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Oct 26, 2018Omaha Chat and Meet and Greet.Halloswing1   
Mar 11, 2018Omaha Chat and Meet and Greet.St Patrick's Day?2   
Jan 16, 2018Cloud NineCurrent Members....Please Read and Respond1   
Nov 17, 2017Omaha Chat and Meet and Greet.Forced break1   
Dec 15, 2015Omaha Chat and Meet and Greet.Some Dates for American Dreams1   
Sep 8, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersThis Weekend2   
Sep 6, 2013BBW Friends & Lovers Networkanyone for real1   
Sep 2, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersHow was everyone's Summer?2   
Sep 2, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersLabor Day1   
Sep 1, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersAnd now this group will go down...1   
Jul 10, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersLincoln - It's Time1   
Apr 26, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersKinky Adult Party Games1   
Feb 3, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersSUPER BOWL..What do you watch it for or dont you?1   
Jan 22, 2013Midwest BBWs & AdmirersWhat makes you happy?1   
Dec 18, 2012Midwest BBWs & AdmirersThe Best Blow Jobs He's Never Had1   
Jul 29, 2012Midwest BBWs & AdmirersWhat is your favorite sports in the summer olympics?1   
May 7, 2012Midwest BBWs & AdmirersFor lovlotion - lol - - - How to make seman taste better - an internet article1   
Apr 10, 2012Midwest BBWs & AdmirersTouching a persons hot ass1   
Feb 28, 2012Midwest BBWs & AdmirersCB M&G Sat. Night 3/3. 8 p.m.1   
Jan 1, 2012Midwest BBWs & AdmirersSome people make them, some people dont. Do you?1   
Dec 30, 2011BBW Friends & Lovers NetworkHappy New Years!!1   
Dec 19, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersAny one out there?1   
Dec 15, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersI almost forgot that song...1   
Nov 30, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersI'm happiest when...1   
Nov 22, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersWhat's your best "talent"? (1   
Oct 25, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersAh the Art of Kissing1   
Sep 13, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersTOPIC: What’s your favorite part of sex?1   
Aug 10, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersStigma dating plus size women? (or men)3   
Aug 10, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersDoing something silly2   
Aug 4, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersSo what's something new, crazy, or out of your comfort zone you are going to do this summer?2   
Jul 8, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersSexual positions for the overweight1   
May 21, 2011BBW Friends & Lovers NetworkSo what's exciting and fun to do in Omaha?1   
Apr 6, 2011BBW Friends & Lovers NetworkNew again member1   
Mar 26, 2011Midwest BBWs & AdmirersFunny sexual sayings or lines from movies?2   
Feb 17, 2010Midwest BBWs & AdmirersRandom Topic #2 - Older Women1   
Jul 15, 2009Midwest BBWs & AdmirersALERT!! NEW TOPIC! How did you each come up with your ID on here??1