more from this scamer Ekaterina  

mysexymonkey 43M
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1/27/2019 10:17 pm
more from this scamer Ekaterina

My love i'm so happy to see your letter.
I just missed you. I was waiting for your letter. You just might not know as now I want to see you right now.
Thank you for what you spend time with me on the internet. Thank you for what you are now next to me.
You are in my heart. You in my eyes.
You're like oxygen, which helps me to live in this world. You are my joy. You are my air sky. You're everything to me.
Today 27 January 2019. I woke up very early 6:12 minutes. When all the people in the city were still asleep.
I got up and looked out the window. was a very bright light on the street.
I had a dream. I want to tell you about it.
It all began before our meeting. I have already come to the airport, to register their luggage. I passed customs.
Held embarkation point. He boarded the aircraft.
Me said Ms. Ekaterina pass and took a place on the plane.
Your place is near windows. I got to this place and fell asleep. I remember you.
I think it opened my eyes and i will have in your hands. When i opened my eyes around me people began to run to the aircraft.
I ask what happened? They tell me that the planes do not fix it.
what he may at any time fall. I am very much jitters.
 I wanted to tell you the last word (I love you my one and only my brave tiger)
 All people run and worry.
But I'm not worried, I just prayed. I say the Lord helped me survive.
Suddenly, the plane began to fall. The door opened and people began to fall in air.
I kept own hands his body. I kept asking the lord helped and saved me.
The plane crashed into the woods. There was a lot of blood and my arm began to move.
It was very painful and I could not move. I was screaming HELP ME SOMEBODY. But none who have not found. Suddenly, God heard me. I saw a man.
But I did not know who it is. In my eyes, there was so much of dust and ash.
What i was hard to see who was there. I cried... I'm here. And you cried me i am here my Ekaterina!
But when you came closer my heart stopped. I finally saw the man of her dreams!

It all started very quickly. And so it ended quickly.


I went to a fortune teller. And I wanted to know if I will find my love.
The fortune teller predicted my future. I would meet men who will love.
And that person to be from another country. And that soon, I will be the specified character.
How do i do next.
And she said that your dream - this is your way!
I took a very important decision in my life. I'll be ready for our meeting.
Your half heart Ekaterina

TrucknLuvn 54M/37F  
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1/28/2019 4:18 am

"She" is trying a bit too hard in some ways, yet not hard enough in others. A Google reverse image search shows that at least one if her supposed photos was plucked right off of a random porn pic site. Scammers really are the worst!


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mysexymonkey replies on 1/30/2019 12:04 pm:
thank buddy for the help it it get bad now

s2ndegree 60M  
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1/28/2019 8:07 am

You'd think these guys would be much more in tune
with the present than the past.They work this site relentlessly
day in and day out.You'd think by now they would inherently know
that it's much younger men going after older women and not the
other way around.Why in the world wouldn't they use pictures of more
mature women to scam guys your age?

I personally believe these are site recruits that are selling
affiliate porn sites and phone apps and websites since that's all they ever amount to.After a while you'll realise that it's only bots and scammers that initiate contact .

Using more than all the road!

mysexymonkey 43M
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1/30/2019 12:03 pm

ya buddy you got lot bs on here

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