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TRIVIA- simply trivia1/20/2020  11  
Donald Trump1/14/2020  4  
Donald Trump1/14/2020  4  
Donald Trump1/9/2020  6  
Donald Trump1/7/2020  7  
"The Immortal Six Of Mazda!"1/7/2020  2  
Don't you just love music1/2/2020  2  
Donald Trump1/1/2020  10  
Presidents who have been impeached and Presidents who died in office12/31/2019  9  
Sand Dunes12/28/2019  14  
Don't you just love music12/19/2019  2  
Donald Trump12/19/2019  8  
trump how low can you go ...hard to eclipse bullying teenagers12/14/2019  11  
Condom Sense??? Got Gold Yet?12/12/2019  15  
Modern-day Rome12/11/2019  2  
E119: Donald totally surrenders12/7/2019  1  
E118: Subject J: Donald almost reaches the end12/6/2019  0  
E117: Subject I12/4/2019  0  
E116: It is now Donald’s turn12/4/2019  0  
E115: Beginning of Donald’s surrender12/3/2019  0  
E114: Subject H11/29/2019  0  
E113: Subjects E and F11/28/2019  0  
Trump dick jokes!11/17/2019  6  
trump11/16/2019  0  
Whiny little bitches11/15/2019  27  
Donald Trump11/13/2019  8  
Donald Trump11/11/2019  5  
Donald Trump11/11/2019  3  
Poppy11/11/2019  7  
Donald Trump11/1/2019  10  
Donald Trump11/1/2019  8  
Guess Who Brought Us the Legislation...10/29/2019  2  
Donald Trump10/29/2019  6  
E112: Wednesday night – two more Subjects10/25/2019  0  
Donald Trump10/24/2019  6  
Donald Trump10/23/2019  12  
trump is soon to be dumped ...when reality outruns fiction10/20/2019  6  
Donald Trump10/15/2019  12  
E111: Subject C – Wednesday10/13/2019  0  
E110: Subject B – Tuesday night10/12/2019  1  
Then you must be a racist10/6/2019  4  
Donald Trump9/25/2019  14  
Impeach Trump9/24/2019  7  
E109: Donald begins telling about his former subjects: Tuesday afternoon9/23/2019  0  
E108: Donald begins his sub life with his Mistress9/22/2019  2  
wild crazy naked sex anytime you want it9/16/2019  2  
Donald Trump9/13/2019  10  
E107: Donald’s punishment Tuesday9/11/2019  1  
E106: Emma’s discovery on a Monday in January9/10/2019  0  
E105: New Year’s Day – the end of the diary9/7/2019  0