more scam from a lady name anna lpage 5  

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7/6/2019 10:05 pm
more scam from a lady name anna lpage 5

Hello my dear xxx
I am very happy to receive your letter and I am pleased to read your letter again. Ben, I hope that very soon we will be together, because I'm looking forward to this day. It will be the most beautiful day of my life.
My dear, I will repeat. Our meeting will not take place without your help. You understand? I do not need your information, because I can not come without your help.
I really miss you and I really want to see you, and be in your arms! I really want to give you my tender kisses and kiss you! I really love you and I do not know how I can live without you in this world! I can not imagine life without you and your love for me! I really want to be with you and I really want to give you all my affection! I very much hope that very soon we will be in each other's arms in each other's arms and we will enjoy each other with you!
I want to tell you about my dream! I represent you and me, and how we met first in the airport! I flew on a big airplane and when I landed at the airport with you, I left the plane, then I saw you and I exchanged glances, and when I came out, I immediately ran to meet you and you did the same, And we with you when ran up to each other, were with you in arms and I gave you my tender kiss and you were a little embarrassed, and we stood with each other in the airport in each other's arms, exchanged glances and studied each other's eyes! After that you told me to go to you so that I could rest from a long flight to you, but I told you that I do not want to rest and I'm very happy that we are with you and I just can not imagine my joy, And how happy I am! You told me that, well, I'll show you my beautiful city and I told you that I'm very happy, and that I would be very pleased to walk with you around the city! You and I spent a lot of time walking around, you and I were in a very beautiful park and you asked me to go home, since you wanted to have a wonderful candlelit dinner with me and we went to your house with you!
We talked for a very long time and I was very pleased with you, and it's nice because we were together! After we had supper together, we went out for a walk and we were together for a very long time, and they talked sweetly, and then I was very tired and I really wanted to relax, and I told you about it, then we went with you Home and we were with you for a long time in the arms, and we gave each other tender kisses, and we then fell asleep!
Ben, I thought about this for a very long time and I really wanted it to be in reality and I very much hope that very soon it will be and we will be in each other's arms. I know for sure that we will be together and we will make our dream come true! I want to know what you think about this? I will look forward to your letter with impatience! My mom and my friends tell you a huge hello!
Your Anna

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