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May 3, 2020WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenSocial Distancing1   
Feb 7, 2020WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenUnusual Compliments1   
Jan 28, 2020WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhere is everyone from and how do you do a meet and greet as a group or individuals??1   
Nov 16, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)New here1   
Nov 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenA Box of condoms and?1?!1   
Nov 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenI love BBC1   
Nov 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenNew here1   
Nov 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenIs it me or what?1   
Feb 11, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Bad Dad Jokes1   
Feb 8, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Favourite age ranges?1   
Feb 1, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Dis, Dat or D'utha2   
Feb 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMen2019 Super Bowl1   
Jan 30, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Welcome Everyone to DG... new Members please say hello and let us get to know you1   
Jan 30, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Commonly used DG lines2   
Jan 26, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenSo do you guys think AFF is making a comeback1   
Jan 21, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Daddy stealing my panties1   
Jan 20, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenNFL Title Games3   
Jan 18, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Ammendment to the rooms rules,,, all Mods and Members read please1   
Jan 15, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenMessage Mystery1   
Jan 15, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenManly Orgasms2   
Jan 15, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)~LOOKING FOR REAL LIFE , ONLINE, OR LOCAL POST HERE ONLY!~1   
Jan 14, 2019Girls who want older GentsFUCK OR PASS2   
Jan 14, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMen*** Roll Call Winter 2019 ... Yoohoo ... Where Are You? ***1   
Jan 8, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenFor the men!1   
Jan 8, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenPardon my politics1   
Jan 5, 2019Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?New here1   
Jan 5, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenAddiction or Attraction!?1   
Jan 3, 2019Girls who want older Gents20191   
Jan 2, 2019Girls who want older Gentshello1   
Jan 1, 2019Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?Her first bbc anal.3   
Jan 1, 2019Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?Happy 20191   
Jan 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenAre the bots back?1   
Jan 1, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenHappy New Year!1   
Dec 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMen“Peach Fuzz” or “Bald Eagle”1   
Dec 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenTo what extent do you sacrifice or compromise your livelihood1   
Dec 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWould you let your man or girl play with an ex that was married and not Lifestyle?1   
Dec 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenAre the cams & point ruining AFF?1   
Dec 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenHow do y’all find people in your area that are real and willing to meet?1   
Sep 20, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenYeah so glad these boards are back.1   
Sep 14, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhat's Your Position?1   
Sep 13, 2018Girls who want older GentsSaucy Jill's gangbang story1   
Sep 13, 2018Girls who want older GentsGals....1   
Sep 12, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenYeah, we're back!1   
Aug 1, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenYour defination of "dating"1   
Aug 1, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhat are the chances?1   
Jul 30, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenShowoff or Peeper?1   
Jul 30, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenpreferences1   
Jul 25, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMen*** Roll Call Summer 2018 ... Where Are You From? ***1   
Jul 1, 2018WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenStrap on for DP!1