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Fantasy Finished ... No Excuses
Posted:Jul 1, 2020 7:28 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:5 pm

Hi. Ok, so I said this would be posted yesterday or last night ..... Ya, I know and no excuses. But, there were reasons. Concerning the content of "Stripper Goes Down ...". Kathy's 6/23 here in my blog ... MY BLOG, became a very personal narrative, not only indicting me, but others, friends and basically strangers ... and all of those, us, involved in a universal consenting group activity in one couple's home. Also, with all those details, etc. she includes, she sounds so righteous, so sincere, so credible.

I am not denying what happened at all. but there were explanations, etc. Yes, there were some personal choices by each and everyone will certainly not agree with the choices made but selectively presenting and omitting what Kathy did and leaving here "audience" to just fill in the blanks made everything appear much more lascivious that most everything really was.

And yes, I said "her audience" as she addressed me in the beginning and then a few sentences of how "hot" she supposedly thought this "Kaycee" was only to entice any reader to continue reading to find out what happened ... instead of being intimidated by her arduous verboseness. Her style of narration actually gives herself away ... instead of just writing to me, she includes much detail that I was, am, aware about as I was there ... she was painting a picture for whomever was going to read her posting ... to make sure they/you understood and then leaving out other details she also knew about that would then let your thoughts to wander ... a human nature would, and would embellish, right?

Anyway, I am stopping here and actually going to review her "yellow sheet" journal entry and "fill in some blanks" for us, for you too. And no, I will not promise this evening as half of it is gone already. How about by tomorrow evening?
xox Kaycee.
Kathy's Postings: Now And Forevermore A Monument To My Naivete
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:5 pm

Hi. After reading Kathy's, alias, Jackie's, latest posting, 6/23, here in my blog, regardless of my feelings at the time, two things became perfectly clear to me at that time:

- I realized I did not have all the facts at that time to even make an intelligent response as some of her statements just did not make sense or fit the issue with what I did know for sure about it.

- Secondly, I will never, and I mean NEVER, sanction a posting to anyone else to post whatever in my blog, and certainly not post whatever along with my word/promise that I will publish it and publish it without editing it, and publish it without deleting it ..... ever. Just what was I thinking about to let that happen??!! ..... Truth or Dare?! .....

As to my reaction/response to the specific content of Kathy's last posting, "A Stripper Going Down .....", and the balance of her postings previously, I am happy that I waited this long to respond as I have just been advised of some additional information that does contribute to my response; moreover, confirm I should respond.

I will post my response to all this in a separate entry later this evening.
xox Kaycee.
A Stripper Going Down, And Dumped
Posted:Jun 23, 2020 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2020 9:03 pm

Kaycee and I are no longer seeing each other as of this posting - our fantasy is finished. Kaycee, for the short time we have dated you have been so exciting for me. No other girl has aroused me and satisfied me as you have. You are as you say in your profile - but more. You are not gorgeous but attractive and so in touch - at ease with yourself, a woman with a stick pussy - a dildo for me, between us - for us. But there is one problem which recently became insurmountable. At first I thought you were just a show off at times like if you got it, flaunt it. and I took advantage of it, you. You were like a doll for me, not to dress up but to strip off, to see, touch, fondle and fuck when I wanted to. And then there were the games, to encourage you to pose nude for my album of you directed by me with poses to the most revealing, remember those in the forest? or the ones in the back seat of my car, you making love to yourself - so honest - naked, innocent, sweet, and sexy! I will keep them all forever. I thought that you were sort of a showoff due to some of the personal issues you had told to me - some drama and trauma from your past. I did not pursue this as I was too busy having fun taking advantage of you, exploiting you. You have a compulsion to continually try confirming your appeal, ratify and legitimize your femininity, even while choosing to wear Levies and Hanes. I do not know why the conflict, but you assume it, don't you. I always saw it as frosting on the cake as even more to become sweet as I tamed you, making you release those past issues, embrace the panties I preferred you in, and eventually out of - natural for you. It was during our date that recent Saturday, our last date, that I realized it was more serious, that you were exhibitionistic to the extreme - a perversion. And that Saturday night at the XXXXXXX's party, it was too much. Besides Bob and Rita, there were about 6 other couples and we knew only our hosts. Later in the evening, coming from the bathroom I saw you in the middle of their living room being helped up on the hassock, nude. Everyone else was still dressed but you were stood up there, a couple of people holding you up, showing you off for everyone's phones flashing and you were naked, and you were my date. I left the room, called a cab and waited outside of the house and went back to my apartment and I am now sitting here in my car, with the doors locked and your laptop. Girl, you have a problem. I do not know if it is because of those personal issues of the past but you do have a problem. If nothing else, people, especially men, are going to take advantage of you, you need some help. One of the reasons I am going public with all this as I do not know what you might do to yourself next Now I am going to get out of my locked car and hand you this laptop, your laptop to read what I wrote here in front of me. If you try to edit this or not publish this at all, or erase it later, you and I will get into a real cat fight and then it just gets worse. Let it go as written and make your excuses why you acted like a slut when with me as my date at a party if you must. Get Some Help and I wish you well for the future. Jackie, (and my real name is Kathy).

To Anyone, Everyone but Jackie. Yes, right now I do and so badly want to explain the situation but will do whatever later as I am sorta bummed right now. This is the first I have heard and the above is so personal for her to make public plus do I really want to say anything much as what I have to gain or lose is ..... apparently gone. Don't want to say much more right now.
xox Kaycee.
Jackie's Rebuttal To My Previous Commentary, (on personal conversations ...)
Posted:May 28, 2020 2:39 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:41 am

Kaycee, thank you for inviting my commentary on a no charge basis, of your description of the previous two evenings that you maintain is stylish and classy without details. We know I am a woman, but a special woman and hot for you, a special woman also. So, from a guy's point of view, details add much to the descriptions. From a guy's point of view, it is interesting that the outfit you were wearing in the photos Chuck saw and requested you wear that evening was that in those photos, you were buck naked. Also, when I took Chuck into your house and up the stairs to your bedroom and opened the door, you were laying on your back on your king size bed. Your wrists and ankles were in padded leather cuffs. Your wrist cuffs were snapped together and your arms pulled up above and in back of your head. Your ankle cuffs were snapped to opposite ends of my expandable Spreader Bar and the bar was expanded to about 7 plus feet, or your ankles were almost 8 feet apart. You had a ball gag in your mouth that looked like an apple and a black sleeping mask blindfold over your eyes. Your whole body not covered at all and on that black satin like sleeping bag that I spread on your bed to put you on. There were a couple small pillows that came with the bag and I folded one of them and pushed it under the small of your back, raising you just a little for photos, especially for profile shots so the round curves of your ass would be visible instead of buried under you. You looked Amazing !!! I nodded an affirmative to Chuck as he took out his phone to snap some shots and as he was shooting you I pointed out how great Spring is for a photo shoot with a Girlfriend as she has been inside all Winter. So she does not usually have may bruises or blemishes of any kind and no tan lines either to detract or conflict with the natural beauty of her pristine white body. And notice the stark contrast of Kaycee's body and the black quilt under her, framing her, emphasizing her natural charms. And all during this time I was fondling you, teasing Minnie Mouse to attention and then, while Chuck was getting ready, I slid my hand just a bit further down and around, found your entrance and with my longest, my middle finger, lubricated you to the slippery stage, almost sloppy and you could hardly move at all because your long legs were stretched just far enough to prevent you from doing anything but jerk and wiggle just a little. At that point I took a moment to lift your hips a little and we got another pillow under you to raise you for even better access as we were getting to the point of getting serious with you. Your gag stayed in place as we did not care whatever was on your mind and your little mewing noises were just another turn on at least for me as Chuck moved in and up in place between your legs as I unsnapped your ankles from the bar and wrapped your legs around Chuck's back and crossed your ankles and held you there up close to Chuck until it became evident he had control of the situation deep inside of you and I let go and noted you were really aroused by this time, your legs still embracing Chuck's body for a while and then your thighs spreading a little further apart and your hips thrusting and finding his rhythm for his conquest of you. As Chuck took you over I continued to watch the 10 to 15 minutes of Chuck subduing, overpowering and controlling you to his eventual release, at which time I was by then undressed and fully aroused to take his place for a repeat performance upon you. To my initial small disappointment I discovered that you climaxed with Chuck's release but I just continued with the old fashioned way of rub a dub with my pussy against your little stick pussy, Miss Minnie Mouse and I to finished but the Girlfriend to Girlfriend way. Then Chuck and I left, went downstairs and after we reviewed his photos and he was sworn to secrecy, he left. I went back upstairs and unsnapped you and told you just how super spectacular you were, and you were Baby. I told you that Chuck thought so too and was sworn to secrecy and wants another date with us girls very soon. I trust him and as it turned out, we needed him for our evening at Bob and Rita's, right. You and I talked a little about your experience, from the embarrassment stage to the sex. You did like being so bare and helpless before an almost stranger, a man that was seeing you, watching you and intended to fuck you and you had no way to argue or discuss any options. You being buck naked and bound and gagged and my spreader bar extended shamefully almost to its limits. prevented any arbitration or stalling at all, you could only enjoy it without fault or guilt as you were bare and helpless, presented exposed, spread and lubricated for him, and is not this exactly correct? So, what is not to like. You admitted you loved it and in your words, want a re-match with Chuck. Baby, you were so hot !!!. This is all and now, after you have read this, I am going to fuck you again ! Thank you for being such a Hot Bitch tonight. And speaking of that, you, and our next evening or visit at Bob and Rita's house, I have to give you a guy's or man's perspective description of that evening also but need to work on it and bring it to copy in your blog next time. Now, roll over Bitch, spread and make me happy. Later. J.
Personal Conversations ... Publically
Posted:May 28, 2020 12:10 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:5 pm

Well Jackie, now that you raise the issues, perhaps we can offer the narratives of those two recent evenings as follows:

You called and asked if it would be ok give an experience that we had discussed briefly but not tried and promised I would like it. You also offered or wanted bring a good friend of yours, Chuck, that I said at one time that I wanted meet sometime and of us would have a good time. And finally, that you showed Chuck some of those photos you took recently and Chuck said I should wear the same outfit as it was really sexy. So, as a favor to us, (you guys), would I do that and that you guys would be over in an hour. And Jackie, all of this is true, right? especially the part of me being sexy, right? LOL

As far as the evening at Bob and Rita's is concerned, I knew Bob already, had met him at Charlie's bar-b-que party in Chicago early last July. And then Bob attended my first photo shoot with Rita, not as a participant, but just sorta a guest. And then Bob and I had al brief history together and during all this, the Daddy/Bunny nicknames started between us as we corresponded for a time. And this is what Bob and I were bantering about that evening. And Jackie, I just want to say that you were super that evening to not make an issue about it all and never more attractive to me then last Saturday evening. And, as you know, that history, etc. with Bob was way before meeting you, and thanks for realizing that, ok?

Ok, Now both evenings have been covered and with some style and grace, I might add. See Jackie, generally what happened is apparent without getting so detailed, so personal ... which gets boring after a while anyway. This way anyone can figure it all out and none of us sound too preverted, etc So, what do you think? and I wont charge you for your response as being one of the you won on our bet. Ok?
xox Kaycee.
Myself, So Very Bare & In Your Lap ... whisper # 2 ...
Posted:May 25, 2020 9:47 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2020 9:53 pm

girlfriend to girlfriend ... when you get home, and I think you have access to this, (me), without me ... and knowing me ... you will check for a message ... this, my response to our evening ... to you ...

I really like you J. ... the ways you value me, and ... absolutely, the way you know me ... Love how you handle me .....
xox Kaycee.
So Kaycee, After Reading This, Are You Breathless?
Posted:May 25, 2020 7:38 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2020 7:39 pm

Thanks for the intro. And I am going to be fair, nice maybe, just the facts, just saying what was and is. I did call and we did drop by at Kaycee's that evening, and Kaycee did know most of what was potentially going to happen that evening, even about Chuck. And she still let me in, and good for you Baby. Chuck is a man I used to date a few times because we had fun, as buddies. And then came that moment, you know the one I mean ladies, the moment when I had to commit to my preferences and I just told him that yes, I had fun with him but that is all that it could be as sexually, I am attracted to women and always have be, girls and women, only. And to my surprise, since that night, Chuck and I have still remained buddies, and even closer, as can tell each other anything. So, that night there were no deceptions to either Kaycee or Chuck of what was probably going to happen, intentions. With me, outright lies are a last resort and usually only a good reason or not to hurt someone. Usually, lies are just a shortcut and lazy way to try reaching some goal. My way is to get to know someone well enough to be able to push the right buttons and that I think both of us, or all concerned would want me to push those buttons, to reach my goal. I knew Chuck would have a good time and I thought Kaycee would probably go along with it as I have not lied, etc to her yet. And that Kaycee would want to probably do it again, more, when digesting it all, probably in the next day, or two. After my conversations with both and my call, Chuck and I drove over to Kaycee's house and waited in the car while I went up to her front door with my bag of goodies and knocked. I heard movement and then Kaycee opened the door, wide, so I could see the whole effect, and a big smile. Kaycee knew why I, no we were there and welcomed me, welcomed the truth and trusted me. Both of us knew I pushed the right buttons, her right buttons. Kaycee can be a real Flirt, and a Tease. sometimes an Exhibitionist, might well enjoy being a Stripper, for nothing but Attention, Praise, Adoration, even Applause. She flirts for attention, teases to be paid with a positive response, that she is worthy to receive positive responses, to be Won as she is the prize. I really think all this is due to insecurities from some earlier experiences. Also, this is why Kaycee prefers or sexually blooms with being dominated to an extent. This way she does not have to make those little decisions and risk being wrong. But I am not being critical or demeaning in noting all this. To the contrary, I love these things about Kaycee, I even exploit them, I want her to be herself because I am excited with the way she is. Just be yourself Baby. I am a woman who likes women, always have, girls and women. Kaycee, to me, is a very attractive woman. a chick with a nice body, intelligent, sexy, nice smile, small tits, nice ass and a built in dildo for me to capture, arouse, tuck into me, and milk. and oh yes Baby, you have great legs! Hey, you know what, I will get to the details of what happened during that evening and why plus what a good girl you were at Bob and Rita's shortly with another commentary or #3. Right now is a better idea. I am going to take you for a ride to our place, quiet, but we can see and hear the cars just barely, enough to know we could be caught. I am going to have you get in the back seat and slip your jeans and panties off, and not just down so I can spread your legs wide and kiss my way up your inner thighs to capture Minnie Mouse an put her in the mood so I can fuck you. Later. J.
A New Experience ... To Be Experienced Again ? .....
Posted:May 23, 2020 6:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:5 pm

Hi. Jackie will be over this evening and yes ... after calling first. And no, I am not concerned as why he would think I would not be busy this Friday evening ... baby steps, right? Anyway, really happy he called first before just dropping by as there does appear be some potential....

Not much else say as he did not say much about tonight except it is to be an experience of trust, an exercise and in retrospect, I will love it (?). Other than that, it's casual and I guess we shall see. I mean how can I resist whatever it is that I will love, right? Anyway, have to get ready, as for most of us, that just doesn't mean go to the frig and get a beer, right? Later, after his visit.

Ok, it's later now and Jackie is gone ... and I am pretty much glad he came over ... perhaps actually taught me something more about myself to be honest. I do think that some elements of Jackie's surprise are exciting ... no, they are exciting. And possibly I could look forward to it, generally.

One thing though, the introduction, or inclusion of one of his friends, a male and a stranger to me. At the time, not fun at all; but, now admittedly, intriguing, perhaps there is some potential. Maybe my apprehensions at the time were just due to my complete surprise, even the concept not even considered in any conversations beforehand ... even if the idea might have been anticipated if we had talked about it at all. Some of the elements for me with Jackie, or anyone I guess, were the first time for me. Still digesting it all and to be honest ... not yet even asking myself if I want to experience it, or explore the potential again, not yet.

Jackie wanted to add something here also this evening. I asked him to wait cause we do have a date tomorrow evening over at Bob and Rita's house and if he started getting controversial, then we might not have much fun tomorrow evening, or even talking to each other. Bottom line, we made a deal that if he waited until after tomorrow until he brought me back home, he could have essentially an entry to say whatever he wanted. After all, the bet I lost was that he could have chances for commentary my postings not opportunities for access whatever he wants, right?

Hi again. It is Saturday, just want add that was going leave this open for his commentary but again, I might not agree with what he says, but some supervision is fair and should be understood so I will close this now and let him potentially wax poetically or exotically or whatever later this evening or after breakfast, (?), on a clean sheet of paper.
xox Kaycee.
Dinner at Eight, or so ... and Company
Posted:May 17, 2020 9:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:5 pm

Hi. I have sat here trying to relate how bizarre the evening turned out to be and why I or we let it get that far and I have come to the conclusion that there is no way, or it is beyond me anyway, to successfully justify or even explain just why we just let it go to where it went. This time, I'm going to get another cup of coffee and just sit down here and relate what happened.... without why it did or apologies or anything else, except the events. And then I can post this and go to bed ...

At almost the last minute, I decided to change outfits from "basic casual" to the following: a man's a bit large dress shirt, black with white dots and a tie, white with black dots plus black high cut panties, thigh high leg warmers and heels. I wanted Jackie to perhaps say "cute" but think "sex".

Jackie was late, but only fashionably late. I opened the back door wide for him so he could get the whole effect. He did not say anything but I think he thought sex as I felt his hand inside my panties with his hug and then a slap on my bottom as I led him into my house. I thought it would definitely be a very late night or breakfast also.

Jackie has a surprise for me also ... Rita was going to stop by for a second or two. So, we decided to eat right away and my dinner was tasteless as I bombarded Jackie with comments and questions and he did not say much at all but I knew that he must know most, if not all of what Rita's drama was going to be about. Jackie had to know as Jackie was female and a he to me but a she to Rita and Rita's squeeze other than her husband, Bob. But, Jackie did not say much at all and then, even before we were done, the front door bell rang ... Jackie proceeded to clear the table while I went to answer my front door ... Rita. And, the look on her face, but I had forgotten what I was wearing and even to check who was at the door.. Rita smiled and said cute and another slap on my bottom as I again led the way into my home.

We wound up sitting in my livingroom with a little wine and after some small talk, Rita announced that she and Bob would like Jackie and I to come over to their house this next Saturday evening ... dinner, a couple of fun movies and good conversation. I wanted to go and say that right then as was this invitation from Rita an endorsement, an acknowledgment from Rita and Bob, but especially Rita, of Jackie and I as, "a Couple"? But I did not say anything as I thought it was Jackie who should answer for us, especially to Rita. But Jackie just looked at me so I just blurted out, "Great!".

Then the bizarre stuff ...Rita started addressing most of this directly to Jackie. She could only stay a little bit longer but she understood that "Kaycee has now been shaved" and then to me, " ... come over to me, I want to see a naked little Minnie Mouse Kaycee. Jackie finally got up and came over to me and took my hand and brought me over to Rita and stepped behind me and pulled my panties all the way down and held them so I could step out of them. Then I parted my legs a little to accommodate her hand as Rita just thrust it up and between my legs and began to fondle me for too long and I began to get excited in spite of myself. Rita then took her hand away and fumbled a moment in her purse and took out her phone and addressing Jackie with, "I want you girls to strip down, everything off and lay down on the rug in middle of the floor there and get affectionate so I can get some photos for Bob. And Jackie and then we just did it and after we had a small fit of giggles and began to touch and kiss was Rita again, "Girls, slowly move around and roll around lots so I can get all of you on each of you on film, ok? And then lots of clicks and flashes ... photos. I was really starting to get into it and the clicking and flashes stopped and Rita stopped and we looked up as Rita was standing, gathering her purse and jacket and to the door and then, "Jackie, I will call later in the week about Saturday", and she was out the door. And we just laid on the rug for a bit and talked and then I stood up so she could see all of me and maybe invite me back ... nope, but she did get up and push me over to my sofa and finsh us ... even better than the floor, Jackie, Thx!
xox Kaycee.
Saturday Afternoon
Posted:May 16, 2020 10:54 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 11:5 pm

It's Saturday early afternoon now and yes, Jackie did call. Our date is still on for this evening but he is going be here around 8:00 ... later than usual. But ... he did call ... considerate. I'm sitting here on my sofa in my living room and taking a break ... and watching the squirrels & birds right outside my window. Males chasing Females and the latter waiting for the Males almost catching and then taking off a short distance and stopping again, and again. Wonder if Jackie is going to catch this evening. LOL.

So kinda along with this same train of thought ... now, with Jackie calling like he said he would and letting me know he would be a bit later ... consider I am sorta in a box. I mean I have reward that ... reciprocate. I should show my appreciation of his efforts. Now it is a casual, later in the evening dinner and then ... ? So, it's casual but have be somewhat attractive ... or devoted some time toward that endeavor, anyway. So, with Jackie's preferences in mind ... I'll do my nails as he likes that and maybe pink Men's dress shirt, a little large and the sleeves rolled above my elbows, the front not buttoned at but knotted at my midriff, a colorful scarf, stretchy skinny jeans and open toe sandals. , and high cut panties ... in case I want take off my jeans later in the evening and just be too sexy ... or maybe forget the jeans ???

Anyway, got to get busy again now. Will write a bit later again this evening or tomorrow as to what happened.
xox Kaycee.
The Taming of Both of Us
Posted:May 15, 2020 12:42 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2020 12:57 am

Wednesday, late afternoon ... Frankie, alias Jackie stopped by ... dropped in ... unannounced ... again ... "... to see me"! And "me" .... old collage sweatshirt, ripped jeans and flip-flops, and, of course no makeup, etc. I had just cleaned the kitchen floor, some windows and was reorganizing some of the cupboards ... a provocative vision, I'm sure. But, to "his", (I know, but this is from my perspective ... "her" for Jackie is fading to "him" to and for me). Anyway, but to his credit, there were no derogatory remarks as to my appearance, etc. Actually it was almost an attack of coming to me and a hug with kissing and gathering my arms and holding my hands behind me with one and his other hand sliding down past my tummy and forcing between my thighs and rubbing me. I remember it so vividly as even though just standing there and dressed, his embrace, captivating by holding my hands in back of me and his other hand so intrusive ... so aroused me ... and his remark confirming his small conquest, "Guess I woke up "minnie mouse," his new name for my "mighty mouse", which was his pet name for my stick pussy originally.

Surprisingly, he just released me then ... just wanting his small victory? and I followed him into my living room and to my sofa where he had taken a seat. He put his arm out and guided me to standing between his legs. Jackie said nothing and grabbed the front of my jeans ... unbutton, unzip and his hands on either side of my waistband and a few tugs and my jeans were around my knees. "No panties; step out of your jeans and spread your legs and let's check you out and keep ;your hands away", as he again gathered my hands, held them behind my back and felt, fondled me. I could not see his face but sorta "heard" his smug smirk, a kind of noise, as I felt myself ... "minnie mouse", beginning to rise and do her erotic dance. Then down and on my back on my shag rug and Jackie over me, he opening his fly and his jeans pushed way down and off and he quickly followed with his panties. Then on me and straddling me and kissing me while his hands sought and found my wrists and then stretching my arms up past my head, his hips helping him to find and rub minnie mouse with his pussy, teasing minnie to get her on his side and win any argument from me. Sensing this, I felt him release my wrists but by then, would have no resistance in mind, if I ever really did, and I just stretched my arms up as far as I could as i held my hips still while he found minnie and guided her, now stiff, to and into Jackie's wet pussy. and answering a few of Jackie's thrusts, I matched his rhythm and writhing toward being milked ... fucked by him ... and both of us knew that. And both of us knew that it was sort of a branding of my soul ... that afterglow and pulling down my sweatshirt and tugging up my jeans and again standing there ... I was a bit more ... hers, his to have me, fuck me .... hers to be him to possess me for her, for us.

All this is to try and explain the essence of our Girlfriend to Girlfriend relationship ... I chose to relate, confess the physical without holding back ... more than having a choice really as, at least especially in the beginning, the physical, or perhaps Jackie's attitude, pleasures, goals, etc. concerning our budding relationship are best described by how it was/is being physically expressed.

After the "conquest" and my request to please call before just showing up, Jackie left ... pretty much just gone ... but as a token of acknowledging my request... "I'll give you a call tomorrow."

And last night she, as he, did .... and therefore will be rewarded with coming over tonight ... to experience me, as she ... for she as he ... for me ....us .... GF to GF.
xox Kaycee.
Who's On First or On Me?
Posted:May 10, 2020 11:48 am
Last Updated:May 11, 2020 1:01 pm

Hi. As my immediate personal life mentioned recently, Who knows Who and is reading this now?! A while ago I met Rita while seeking a photographer. During my first photo shoot with her, I met Rita's GF Jackie. They were a casual couple, two women in a relationship and Rita being the more "dominant". Also at that shoot, I briefly met Bob, Rita's husband, who obviously knew about Rita and Jackie. Jackie refers to Bob as Rita's BF, not husband, (?).

After my shoot, Rita asked me out and we did have a couple of dates. However, Bob put his foot down I guess, as in Rita's words, "... one GF is enough, don't start a 'stable'".So, neither of us called after that; we just kinda stopped seeing each other. Soon after that, Jackie called one evening and asked me out and that it was ok with Rita. At the time sorta wondered if I should verify that with Rita but I confess that I did not as it seemed so awkward. So I never did but I did start dating Jackie. From the start Jackie was a little dominate concerning sex and I admittedly found that exciting, a turn on for me. I think it is part of what I need with a potential "GF to GF" relationship, or perhaps any relationship. Anyway, it became more and more apparent that Jackie's preferred role in our relationship included domination over me. She finally just told me to start calling her Frankie, as that sounded more "masculine".

So, to re-cap: Bob and Rita are married, Jackie is Rita's femme GF and Bob knows about Jackie and Jackie refers to Bob as Rita's BF (?) not as her husband, which he is. Apparently Jackie is a little more serious, and setting the stage ... and our roles
..... wants to be GF to GF with me and wants me to start calling her Frankie cause she thinks it sounds more "masculine". And finally, Rita and Jackie have inferred they are not on this site but Frankie has, who is really Jackie, also, but not to me anymore....

I have made some decisions. I will continue to "be myself" with and within my blog. I do not know who, except for one of them, who has access to all my thoughts that I put in my blog but this is my blog and their choice if they read it, not mine. Currently, I would like to continue seeing Jackie, and Jackie, for me, is certainly exciting for me ... as she is "he" to me if you want to put it that way.... I would not have you have me any other way. Call me?
xox Kaycee.
After Our Date, The Score Is Jackie, EVERTHING
Posted:May 6, 2020 11:02 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2020 11:18 pm

No, our date did not last this long. After Jackie left, I took some time to think about it all. First, both Rita and Jackie have told me that they are not members on this site.

So this is still my refuge.
First, I did not dress for our occasion, just jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Frankly, my reason was cause we had to have our little talk and I did not want to encourage much beyond that. Until after dinner not much happened as we were busy making it and eating. After dinner we had an argument about my few edits of her mongo monologue
in my blog. Just corrected a few small errors but technically she was correct; the bet was truth only and no edits from me and I had to retain whatever ... forever. So we settled on 3 additional instances of Jackie commentary or a total now of 6.

As to our talk, Jackie can be so oppressive, so overbearing and then considerate, polite, thoughtful .... manners, tact and social grace. I just wanted to express how some of the stuff that I have noted here in the last few days, appear from my perspective. A sidebar here ... I don't believe in kissing and telling ... unless it is telling on myself. And I have to believe she knew what was coming and I just got ambushed.

After dinner, we were laying on my living room floor with pillows and looking out my floor to ceiling windows at ... really not much as it was dark, but it was comfortable ... and convenient for shared tokens of affection now and then. It was our eventual destination when over here and tonight perhaps just a habit that she capitalized upon. It began with just general conversation and then a couple of her advances and my wanting to talk and then it started to get more physical, rougher.

Finally I just stopped, it seemed useless so I just tried to get up and I got pulled backwards and down and pinned on my back with one arm under her and she pinning my other arm with her hands. Then she let go somewhere and slapped me a couple of times. I kind of thought, think that maybe it was an accident, that she was just changing position to increase her advantage. But no, these were slaps intended to hurt. And then she warned me to stop teasing and she was going to undress me. And I did and she did ... and, I was so excited, and it was so good!

And then she got her phone, and took of my remaining sock and then my panties which were wound around the ankle ... so to make sure I had nothing on and proceeded to take maybe a dozen or so pictures. Her conquest or trophy? Isn't that a bit weird, sick ... scary I thought. I just wanted her gone right then.

Then she went to the closet by the foyer and returned with a coat of mine. I thought she was going to throw it on me but she dropped it and pounced on me and rolled me over on my tummy and sat on my back facing my bottom ... all of that before I could do anything at all and after she was in place I could not do anything for sure. And yes, she spanked me ... hard slaps that must have hurt her hands alternating on my cheeks. After a couple and discovering I could not move much, all I thought about was to not cry.

After about maybe a dozen to each cheek she got off, finally put the jacket around me and leaned over and said something like, "don't ever be coy, not ever in jest with me again". I know she saw my tears as she leaned over me and whispered, "You are my Bitch now." And then she released me and straightened herself and noises of her to the bathroom, then probably jacket and purse and then, she just left.

I know I kinda sound like a jerk but it was what it was, is what it is. Right now I am too tired to say more and it was, is so surreal ... and ya, embarrassing ... I don't want to think anymore about it all right now ... I'm going to bed.
xox Kaycee.

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