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Jun 15, 2020All for fun Calgarya game you all KNOW!!!13   
May 10, 2020All for fun CalgaryMeet n Greets and/or Wing Nights287   
Jan 18, 2020All for fun CalgaryMEET & GREET FEB 1ST1   
Nov 11, 2019All for fun CalgaryMEET & GREET November 22 or 23rd1   
Oct 27, 2019All for fun CalgaryLast minute meet up - Sat. Oct 26/191   
Oct 16, 2019All for fun CalgaryAlberta AFF Meet Oct 18th1   
Apr 23, 2018All for fun CalgaryFuck or Pass?1   
Feb 21, 2017Girls Watching Guys On CamThe 5 Letter game1   
Feb 21, 2017Girls Watching Guys On CamBecome a MEMBER or JOIN CHAT by POSTING HERE for 12 months membership1   
Feb 5, 2017Edmonton Real PeopleMeet N Greet February 11th/171   
Feb 4, 2017enigmaFirst Year Anniversary Party Feb 4!!!!!!!1   
Jan 27, 2017All for fun CalgarySaturday Jan 28 - Club R - Meet N Greet1   
Dec 10, 2016All for fun CalgaryDec 10th - Meet N Greet - XMAS15   
Oct 31, 2016All for fun CalgaryClub R Fri Nov 4th - Come help celebrate Mrs. Love's Bday1   
Sep 22, 2016All for fun CalgaryHalloween at a club1   
Sep 8, 2016All for fun CalgaryClub R ID question2   
Jul 4, 2016All for fun CalgaryAnyone ever go to Moonlight on Thursdays?1   
Jul 4, 2016All for fun CalgaryLook Here For Upcoming Member M&G's/Wing Nights/Outings1   
Jun 22, 2016All for fun CalgaryClub R - Friday June 24th1   
May 13, 2016All for fun CalgaryClub R Friday May 13th ~ Celebrating MrNakeds birthday2   
Apr 28, 2016All for fun Calgarymeet and greet1   
Apr 13, 2016enigmaCongrats!!!!! Enigma!!!1   
Mar 24, 2016Moonlight MagicThursday, March 17th2   
Feb 29, 2016All for fun CalgaryRecommendations for a club to rock out with my cock out2   
Feb 11, 2016All for fun CalgaryClub r meet and greet1   
Jan 6, 2016All for fun Calgaryclub r1   
Dec 5, 2015All for fun CalgaryAn Erotic Fantasy... How could you help?1   
Nov 17, 2015All for fun CalgaryMembership1   
Nov 13, 2015All for fun CalgaryRed Deer meet Dec 121   
Nov 13, 2015All for fun CalgaryTaboo1   
Nov 5, 2015All for fun CalgaryClub R ~ Friday Nov 61   
Nov 2, 2015All for fun CalgaryMeet and Greet in Red Deer @Bellinis on Nov 21st @ 9 pm1   
Oct 27, 2015All for fun CalgaryThe other sexual hygiene for men.1   
Oct 27, 2015All for fun CalgaryClub r friday the 30th2   
Oct 4, 2015All for fun Calgary...Skank fever?...Not getting your dick sucked enough or correctly to completion ? .....1   
Oct 1, 2015All for fun Calgaryclub r1   
Sep 24, 2015All for fun CalgarySept. 25th, Moonlight - Over 40 meet n greet2   
Sep 18, 2015All for fun CalgaryFri., Sept 18 th, capc karokee1   
Sep 11, 2015All for fun CalgaryThe reality of Aff1   
Sep 5, 2015Moonlight MagicNew Promo at Moonlight, $10 OFF on Fridays! :-)1   
Sep 3, 2015All for fun CalgaryFriday Sept 4th - Club R1   
Sep 1, 2015Adult Passion PlaceFall time is Swing time!1   
Aug 26, 2015Moonlight MagicSexy Lingerie Night (Aug 28/29)1   
Aug 25, 2015All for fun CalgaryGoing to be in Calgary August 28th-30th1