Women Game Players on Adult Sites  

wildepleasures1 59M
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10/26/2021 8:49 am
Women Game Players on Adult Sites

I've been on many site, Lifestyle Lounge , Alt, POF, Bumble, Match and more. Let's face it, people play games, are inauthentic and scam. I observe a great deal because life has patterns throughout the universe. And what I've noticed on adult dating sites is that most (51% or more) women play more games here than other vanilla sites.
Why is this?
Its like, they are either wanting or they are incredibly inconsiderate meaning they give emails or numbers with little or no intention in be responsive in doing so. It's as if the whole thing is a giant game for them. Now, these are most abundantly privy to single girls and not married couples, rightly so.

Its as if nearly most of the single women are emotionally immature, emotional dysfunctional, self-centered, inconsiderate and just plain rude. Even though so many TELL that they are sincere and "want a real relationship", they're really full of shit!

So I ask the audience as to WHY this observation is so? Looking for actual answers not opinions. Thanks!

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