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Older And Younger For All

Welcome to our group

"Above all else . . . HAVE FUN." (Gary Gygax)

Our goal here at OAYFA is to meet new people, make new friends, and have a helluva good time along the way. We are sexy and flirty, but always respectful of others.

The secret to success is to keep the atmosphere drama free. Any disputes between fellow group members should be brought to my attention for arbitration. The alternative to this is to take the problem to a private venue and out of the group.

Let's all strive to make it the best group on the site. :)

Read the rules, participate in the threads, and visit the chat room from time to time and we will all enjoy our time here.

Group Rules

1. NO ADS: We like to keep the message board open for discussion and entertaining threads and NOT to be used as a billboard for personal ads. You want to tell the group about yourself? Post it to New members: Welcome and please sign in here.. That is what it's there for. This goes for posts that say "New Member Here". Again... the Welcome New Members thread is the place for those.

2. No PERSONAL ATTACKS: The aim of the group is to get together and have discussions as friends. There is no need to have a conversation degenerate into a schoolyard name calling shouting match.

3. CAMS AND CYBER ARE ALLOWED IN THE CHAT ROOM: Note the following rules...

a. Cams will be allowed under the following restriction: A cam can be turned on while in the chat room, but no post pointing out and inviting others to view it is to be made in the room, ( i.e. "Thick cut cock cumming", "cam with audio" ).

There is a cam icon showing if your cam is on, everyone knows what to do.

b.Sexual RP (role play) "cyber" is allowed, but it is considered rude to interfere or try to distract from the "scene". Normal conversation with other members in the room is fine... just don't interrupt the "players".

c. There is ZERO tolerance for disrespect and drama!!! If something or someone pisses you off, leave the chat room and report the incident to me, and I will handle it. All members are welcome to join in the chat room. However, rude or prejudice comments will not be tolerated. As well as referencing incest, bestiality, or naming other groups or forums.

4. POSTS REGARDING PEDOPHILIA AND BESTIALITY WILL BE DELETED: Also the author will be banned without notice.

Do you have questions, problems or suggestions about this group that you would prefer to discuss in private? If so, please feel free to contact me by message and I'll respond ASAP. Thanks...

Topic(s): Aging/Age Differences
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New members: Welcome and please sign in here.
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Ideas for the group...
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Prose, Poetry and Something Steamy!
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Hello everyone
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Older is my preference
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First Post...
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Location? I'll start...
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UK Members
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Ideal age
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Is 39 still young enough?
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heyya daddies
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How much younger or older?
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Find younger men like older men and are more relaxed
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Younger and Mature fun
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Where's everyone located?
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New here daddyslittlelay248  0  2/22/2019
Who's up?
13  0  12/26/2018
hi all
2  0  12/8/2018
new member
15  1  7/13/2018
Central Texas (killeen, waco, austin)
9  0  2/5/2018
howdy folks
33  2  1/21/2018
Where to cut it off... dnick104754  2  9/28/2017
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