** Is it important? 👄😻  

pal334 65M  
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6/29/2019 4:33 am

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6/30/2019 5:36 am

** Is it important? 👄😻

Just how important is a hot beverage to you, to start your day? For me it is coffee, and I suspect for others it is tea?. There is something soothing to me, sipping a hot cup of coffee in the morning. It seemed to be a constant while I was in the military. I have never developed a taste for tea though. While we are on the morning subject, do you eat breakfast? If you do, is it considered important for you to start the day? For me, it is my foundation for the day, gets me fueled and ready to go.

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pal334 65M  
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6/29/2019 4:38 am

Some folks have some serious thoughts about starting their mornings [image]

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SimpleLatina 55F
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6/29/2019 5:27 am

Oh yes. A good rich flavor of coffee in the morning sets the day off just right -

Luv2bottom4u2 62M  
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6/29/2019 6:00 am

Well I guess it depends on how it's served !

maleswallower69 46M
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6/29/2019 6:19 am

Coffee is life. Can't function without it.

scott6250 56M
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6/29/2019 7:12 am

I normally don't begin my day with breakfast but do love a big, cold glass of my Mt. Dew to begin the day.

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sweet_VM 61F  
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6/29/2019 7:15 am

I like your coffee mugs. I need to get one of those. Coffee for me and yes for breakfast too. It might just be yogurt or something light. Hugs V

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XHamburgDave 75M  
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6/29/2019 9:26 am

Black No Sugar Please


Tmptrzz 56F  
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6/29/2019 1:33 pm

Happy Saturday Pal, what a great question, I had never thought of it. As I am not a coffee drinker and only drink cocoa when its cold really. But I do drink a LOT of water. And I have to have my one Pepsi or Cherry Pepsi daily it's my caffeine intake for the day. I hope you have a terrifically fun weekend..

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