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Sep 24, 2019Saskatoon Sex ClubAlternative1   
May 31, 2019Saskatoon Sex ClubNude beach1   
Feb 24, 2019Saskatoon Sex ClubWhere are all the people at?1   
Dec 31, 2018Saskatoon Sex ClubHappy New Years everyone1   
Oct 3, 2018Lloydminster. FunontheBorderheading to lloyd1   
Sep 24, 2018Saskatoon Sex Clubchanges in Fwb1   
Jul 4, 2018Saskatoon Sex Clubbare ass beach6   
Aug 6, 2017Saskatoon Sex Clubfun vacation1   
Jul 24, 2017Saskatoon Sex Clubbare ass3   
Jul 21, 2017Saskatoon Sex ClubNo shows1   
Jul 21, 2017Edmonton Real Peoplein the city1   
Mar 4, 2017Saskatoon Sex ClubNow I know2   
Dec 24, 2016Saskatoon Sex ClubNew Year's Party1   
Dec 19, 2016Saskatoon Sex ClubDrink night4   
Nov 3, 2016Lloydminster. FunontheBorderHeading to lloyd1   
Sep 6, 2016Lloydminster. FunontheBorderIn Lloyd1   
Jul 3, 2016Saskatoon Sex ClubBare ass beach3   
Apr 24, 2016fun 4 married womenJust making a post1   
Apr 6, 2016Lloydminster. FunontheBorderMeeting1   
Mar 10, 2016extramaritalJust making a post1   
Feb 12, 2016Edmonton Real PeopleFavorite Toys1   
Dec 31, 2015Edmonton Real PeopleHappy New Years1   
Dec 31, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubHappy New Years1   
Nov 23, 2015Edmonton Real Peopleswingers clubs3   
Oct 9, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubHave fun1   
Aug 24, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubJust making a post1   
Jul 31, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubRound up1   
Jul 5, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubDrinks1   
Jul 2, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubNeeding directions2   
Jun 11, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubBareass Beach1   
Mar 8, 2015Saskatoon Sex ClubFloggers and blindfoldes3   
Oct 21, 2014Edmonton Real PeopleHeading to Edmonton1   
Dec 23, 2013Saskatoon Sex ClubX-Mass1   
Jul 25, 2012Saskatoon Sex Clubbare ass beach2   
Mar 6, 2012Lloydminster. FunontheBorderwow! this group got borring1   
Feb 6, 2012Saskatoon Sex ClubBest toy ever2   
Jul 1, 2011Saskatoon Sex Clublong weekend1   
Feb 7, 2011Saskatoon Sex ClubThe Scents of it All1   
Nov 9, 2010Saskatoon Sex ClubWax on / Wax off. Your expectations of playpals?1   
Oct 13, 2010Saskatoon Sex ClubFuck or Pass1   
Aug 1, 2010Saskatoon Sex ClubFuck or Pass?8