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I love to tell stories of my cocksucking adventures.
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Posted:Nov 12, 2020 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2020 7:51 pm

the theater was dark. I would wait a second then grab the closest chair. There are about a dozen chairs, usually its only 4-5 guys in there. It has a definite smell of dried cum, a big turn on for me knowing guys have been shooting loads in there.

I see one guy stroking his hard cock. he's about 50 and glances at me then his cock. I get the hint and get on all fours crawl him. It's wet but I love it. I sit the floor between his legs and feel his cock. nice and hard. He moans as I put him in my mouth. I can glance around and see other guys jerking and watching suck. His cock tastes great and he smells good.

Deepthroating him brings him closer delivering that nut. I'm drooling wildly. Every bob and down i go balls deep. It's heaven. My guy tells he's going cum and i let out a moan that tells him he can cum in my mouth. I hear that gutteral groan as his cockhead grows quickly in my mouth. I slow my pace as i feel the first squirt shoot into my mouth. He lets loose and cums like an animal. one guy watching says "fuck yea". I love the feeling of a man cumming in my mouth.

. He thanks for the awesome blowjob and pulls his pants. I look for my next cock. A black man is seated my left and he waggles his hard cock at . I crawl him feeling the dried and wet cum the floor. It's my legs and arms and makes smell like a cunt.

The black guy has a beautiful cock. The rhythmic motion of sucking cock is is very comforting . rocking over and over, safe, loved and appreciated. The black cock loved my service and tells so. Everyone is watching, its cocksucking heaven

my bare ass is sliding in cum and spit. im drooling like an animal. He tells he's going cum and asks where i want it.

my face, make yours" is my reply. He stands and unloads his load my face. Squirt after squirt. The first one makes jump as i realize this is going be a huge load. Mouth open i whimper as my face is covered. Seconds later another guy stands and delivers his load on my face and hair. I'm a complete cum covered .

I'm my eyes, it burns. but that's the cost of being a cock . Another guy wants suck him. I again crawl across the floor and put him in my mouth. Cum and drool run down my chin and chest. I'm exhausted but work out another load from this cock. He cums in my mouth and I let it dribble down my chest.

I'm worn out and sit down in a chair again. Everyone is watching and word got around a guy was covered in cum in the theater. Guys stream in get a look. Im naked, jerking with cum and drool everywhere. Some whisper, one laughs. I'm in heaven.

I know I wont cum jerking off so I decide leave. Pulling my shirt it is immediately soaked in cum and drool and my humiliation. I have walk past the sales people and everyone in the store. They know what I have done. Glances, whispers, looks of disgust, I am a bookstore .
I love cock
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 5:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2020 6:48 pm

I have';t had a cock or pussy in my mouth in months. I love being an oral men and women. I have a black friend with a beautiful black cock who loves when I orally him. It's pure heaven .

I get his place, he's single and its always messy. Without saying a word, I undress. He is already sitting naked the couch watching porn his phone and texting friends about the faggot who is going be his . Sitting between his legs I light a cigarette and take a few hits before passing it him. My work begins. Smelling his balls excites me. his big black manhood hangs so handsomely, so beautifully, so perfectly. using my mouth only i place it in my mouth testing its delicious flavor as i moan in delight. lets a groan as his cock slowly grows in my mouth.

I feel hiscock grow and I take a moment stare it. take in its majesty, its power over . It's makes feel perfect, surrendering it. I'ts a life force of its own, majical. "Suck it faggot" bellows as he shows his livestream viewers the white sissy sucking his cock. I gag over and over struggling get him in my throat where i know he wants be. I enjoy the challenge, the hardship, the drooling as i get it all the way down.

offers a poppers. I take a very deep and my mind goes a place of pure extacy. I impale my mouth his cock over and over as I gasp for air and moan like a .

he loves this and forces my head balls deep over and over ignoring my struggling. I can hear him getting close. I've sucked his dick hundreds of times, i know when the load is coming. He pushes my head all the way down, i grab a last bit of air. I can feel his manhood pulsing in my throat as he breeds me. I have no control, his nut goes straight into my stomach.

i go limp as his cock pulses slower and slower and he lets out a mean grunt and lets go of my head. My time with is just beginning
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I love cock, part 2
Posted:Nov 1, 2020 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2020 2:27 pm
When daddy cums I am required sit very still between his legs and gently kiss his cock and balls. I moan and whimper as drool dribbles down my chin from pleasuring daddy and taking his nut. I know what's coming when he recovers. he loves humiliate .

" in the tub bitch" as I begin my crawl into his bathroom and kneel in his tub. i kneel naked and wait. he always makes wait. its more humiliation. Daddy Is a huge man. 6'5" 290 lbs of muscle black man. his cock, now limp but still glistening from my mouth, gets closer and i obediently open my mouth. He grabs his cock and slaps my face and calls a faggot. I love it. As i wait the flow of urine I feel proud and beautiful. This man gives his most precious bodily fluids. I am honored. My cock grows hard but I dont dare touch it.

I jump a bit every time the spray hits my face. I groan a bit. The smell is strong, the taste is bitter but I take every drop into my mouth until it is full then it dribbles down my chest. His stream is strong, he lets out a laugh. He aims for my eyes. It burns but I take it. He uses his cock like a hose to cover every inch of my body. HE loves to soak my hair.

His stream slows, i swallow as much as i can. The last drops he wipes on my mouth. I thank him profusely. I am cold, wet and stinking of piss, in a black man's apartment. I love it.
sucking daddy's cock part 3
Posted:Nov 2, 2020 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2020 2:26 pm

With Daddy's order, I begin the humiliating task of cleaning his apartment while naked and covered in piss. I am required to gather old drink cups, sandwich wrappers, bags, anything that needs to be thrown away and put it into two garbage bags.

I can hardly see as daddy's piss is still in my eyes. I whimper as i clean, exposed, naked, vulnerable, humiliated, as daddy livestreams my punishment. Bending over to pick up trash I am required to show my ass as daddy threatens to fuck me and breed my faggot white ass. Picking up the trash isn't as bad as the trash talking im subjected too.

Fat faggot, white trash garbage sissy. forced to spread my cheeks, show my hole, whimper like a bitch, clean like a maid.

When two bags are filled, I am required to sit between daddy's legs and light a cigarette. I pass it to him and I know what I am required to do. Tasting daddy's cock again makes me forget the humiliation. He grows in my mouth, i can feel him, his power, his control. His cock speaks to my mouth. I am helpless to stop. I bob on his cock, gagging like a faggot over and over, only stopping for a hit of poppers.

I'm in heaven. time passes but I'm not aware. It could be minutes, hours, my mind is completely controlled by my masters manhood in my mouth. I'm like a , safe, comfortable, nursing on my mommy for life's nourishment.

I can always tell when he's close. He becomes an animal. total disregard for my comfort. I can breath yet I dont pull away. I have learned to inhale deeply as he grabs my head and calls me faggot. his manhood slips just down my throat and the guttural noises fill my ears as I can feel his cock head grow just before he empties his second load down my throat.

The only mercy is he stops quickly. Pushing me away and telling me to leave in a dismissive, meanway. "get out you dirty fat old cunt". "and take my trash out with you" I dres quickly still gasping for air, trying to recover from the throat fucking.

I'm dress and leave, doing the walk of shame i've done over 100 times. The neighbors can hear everything. They know why I'm there. I dump the garbage in the trash to the snickers of the neighbors.

Why do I do this? Why can't I stop? I dont cum. I'm just used like a rag, treated like a maid, pissed on like a toilet, used over and over, then sent away to the public humiliation of being heard by the neighbors.

I cant stop. I love it. I love cock.
covid cocksucking
Posted:Nov 1, 2020 7:19 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2020 1:57 pm

will you suck cock during the covid area?
no. I'll wait until it passes
only with those tested negative
i love cock, of course I will
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