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Jul 2, 2014COUPLES UKLAST POST ... AGAIN!14   
May 4, 2014COUPLES UKmemorable quotes1   
Mar 21, 2014COUPLES UKgone quiet2   
Oct 16, 2013COUPLES UKLast Post game16   
Jun 26, 2013COUPLES UKhonours1   
Mar 9, 2013COUPLES UKPonderisms2   
Mar 9, 2013COUPLES UKMore Jokes1   
Mar 7, 2013COUPLES UKpunishment room3   
Feb 28, 2013COUPLES UKbreast is best1   
Feb 28, 2013COUPLES UKsomething is stirring on the site1   
Feb 27, 2013COUPLES UKthe banning and unbanning of lo3ver1   
Jan 3, 2013COUPLES UKHappy New Year1   
Nov 7, 2012COUPLES UKfavourite Viz character?1   
Oct 26, 2012COUPLES UKJames Bond.....Skyfall.1   
Sep 29, 2012COUPLES UKthe last post?13   
May 27, 2012COUPLES UKFunnies...part trois10   
May 4, 2012COUPLES UK(nearly) wow! shots2   
Apr 18, 2012COUPLES UKending a date quick!1   
Apr 6, 2012COUPLES UKWhat would you say3   
Apr 1, 2012COUPLES UKAFF mail2   
Mar 31, 2012COUPLES UKDescribe your sex life with a movie title :)5   
Mar 9, 2012COUPLES UKhow do you feel?1   
Jan 12, 2012COUPLES UKsex geography game1   
Dec 28, 2011COUPLES UKalphabet game44   
Nov 12, 2011COUPLES UKstory game16   
Nov 8, 2011COUPLES UKSongs to swing by...2   
Oct 23, 2011COUPLES UKfilms with a twist!9   
Oct 19, 2011COUPLES UKyes/no game19   
Oct 2, 2011COUPLES UK1 to 101   
Aug 26, 2011COUPLES UKHow did you do it?1   
Aug 6, 2011COUPLES UKin the hot seat1   
Aug 6, 2011COUPLES UKJokes2   
Jul 28, 2011Married and Bad.The Choices Game7   
Jul 26, 2011The Valley Of RoyalLove songs....16   
Jul 3, 2011sex in sussexgirl what do you prefer, Spit or swallow?1   
May 30, 2011COUPLES UKWhat do women like?1   
May 29, 2011The Valley Of RoyalHello-please introduce yourselves to the group...1