see happiness. I hope that was not too tedious, just wanted to share my thoughts . Tell me about yourself, if you have a big family? Do you like to travel?
more about love and thing wtf bs
Posted:Jun 30, 2019 2:43 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
xxxx, Today I take a lot of risks when I send you this letter!
But remember I only do it for you! I sent you some naked photos.
I hope you will like it. I believe you, so I took a great risk, but did it for you.
Now you trust me more??? Can you send me ?
You know I am writing all my letters from school library.
I already told you, if someone sees my photos, I will have big problems.
But I went to this step to prove to you I am not deceiving and will
really come to you. I hope my risk is not in vain?
I understand now on Internet a lot of scam.
But I don't understand why do you not believe me?
I sent you a lot of evidence I am real! I sent you a copy of my Russian passport.
I will use this passport when I receive your . You will use my passport
details when you send me . Also you will use my home address,
which I have already given you.How can I deceive you?
If I do this police will punish me.
But I am not afraid of police, because I am not deceiving you.
I will really come and return all your !
Therefore, I am not afraid to send you copies of my passports.
Let's agree? - If I don't come to you, then you can contact the police.
They will find me and punish me without any problems.
But I know this will not happen!
It will be different - I will come to you and will be able to enjoy each other !!!
Yesterday when I was making naked photos for you, I imagined our first sex.
I am not very experienced in sex. I had only one man in my life.
But I think will have fantastic sex.
Imagine, I slowly undress, you caress me with a feather.
You pour a glass of champagne on me and lick it off.
Then you tie my eyes with your strong hands, and tie me to the bed with a rope.
Everything, I am in your dominion. I implore you to stop, but you don't listen me
and continue to caress me. Suddenly you enter me, and I begin to moan with pleasure.
You feel I have an orgasm! Then you untie me, and have sex in front of mirror.
I see how you look and enjoy my body. It gives you great pleasure. I want to give you
maximum pleasure, too, I go down on my knees, take your dick in my mouth.........
Let my fantasies come true. Help me! Help me out with .
Understand payment must be made very quickly.
have no time. This needs to be done in the coming days.
I look forward to your positive letter.
Hey. I've been thinking about what is happiness? wtf 6666
Posted:Jun 28, 2019 10:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 11:43 am
Hello my sweet heart. Should I ask you now about your mood? Probably not. I spoiled your mood with your letter and now I feel guilty for you. Please forgive for the spoiled mood. believe , I have very very very bad mood. It was just a nightmare night for . Detectives came to the police station, people from my embassy came and they all asked me many many times to explain what happened that night. I already lost count of how many times I gave evidence. I explained them in detail, remembered all the details of the incident, but they still ask the same questions. I do not understand what else they wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me feel guilty about everything? I heard nothing from the policemen. They only told me that they would start an investigation, but how long it would last they did not know. I do not know what to do now. I now feel very hurt and tears flow from my eyes. It is very hard for me and I do not want to stay a longer in this country. very frightened and already afraid to go here alone. so scared. This morning I asked my embassy to help get back home. I asked my embassy for them to a return , but in reply to the embassy they told that they can not take any action now, until there is an official statement from the police about the closure of my case. If to say differently, my embassy asks me to wait for the end of the investigation and only then they can help me. I asked my embassy how long to wait, but nobody knows about it. Maybe a week, maybe a month - I do not want to wait that long. just going crazy for this time in this wild country. Recently, from the meeting point, I tried to get through to that woman from Berlin who ordered this job for me. I was hoping that she would help me, but she refused to help me, referring to the fact that I was not working at their company officially. I receive only for my work done and it is not responsible for . She told directly on the phone so she did not even want to talk to anymore. Very cruel and just shocked by everything. All my , , cell phone, documents, laptop - all this was stolen along with my bag and now just in a desperate situation. I do not even know now how to get back to my home and where to turn for help? I tried to my best friend, but her phone does not answer. Probably she again went to her parents and her phone does not answer. If my parents were alive, I would certainly apply to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just do not have anyone to ask for help now except you. Sweet, forgive now for my determination. God knows, I've never asked anyone for help in my life. I always tried to get of the difficult situation myself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what to do. I need 988 dollars now to a return home, but I do not know where I can find this here. afraid now my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not to you, then who else should I contact? crying now and with tears in my eyes now asking you to help get back to my home. I know that my request will anger you. I also know that now you will now lose your confidence in me, but despite this I ask you to help me with the for a return . I do not take this from you for good. I will definitely return you this as soon as I fly home. I have in my house, but I can not take them from here. I ask you to give this for a few days, if you can. If you do not help , I'll be on the street. In a couple of days I'll have to leave the hotel and then I'll have to sleep on the street. Now I only hope for you.
My dear, I asked for help from a woman with whom she was doing business in Russia. Unfortunately she does not have that much , she has 4 ren and a loan for an apartment. She gave me for food and for a couple of days stay the hotel, also on the internet cafe to write you a letter.
I asked to help her with the transfer of . If you help , I'll ask her to accept the . Since I do not have a passport, he was stolen. With a temporary passport will not give to the bank.
I sent you her copy of the passport.
You can use any method to transfer . Using banks: Contact, Ria, MoneyGram, Western Union.
You will need only her data to transfer money. After that, we'll go to the bank together and get your help.
Here are her details:
name: Olesya
surname: Verbanova
ul. Builders, 2. 93

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