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Nov 9, 2018Daddies and Littlesbeen away1   
Aug 26, 2017Daddies and LittlesDaddy Dom OR Sugar Daddy!!2   
Jan 16, 2017Living The Dream !!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIG!!1   
Jan 12, 2017Living The Dream !!!!Condolences to Our Tender1   
Nov 6, 2016Daddies and LittlesI am BACK!!3   
Oct 24, 2016Daddies and LittlesHello :) newbie here1   
Jul 7, 2016Daddies and LittlesFamily Fun2   
Jul 6, 2016Daddies and LittlesHi1   
May 27, 2016Daddies and LittlesWhats your Va Jay jays name!!1   
Apr 18, 2016Daddies and LittlesFake Daddies and the littles who come across them6   
Mar 25, 2016Daddies and LittlesTime Out for Naughty Girls1   
Mar 25, 2016Daddies and LittlesHappy Easter Everybunny!!!2   
Mar 13, 2016Daddies and Littlesnew1   
Mar 13, 2016Daddies and LittlesREAD AND SIGN THIS BEFORE ENTERING ROOM2   
Mar 3, 2016Daddies and LittlesJuliet IS sweetness.1   
Feb 22, 2016Daddies and LittlesATTENTION ALL MEMBERS!!1   
Feb 20, 2016Daddies and LittlesDEAR DADDIES AND LITTLE ONES ( Q&A NIGHT)3   
Feb 12, 2016Bound with BowsDear Daddies and Little Ones (Q&A night)1   
Feb 6, 2016Daddies and LittlesDisney Trivia winner1   
Feb 5, 2016Daddies and LittlesValentine's Day..1   
Feb 5, 2016Daddies and LittlesCan You? Yes or No1   
Jan 29, 2016Daddies and LittlesDaddy/little first Date ideas3   
Jan 25, 2016Daddies and LittlesWhat do you think?3   
Jan 23, 2016Daddies and LittlesITS DADDY"S BIRTHDAY!!!!1   
Jan 22, 2016Daddies and LittlesHAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!2   
Jan 21, 2016Daddies and LittlesWhich Submissive are you?1   
Jan 21, 2016Daddies and LittlesHello Fellow Group Members!1   
Jan 20, 2016Daddies and Littles9 levels of Submission2   
Jan 18, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundHello Welcome to Bisexuals Playground ! Please make your starting post by introducing yourself2   
Jan 17, 2016Daddies and Littles45 drummer wisdom/experience mixed w/fun/rebeliion1   
Jan 15, 2016Daddies and LittlesDaddy/little dynamic1   
Jan 7, 2016Living The Dream !!!!RULES AND GUIDE LINES1   
Jan 3, 2016Daddies and LittlesChristmas gifts3   
Dec 28, 2015Daddies and LittlesWine , Dine or 691   
Dec 23, 2015Daddies and LittlesWhen do littles realize they need a daddy?1   
Dec 22, 2015Bound with BowsLittles looking for a Daddy to play with.1   
Dec 22, 2015Bound with BowsBound With Bows Sign In2   
Dec 22, 2015Bound with BowsDaddy's looking to "play" with a Little1   
Nov 30, 2015Daddies and LittlesRules for Princess and Rules For Daddy2   
Nov 16, 2015NEW FAMILEY ROOM TWOnew room1   
Nov 16, 2015NEW FAMILEY ROOM TWORoom Rules1   
Nov 16, 2015NEW FAMILEY ROOM TWOnew people1   
Nov 1, 2015Daddies and LittlesSexual Fetishes2   
Oct 17, 2015Daddies and LittlesSEXUAL POSITIONS : There are 64 in the Kama Sutra. Over 2,687 If you include 3 threesomes.2