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To Be Or Not To Be ..... and why and what Part 2 of 2
Posted:Jun 7, 2019 4:11 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2019 10:56 pm

The inherent problem with posting a "Page 1 of 2" entry is that you gotta follow through with a "Page 2 of 2", right? This will be the last of my "self" analysis for a while as even "" is getting tired of "". Getting down to specifics, depending upon one's point of view, shortcut slang, I could be considered a T-, Shemale, Chick with A Dick, etc. I don't really find this perally offensive ..... I have already implied a few times here that most of these terms also need a paragraph or so of qualifications/explanations to be precise as to one's meaning ....... perhaps, instead of a slur, it winds up to be complimentary after all.

Anyway, according to me, Pansexual, or, attracted to other than specific gender. Basically, for , way most important for is whoever/whatever makes feel. For instance, I am not attracted to "men" or even "". times, what gets my attention is "masculinity" ? a per, usually , man, to a degree, disposed to dominate, a predator, taker, voyeur, etc. ... for both of us to enjoy the dance and my surrender. Is this sorta kinky? But, you know, why should I even ask that .... I mean whatever, it is. Sometimes I need this .... so I date men ... and even a couple of female/women who were predisposed or just preferred to assume the role of dominating, etc. and recognized my potentially being receptive, I guess. Gender has not mattered.

Besides Pansexual for dating, I experienced a special relationship ... with someone pretty much like me. It became a symbiotic relationship, an understanding and appreciation ... a Girlfriend to Girlfriend give and take ... selfless sharing. Concerning labels, We discovered we were probably Translesbians, (we had to research that) and yes, we each did date men also on occasions as they did fill a need that we could not replace. We understood that also. When with a man, I feel we use each other, I want it and it's good. With my Girlfriend, we loved the journey with each other. This is all of "me" for awhile ... perhaps another subject soon. xox Kaycee
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To Be Or Not To Be ..... and why and what Part 1 of 2
Posted:Jun 6, 2019 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2019 8:55 pm

And so, since my 1st posting here in my blog, I have sought to determine my "self" with a minimum of ambiguity. Well, until recently, I had, was comfortable with my role, my niche .... my life. Then stuff went south .... and my and I are now mongo miles away .... and off the edge of that earth. Yes, I think my and I are still relatively the same. But who/what was and is that? ..... this, so I understand as well as others .... so in touch with myself and then being able to communicate .... communication.

Actually, being labeled/considered socially/sexually Andro/femme helps a lot. In a way it helps to qualify if not sorta endorse my "self" as a valid "type" .... to then assess and assign for a value; for instance, my exceeding some gender/sexual boundaries are actually within my natural realm ... at least I can understand and consider it special ... and of course others will evaluate for themselves if whatever is positive or negative ....none of us appeals to everyone. On the other hand, the more insightful and sincere about each of us is, the better opportunity there is to find pleasure and satisfaction.
You know, that often spoken truth that we do not choose whatever about each of us ... I think our choice comes with self respect and to achieve happiness ....

So I stirred my "self" up and watched what floated to the surface, Generally, feminine, but not really effeminate, nor masculine really either. I don't belong to that tribe at all. The perceived hypocrisy here is that well, I sorta act "" socially/publicly. My answer is that since 5th I have been told that one should behave in public and enjoy being themselves in private ... to negotiate in public but my peral life is private, my own as long as it harms no one else. In subscribing to this, I play the role publicly as I have had the most practice with it and it does not interfere with my peral life much all There are exceptions of course and one of them is advertising myself in a dating site. But that is the rea for it's being ... to let others know, in a sorta comfortable, gracious way, some of our peral aspects, who/what we are, what we offer and what we desire/need. Guess we are all on stage ... but then the assumption is that our collective audience is at least tolerant ... and those just passing through for "entertainment" must not know themselves if they're "entertained" .... but that's all.
xox Kaycee

TomboyTgirl68 ...... It's All In My Name
Posted:May 24, 2019 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2019 9:32 pm

Hi, Kaycee ...and this is the first of my Blog, my proverbial pasture to graze in, my garden of flowers & weeds. And speaking of , per above for anyone interested, my conception was/is as follows:

"Tomboy" is a with some boyish tendencies times. And "Tgirl" .... well all of us
have an idea of who and what she is, pretty sure And "68" ..... why is only
one from the fun well maybe, but in this case it is the of my birth.

Anyway, in deciding on a name, the above, when put together, is sorta me also. And is going to be the subject of my first commentary ..... especially since it is Saturday night and here i , "blog'n" along, right? What i mean is just like unlocking the mystery of "TomboyTgirl68", when trying to express who I was on the first part of my Profile, I ran into terms we all know but with meanings are not precise all. And every time I step into subjects using those terms by reading or commenting about some issue with those 'psycho-sexual' terms, I feel incumbent upon to check out the latest postings in the Urban Dictionary, etc. to see if I understanding or saying what I really mean. And the irony here is the terms are supposed to be shortcuts but really lots of accompanying explanation in an attempt to feel good in nailing down the meaning of whatever for most of us.

Those damn terms, like Ts, Tg, sexual identity, social role, etc etc and they remind me of a wonderful experience way back when I was on campus. During one quarter I was taking one course labelled "Intelligence" and another labelled "Creativity". These were courses I had to take for my major and the books cost much more than I wanted to spend. Anyway, after finishing the quarter and reflecting about the coursed, I realized essentially, intelligence was measured by the degree of creativity and visa versa just like all those terms. I know the problem is there are mongo variations but
means I have to think more about who & what I for Blog 2. xox Kaycee

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