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Sep 8, 2019Saskatoon Sex ClubMeet and greet Sept 20th 6 pm1   
Aug 17, 2019Saskatoon Sex ClubRock The River2   
Jul 5, 2019Saskatoon Sex ClubKatie's birthday is coming up in a couple months.1   
Oct 18, 2018All for fun CalgaryBBW wanting ongoing regular fuck3   
Oct 10, 2018All for fun CalgaryMrs Love's Birthday1   
Oct 10, 2018Bi-Sexual Lovers Grouphi out thier1   
Oct 4, 2018GAng BangsLady friend wants gangbang1   
Sep 29, 2018GAng Bangsgangbang in calgary in a week or 21   
Aug 30, 2018GAng BangsCouples & Singles for gangbang this weekeend1   
Apr 23, 2018All for fun CalgaryFuck or Pass?3   
Apr 5, 2018All for fun CalgaryKink friendly profession/ professionals list?3   
Mar 3, 2018Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupLooking for a bi meet and greet1   
Feb 23, 2018Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupLookign for a 3rd2   
Feb 20, 2018Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupYoung couple for bi top2   
Feb 11, 2018Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupCouple seeking orally bi male1   
Oct 21, 2017All for fun CalgaryMeeting Up On Tuesday Oct 24-17 in Edmonton1   
Sep 18, 2017All for fun CalgaryFun in Sundre1   
Aug 22, 2017All for fun CalgaryCalgary Hotel Aug 21st or 24th1   
Aug 9, 2017All for fun Calgary...My gallery of the hottest AFF guys i sucked on...1   
Jan 8, 2017MILFSMILFS for fun times.1   
Jan 8, 2017Mature LoveMature Fun1   
Jan 8, 2017Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupNew, Hey y'all!1   
Jan 1, 2017All for fun Calgarynew years eve plans1   
Dec 29, 2016All for fun CalgaryLooking for playmates1   
Dec 23, 2016All for fun CalgaryThreesome3   
Dec 13, 2016All for fun CalgaryJust looking for some fun nights!1   
Nov 8, 2016All for fun CalgaryDec 10th - Meet N Greet - XMAS1   
Nov 4, 2016All for fun CalgaryClub R Fri Nov 4th - Come help celebrate Mrs. Love's Bday1   
Nov 2, 2016GAng BangsLooking for a few good men.....1   
Aug 26, 2016All for fun CalgaryKIK1   
Jul 9, 2016Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupLooking for a nice BI couple1   
Jul 9, 2016All for fun CalgaryLooking for fun on Holidays1   
Jun 14, 2016Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupBi male looking to meet new friends in Calgary1   
Mar 30, 2016GAng BangsBe careful!1   
Jan 15, 2016Moonlight MagicFriday Night at Moonlight1   
Dec 14, 2015All for fun CalgaryRed Deer meet Dec 125   
Dec 7, 2015GAng BangsDec. 11th or 12th Gang bang for the wife2   
Sep 10, 2015All for fun CalgaryGet a blowjob from my sub this sat2   
Sep 4, 2015Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupMMF3   
Sep 4, 2015All for fun CalgaryRocky Horror Picture Show1