Succubus w/pics  

scottv69 59M
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11/29/2021 9:03 am
Succubus w/pics


She is that precious haunting and sexy vision
a succulent fruit pleasing the erotic pallet of
the soul with her golden sweetness and beauty.

She is the flame that wickedly lights the raging
fires of wanton desire within the furnace of the
heart causing men to erupt into an inferno of
steamy, illicit passion.

She is the mighty, sensuous succubus, maker of
the wildest, most illicit and orgasmic dreams and
visions that dance wildly across the candlelit ballroom
of a man's sleeping mind.

And she ignites the wondrous fires of sensual, carnal
delight as she gloriously prances naked across the
fertile plains and enchanting silvery moon of men's
most amorous, carnal thoughts.

scottv69 59M
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11/29/2021 9:04 am


scottv69 59M
6791 posts
11/29/2021 9:32 am

Sexaddkt70 71M
1263 posts
11/29/2021 11:51 am

Mmmm #1; #7 and #10 all day long

scottv69 replies on 11/29/2021 2:35 pm:
I hear ya as they are hot

Pleasureinc 58M  
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11/29/2021 12:06 pm

Simply delicious....

scottv69 replies on 11/29/2021 2:35 pm:

crosstraining 68T  
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11/29/2021 6:50 pm

Succulent dreams , Favs # 6 # 7 , XOXO

scottv69 replies on 11/30/2021 2:35 pm:
for sure xoxo

Leegs2012 49M  
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11/30/2021 11:43 am

all HOT!! #2 #7 & #10 HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

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