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Jan 24, 2019Captivating Camshi roxy posting to be active1   
Jan 23, 2019Captivating Camshi roxy1   
Apr 17, 2016Captivating CamsPlease check your cam and block list!!!!1   
Oct 20, 2015Captivating Camsnewbie to this group1   
Oct 20, 2015Captivating CamsLadies with cams?1   
Aug 28, 2015Captivating CamsCome Join All Everyone !!!1   
Aug 28, 2015Captivating Camstime of month1   
Aug 28, 2015Captivating CamsCatch me on webcam22   
Aug 28, 2015Captivating Camsnewbie cams1   
Aug 28, 2015Captivating CamsMAKING A POST1   
Aug 20, 2015Captivating Camschat room1   
Aug 18, 2015Girls Watching Guys On CamDid the IM rules change again for non-gold members?1   
Aug 12, 2015Captivating CamsOK folks....3   
Aug 7, 2015Captivating CamsCaptivating Cams and us1   
Aug 6, 2015Captivating Camslove to cam1   
Jul 21, 2015Captivating CamsCam Horny...Love to share1   
Jul 18, 2015Captivating CamsI'm new to all of this ....1   
Jul 6, 2015MUTUAL CAM MASTURBATIONlady partner1   
Jul 6, 2015AFF Members Focus GroupOk, here's my next bs problem1   
Jun 23, 2015Girls Watching Guys On CamCAM issues1   
Jun 2, 2015AFF Members Focus GroupRecent security issue1   
May 28, 2015Girls Watching Guys On Camcamming1   
Apr 9, 2015Girls Watching Guys On CamChat and Being Rude!1   
Nov 15, 2014Captivating CamsHi Roxy and other members!1   
Nov 13, 2014Girls Watching Guys On CamWhat do you think about when you' it?1   
Oct 12, 2014AFF Members Focus GroupSearch city control1   
Oct 12, 2014Live From AFFQ&A for 10/1 - 10/311   
Aug 4, 2014Live From AFFQ & A for 8/1 - 8/151   
Jul 3, 2014Live From AFFQ & A for 7/1 - 7/156   
Jun 7, 2014Live From AFFWill be MIA1   
Apr 16, 2014Live From AFFQ & A for 4/1 - 4/141   
Apr 14, 2014Girls Watching Guys On CamSecurity breach1   
Apr 10, 2014Inner SanctumPuzzled over Blog Guidelines1   
Jan 24, 2014Live From AFFQ & A for 1/13 - 1/312   
Dec 14, 2013Inner SanctumIs it time?1