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And so ... The games begin
Posted:Mar 14, 2012 3:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 10:37 am

Yes fans, it is the curse of the standard member - Not much is free on a free account.
I have apparently been blessed wih several views and multiple flirts, but I really can't see those because MenNation.com is not letting me see them. Sorry if I don't get back to you in a timely manner but I'm a bit hamstrung here. I am assuming that you fine folks are checking out my blog posts (just found out the older ones aren't accepting answers or showing past responders) so if you are interested in getting to know me and you are in the same boat as me, please leave me a line here. I'm hoping to use my points to connect with you.
The weather has just turned horny . Let's go play!
And so ... The birds are singing
Posted:May 18, 2011 1:33 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 10:37 am

There is a nip in the air. The breeze still holds a bit of chill, but you can tell that soon the weather will be warm enough and the flora will be dense enough to engage fully in 'outdoor activities' of a physical and sexual nature. Do you have a special place that you go to, or a yearly ceremony to usher in the season of outdoor carnal desires? Do you like to be "observed" or caught in the act? Do you set yourself up so that happens? Do you ever invite people who stumble upon you (doing it with yourself or others) to join in?
Woods and golf courses seem to be my most frequent liasons, but let's hear about some exciting moments for you. Maybe we can even pull together some recreations in the Wisconsin countryside?
And so ... So many people viewing my profile ...
Posted:May 5, 2010 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2012 5:21 pm

Well, I must say after a long dry spell here on MenNation.com, things are starting to heat up. So many of you lovely people interested in little ol' moi? Eeep!
Since I am a standard member (i.e. free) I cannot contact as many of you as I would like. If you do want to get in touch with me please send an email and I can reply. Where there is a will there is a lawyer as they say ... I am anxious to meet (and do other things to) each of you couples or singles. Here's to a fabulous sex-filled spring/summer.
Let's not be strangers!
And so the penultimate post ...
Posted:Mar 16, 2007 9:34 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2012 6:24 pm

I'm thinking of dropping out for awhile here. There is alot of prejudice and attitude that I have been dealing with with some people. It is unfortunate because the bulk of the connections I have made here have been very nice, rewarding and special.
So if my profifle becomes unavailable soon, you'll know why.
Who knows, I may not be able to stand it and come right back, but I'd like to let you special people (and you should be able to guess who you are) how much you have enriched my life. Even if we never connected intimately.
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And so, la la la la la ...
Posted:Mar 4, 2007 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2010 4:54 pm

Can you sing and not be happy? I don't think so.
And so it's dark in here ...
Posted:Mar 2, 2007 1:35 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2015 1:09 pm

At a party, the host pulls you aside and tells you about a special place in their house.
There is a room. A dark room. No light whatsoever. The floor and walls are soft sculpted lumps. The rules are that you must take off all your clothes before you enter and no talking (moaning and grunting is of course excepted) There are anywhere between 2 and 20 people of either sex in this room - you have no idea who or how many because it is dark. You enter with the understanding that you are part of a sexual experience with any and all you encounter.
Do you go in?
Why or why not?
And so you got a whaaaa ...?
Posted:Feb 23, 2007 2:26 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2012 7:14 pm

OK, lets try this.
Guys, let's suppose you were out at a bar (big stretch here, but work with me, ok?). Out of several comely lasses, one in particular catches your eye and from what you can see you have caught hers. You make a connection, and converse. She plays coy all night, pretty much keeping you at arm's distance. Finally you decide to pull out all the big guns and do your damndest to bed this vixen before one of your degenerate buddies (who always seems to get laid even though he smells like a city bus and is twice as greasy) gets there first. Your technique works for some odd reason and you both leave the bar in a fog of alcohol and head back to your/her place.
You're so horny you can't see straight. You start kissing and one thing leads to another. She insists on going down on you first, and gives you the most astonishing blowjob of your life swallowing every drop of your spunk and gently licking your tool clean. You are so hot for her you pull her up to you and begin to tongue her neck. Now she is moaning and VERY responsive, and when you reach down into her panties you find that she has not only tucked away a dick, but that unit is bigger than yours. I would be curious as to your reaction from this point on.
And so let's see yours ...
Posted:Jan 26, 2007 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2012 9:42 am

Anyone into outdoor/public sex? Lets hear some views and stories.
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And so mmmph mmph ...
Posted:Jan 16, 2007 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2011 5:00 pm

Here's a loaded question. Who gives better head? Men or women?
Respondents should be those with experince with both.
Qualifiers are accepted of course because everybody IS different. I'm talking generally here.
and so I ask ...
Posted:Jan 6, 2007 4:36 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2010 4:22 pm

I have a question mainly to the female members, but males, feel free to weigh in on this as well.
Do you like or prefer "dick pix" in a person's profile to a body/face shot? Understanding that some desire/require a degree of anonimity and should or cannot show their faces for one reason or another. And why.
Do you want closeup "gash-shots" or would you prefer to see more of the woman (again, not necessariy including the face)? And why?
And so I say ...
Posted:Dec 21, 2006 11:02 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2006 11:03 pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
And so the weather outside is frightful ...
Posted:Dec 6, 2006 1:33 pm
Last Updated:Apr 19, 2009 6:49 pm

It is unbelievable that Christmas is a mere 19 days away. So if events overwhelm me and I don't wind up posting very much, I'll say it now.
May your holidays be filled with peace and joy.
May the run-up to your holidays be something less than frenetic.
May you not overspend and get yourself into financial trouble.
May you grasp firmly onto the feeling you used to have during this time of year.
May your post holidays not be a letdown.
and finally
May you get all the sex you want any way you want it.
That's it blog-spotters. My wishes for you.

Let me now if I can help you out with the last one.
And so, and so ...
Posted:Nov 28, 2006 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2010 5:01 pm

Has anyone ever had an intense highly sexually-charged encounter with someone and never touched them?
I recently had an awesome experience with a woman I met in a social setting. All conversation and interaction was appropriate and polite as befit the situation. It was a public place and a group event. However when our eyes met, and we began talking, it became quite apparent that if we had been alone we probably would have been all over each other.
The entire evening I was in an excited state. It carried through our conversation and when we said goodnight at the end of it and I reached out to shake her hand there was a palpable surge of energy.
When I went home I felt exhausted and drained as though we had had sex all night.

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