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Oct 30, 2016Virtual Symposium GroupARCHIVE OF THE VIRTUAL SYMPOSIA1   
Oct 27, 2016French Toast Aficionadoskzoopair's fame has led to him2   
Oct 26, 2016HNW BloggersOctober 26-Happy Halloween!1   
Oct 19, 2016HNW BloggersOctober 19-Words1   
Oct 18, 2016COUPLES UKmemorable quotes ... again!199   
Oct 18, 2016COUPLES UKMeeting1   
Oct 5, 2016HNW BloggersOctober 5-Tools1   
Sep 21, 2016HNW BloggersSeptember 21-Pimp a Blogger1   
Sep 7, 2016HNW BloggersSeptember 7-Animal Prints1   
Sep 2, 2016French Toast AficionadosGoing to Hell1   
Aug 31, 2016HNW BloggersAugust 31-Flowers1   
Aug 30, 2016French Toast AficionadosFolks, we have been accused of having a reason other than humor for this group2   
Aug 30, 2016French Toast Aficionadosis this true?1   
Aug 30, 2016French Toast AficionadosFrench toast mafia6   
Aug 29, 2016French Toast AficionadosRandomness Because KitKat says I need to Post and I Always Listen to Her 'Cause She Cute.1   
Aug 28, 2016French Toast AficionadosTrumping2   
Aug 24, 2016French Toast Aficionadosjoke of the year1   
Aug 23, 2016French Toast AficionadosThreatening Bullies With Delusions Of Grandeur3   
Aug 20, 2016French Toast AficionadosPoor, Poor Sandra3   
Aug 19, 2016French Toast AficionadosTG /Cross Dressing Contest update1   
Aug 17, 2016COUPLES UKpersonality test5   
Aug 17, 2016HNW BloggersAugust 17: Wear Pink and Take A Stand Against Bullying!!1   
Aug 7, 2016French Toast AficionadosWelcome to the dungeon...1   
Aug 5, 2016French Toast AficionadosHi, I'm Amy......1   
Aug 4, 2016French Toast AficionadosIf You Could Pick A New Place1   
Aug 4, 2016French Toast AficionadosBloggy technical question2   
Aug 1, 2016French Toast Aficionadosculture1   
Jul 31, 2016French Toast AficionadosClan "Symposia" leader is back2   
Jul 30, 2016French Toast AficionadosRandom Monthly Nerdy Grab Boxes1   
Jul 28, 2016French Toast AficionadosThe Restrictions For This Group1   
Jul 27, 2016HNW BloggersJuly 27-Swimwear2   
Jul 27, 2016French Toast AficionadosSkeletal Funnies....1   
Jul 26, 2016French Toast AficionadosDid you see Bernie's speech tonight?1   
Jul 24, 2016French Toast AficionadosHi There:)1   
Jul 24, 2016French Toast AficionadosHigh hopes...1   
Jul 23, 2016French Toast AficionadosIf I had a Kitty Cat1   
Jul 22, 2016French Toast AficionadosACCIDENTAL FUNNY1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosRough night last night1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosRestrictions1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosIf you were sent to the "Sex Academy" for remedial training?1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosAm I hallucinating?1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosWelcome To French Toast Mafia1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosWhat do you think about1   
Jul 21, 2016French Toast AficionadosTo Welcome All The Ladies And Alikes ;)1   
Jul 20, 2016HNW BloggersJuly 20-Red For Nicelipss!!1   
Jul 13, 2016HNW BloggersJuly 13-Sunglasses1   
May 25, 2016HNW BloggersMay 25-Sports!1   
May 4, 2016HNW BloggersMay 4-Getting Dirty1