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Old Farts Gone WildDecember 7 194112/7/2007  4  
CentWisCplsClubWeekend plans if you need some.12/7/2007  0  
Living On Tulsa Time...Who's ready for Chrismas?12/6/2007  11  
Women Gagging on CockI am such a bitch12/6/2007  7  
Adult Friends of Long IslandA Little Bah Humbug12/6/2007  14  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSE~Christmas Edition of getting to know your friends~12/6/2007  9  
The Cougar's DenIn St.John Sat Dec 8th Christmas shopping and looking for motel room fun in the evening12/6/2007  1  
Dandridge/Morristown areaFREE ENTRY WITH GIFT FOR TOYS-for-TOTS AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., DEC. 8TH!!12/5/2007  0  
Pandora's Boxknicker dreams12/4/2007  12  
BreVard BeachSideHoliday Safety12/4/2007  7  
BreVard BeachSideRed tide bad for business12/4/2007  8  
2 nice men for threesomeThreesome/foursome?12/3/2007  1  
Tastey's CornerChristmas12/3/2007  6  
Adult Friends of Long Islandshopping tips12/2/2007  5  
Gippsland Social,Swingers,SexI have been slack...but have a half decent excuse!!12/2/2007  5  
Ottawa - Capital SexChristmas Traditions....12/2/2007  7  
Rick's REAL BisexualsMy thoughts on December and January12/1/2007  1  
Colo Spgs Social 2what do you do?12/1/2007  12  
The Aussie Chatroompersonal interpretation.12/1/2007  21  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.Today is World AIDS Day11/30/2007  2  
Tampa Area Sex AssocBricktown tonight. 11/3011/30/2007  1  
UnderCuvr Luvrs of Long IslandI've got a present for you11/29/2007  19  
sexaholicslookin for fem for my partner11/29/2007  0  
Cairns!Xmas Shopping11/29/2007  10  
Tampa Area Sex AssocMel, Maybe just an idea11/29/2007  2  
Knoxville Adult FriendsDEUCE'S WILD 11/30 MTn GRT, 12/01 LUSCIOUS LINGERIE!!!11/29/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaDEUCE'S WILD MTnGRT 11/30, LUSCIOUS LINGERIE 12/01!!11/29/2007  0  
Women on Women Tit SuckingHelp...My titties need to be sucked11/28/2007  0  
North East FriendsChristmas Shopping11/28/2007  5  
Toronto BBWI AM BACK AND I AM OUT OF THE CLOSET11/28/2007  4  
The Sheep Appreciation Societyso christmas shopping11/28/2007  6  
QLD BBW HQSome Christmas Riddles11/28/2007  2  
Fantasy ShareShopping at the mall11/27/2007  0  
Scots Cornerxmas theme profile pics11/27/2007  13  
Corpus Christi AFFChristmas Spirit " Merry Christmas" Share the Love11/27/2007  5  
Central Oregon Group PlayThe *cut n paste version/article* of Ever thought about the toxins they put in your sex toys?11/27/2007  1  
Knoxville Adult FriendsFREE ENTRY WITH GIFT FOR TOYS-for-TOTS AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., DEC. 8TH!!11/26/2007  2  
looking 4 members4 gettogetherXmas Shopping11/26/2007  8  
Eastern PanhandleGrins and Giggles11/26/2007  0  
The Hot'est Spot!Come Hungry {11-26-07 to 12-2-07}11/26/2007  2  
LOUISVILLE SEX PARTIES PLUSGet together on Nov 30 or Dec 1st11/26/2007  3  
Y'all know this is a sex siteThe Vibrator11/26/2007  6  
Ottawa Big Beautiful Women BBWpre Christmas party11/26/2007  5  
Ottawa - Capital Sexpre christmas party11/26/2007  1  
UnderCuvr Luvrs of Long IslandOK, NOW IVE HEARD EVERYTHING!!! :-)11/26/2007  8  
Scots CornerHow to please a woman in a few easy steps11/26/2007  11  
BBW of Central IllinoisHoliday Shopping11/26/2007  9  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.Safety tips for women11/25/2007  9  
Sex Club of Naplesstill shopping for Naples female fuck buddy11/24/2007  0  
Men and Women looking for MoreClasses for Men11/24/2007  7  
Clothes That RevealWhat have you seen lately?11/24/2007  9  
Tampa Area Sex AssocSunday Morning Coffee Stumble11/24/2007  8  
New Kensington and VicinityWith "black friday" in mind.....11/23/2007  3  
Fun BBWs in Central IllinoisBlack Friday11/23/2007  5  
Knoxville BBWHEY IM NEW11/22/2007  2  
Overland ParkSANTA'S SHOPPING: How Much Have He Done for YOU This Year?11/22/2007  12  
Scots CornerReasons not to shave11/22/2007  13  
Down The Bunni HoleChristmas shopping in Edmonton11/22/2007  0  
SR - THE ADULT Hang-Out =PWould U ......11/22/2007  26  
Playing In San AntonioThanksgiving wishes11/21/2007  5  
Neb Couples/Women for bi menHappy Holiday Weekend11/21/2007  0  
Jonesborofun party11/21/2007  0  
Hot Wives & Hot MILFsTeasing Men11/21/2007  10  
Idaho Falls Party SwingersHome Depot Scam!, Beware!11/21/2007  8  
Pinellas County Function HouseBlack Friday Brunch11/20/2007  2  
Tampa Area Sex AssocOoooo My Hero!!!~no sexual~11/20/2007  6  
Lake Charles HookupOkay, people...time to wake up the group!!11/20/2007  2  
Rockford people for sexSAturday11/19/2007  0  
People for fun and sex.SAturday11/19/2007  0  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyRecruitment Letter..11/19/2007  11  
Kitsapholiday male stress release11/18/2007  0  
Kitsap Daytime funholiday stress release11/18/2007  0  
Kitsap Bisexualupcumming holiday stress release11/18/2007  0  
Pittsburgh Area (Butler/NAlny)Holiday Meet & Greet ?11/18/2007  15  
Greater Bendigo Friends GroupDinner Meet thanx11/17/2007  3  
So. Cali BBC 4 WomenAre there any men that love to pamper?11/16/2007  2  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyLIVING WITH MR HONEY #-o11/16/2007  9  
Done With DramaLooking for activities partner11/16/2007  0  
looking 4 members4 gettogetherAny one for some fun this weekend11/16/2007  0  
Mackay & Loving ITI think I know where msagro is11/15/2007  2  
Bling Enthusiasts GroupThe Blondes Cookbook (no offense meant!)11/15/2007  7  
Within an hour of Beckleytoday?11/15/2007  0  
Scots CornerIf you woke up as the opposite sex?11/15/2007  10  
Only when I laugh !?Silence is golden11/14/2007  0  
looking 4 members4 gettogetherWhat are your plans this weekend? Nov. 16th, 17th, & 18th???11/13/2007  4  
Bling Enthusiasts GroupMake sure you wear underwear11/13/2007  3  
Scots CornerSex Toy Shopping ............abc11/13/2007  19  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSE~Holiday Shopping~11/12/2007  14  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.The Holidays11/12/2007  10  
Dandridge/Morristown area'80'S PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., NOV. 17TH! COME AND GET KINKY TO THE GOOD OLE' DAYS!!11/12/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult Friends'80'S PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., NOV. 17TH! COME AND GET KINKY TO THE GOOD OLE' DAYS!!11/12/2007  0  
Deuce's Wild Social Club'80'S PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., NOV. 17TH!! COME AND GET KINKY TO THE GOOD OLE' DAYS!!11/12/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMT N GRT, FRIDAY, 11-16 AT DEUCE'S WILD!! BRING A NEW COUPLE, YOU BOTH GET 1/2 OFF!11/12/2007  0  
UnderCuvr Luvrs of Long IslandBiggest Shopping Day of the Year!!!!11/12/2007  19  
Scots CornerHow do you deal with it?11/11/2007  10  
BBW Sexual FunWhy men are never depressed11/10/2007  9  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSEOdds & Ends11/10/2007  5  
Phat Kitty RanchBlack Friday11/8/2007  16  
Voddie Queens & Friendsinternet or high street11/7/2007  11  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubMEET N GREET AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., NOV. 9TH! BRING A NEW COUPLE, YOU BOTH GET 1/2 OFF!11/6/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaMEET N GREET AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., NOV. 16TH! BRING A NEW COUPLE, YOU BOTH GET 1/2 OFF!!11/6/2007  0  
Athens GA Meetslooking for a woman that loves oral11/5/2007  1  
The Hot'est Spot!Joke of The Week {11-5-07 to 11-11-07}11/5/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMEET N GREET AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., NOV. 9TH! BRING A NEW COUPLE, YOU BOTH GET 1/2 OFF!11/5/2007  0  
Transgender / TransvestiteTV looking for fun in York/Hull uk11/5/2007  12  
Looking to Meet and Fuck todayChrismas Shopping Sautrady the 22?11/4/2007  0  
BBW & friends in North East UKChristmas!!11/3/2007  8  
Voddie Queens & FriendsSpoof and junk e-mails11/2/2007  4  
Share Your FantasyShopping Trip with a little twist11/1/2007  2  
Ottawa Big Beautiful Women BBWFor those folks interested in the Leather / Fetish Fair10/31/2007  3  
Real Swingers -- ScotlandLittle Johnny10/30/2007  3  
BBW Sexual FunChristmas Comes Earlier Every Year10/30/2007  9  
Gippsland Social,Swingers,SexSilly Season is fast approaching!10/29/2007  6  
sunshine coast playfulls6 Degrees of seperation10/29/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaTOGA PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 11-03!!!10/28/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsTOGA PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 11-03 AND LANIE'S BDAY!!!10/28/2007  2  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubTOGA PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 11-03 AND LANIE'S BDAY!!!10/28/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsDIRTY MONEY AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 11-02!!!10/28/2007  2  
North Hills Discreet Meets.Coffee Club10/26/2007  15  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubDIRTY MONEY AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 11-02!!!10/22/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaDIRTY MONEY AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 11-02!!!10/22/2007  0  
Women who luv's to suck pussyLADIES!! CHECK THIS OUT!!10/20/2007  43  
My Friends Place ClubI'm quitting my job! and I'm bored!!10/19/2007  10  
Charlotte County AdultsHello to lovmagenta10/18/2007  0  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubCREED'S BDAY BLOW-OUT AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 10-20!!10/15/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaCREED'S BDAY BLOW-OUT AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 10-20!!10/15/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsCREED'S BDAY BLOW-OUT AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 10-20!!10/15/2007  4  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubCREED'S BDAY BLOW-OUT WARM-UP AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 10-19!!10/15/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaCREED'S BDAY BLOW-OUT WARM-UP AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 10-19!!10/15/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsCREED'S BDAY BLOW-OUT WARM-UP AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 10-19!!10/15/2007  3  
CU Adult Bookstore SexOAKWOOD BOOKSTORE - Tues. October 16 th - 10:00 AM10/15/2007  0  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSE~More Questions~10/14/2007  11  
More Adult Fun in El PasoYOU'RE NOT SICK, YOU'RE THIRSTY10/14/2007  4  
Phat Kitty RanchFanning the Old Flames10/12/2007  3  
My Friends Place ClubHELP!!!!!!!!10/11/2007  5  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayFav Toys?10/11/2007  6  
Dandridge/Morristown areaHalloween Freak Party at Deuce's Wild, 10-27!!10/9/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaHALLOWEEN FREAK PARTY AND GLOWINGPUPPET'S BDAY AT DEUCE'S WILD, 10-27!!10/9/2007  1  
Dandridge/Morristown areaMEETNGREET 10-12 AT DEUCE'S WILD!!10/9/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaGIRLS BEHAVING BADLY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., OCT. 13!!10/9/2007  0  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubMEETNGREET 10-12 AT DEUCE'S WILD!!10/9/2007  0  
lets meet in essex ,mdFlea Market Fuck Buddy????????10/9/2007  0  
The Psycho BloggersShopping10/8/2007  3  
Knoxville Bi GirlsLOOKING FOR A WORK OUT PARTNER10/8/2007  2  
looking 4 members4 gettogetherWhat would you do for money??10/5/2007  4  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSECalgon, Take Me Away!10/5/2007  9  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSEVaseline10/5/2007  12  
StonervilleSex ....Frog10/4/2007  3  
More Adult Fun in El PasoNew Scam at Home Depot10/4/2007  6  
Toronto BBW~~ Erie PA .... Shopping Extravaganza ~~10/4/2007  3  
Middle TN Bisexual Womenlooking for friends and more10/4/2007  0  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubMEET N GREET FRI., 10-05 AT DEUCE'S WILD!10/3/2007  0  
Deuce's Wild Social ClubPARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 10-06!10/3/2007  0  
Toronto BBWFALL CLASSES FOR MEN10/2/2007  3  
Married but playing the fieldGood locations for a daytime romance or sexual encounter?10/2/2007  0  
ACTION IN CUMBRIAclobber off10/1/2007  0  
gangbangAparment Shopping9/30/2007  0  
Illinois Freaks & FriendsAparment Shopping9/30/2007  0  
Central Illinois Adult FunApartment Shopping9/30/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaMEET N GREET, FRI., 10-05 AT DEUCE'S WILD!9/30/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaPARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 10-06!9/30/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsGIRLS BEHAVING BADLY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., OCT. 13!!9/30/2007  4  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMEET N GREET FRI., 10-12 AT DEUCE'S WILD!!9/30/2007  4  
Sasebo FunM&G9/30/2007  0  
Sasebo FunM&G9/30/2007  0  
Sasebo FunM&G9/30/2007  0  
Sasebo FunHanging Out Event9/30/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown arealooking for classy female!!9/30/2007  0  
Meet Just for SexNovember fun, Pigeon Forge area!!!!!9/30/2007  1  
Older women/younger menMountain Fun !!!9/30/2007  2  
Mad CityA mans choice!9/29/2007  6  
Sauk County groupA mans choice!9/29/2007  5  
Black Chicks and White GuysAmazing9/28/2007  1  
Seeking Adult Fun in Orlandohappy friday/weekend plans9/28/2007  1  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSEWhy? Why? Why?9/28/2007  5  
All for fun Calgaryfew drinks ,toy shopping and fantasy hotel room(for women only married or single)9/26/2007  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaMeet N Greet; 9/28/07 Free Friday For New Couples!9/25/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsBabes In Toyland 9/29/07 At Deuces Wild!!!!!!!!!!9/25/2007  4  
Knoxville Adult Friends9/28/07 Meet N Greet; Free Friday For New Couples!9/25/2007  2  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMeet N Greet; 9/28/07 Free Friday For New Couples!9/25/2007  0  
Voyeurism and more in NJWhat do you do9/25/2007  1  
Voyeurism and more in NJhow do you feel?9/25/2007  1  
Ottawa Big Beautiful Women BBWWhat BBW really want - and where to find it: lingerie, shoes, clothing9/24/2007  16  
The Sheep Appreciation Societyshopping trip9/21/2007  9  
North East Bi/Curious Femalesrefreshed9/20/2007  3  
Phat Kitty RanchTime for Humor?9/19/2007  3  
Cabo VillaGiving Up Wine9/19/2007  2  
The CabinGiving Up Wine -- thought u might like this9/19/2007  1  
Knoxville Adult FriendsCOME AND GET LEI'D AT DEUCE'S WILD'S LUAU-TIKI PARTY, SAT., 9-22!!!9/17/2007  1  
Bi-Sexual in DesMoines areaShopping9/17/2007  2  
Wannasee's Fantasy BoudoirA Stranger In My Hotel Room9/16/2007  10  
Eastern Idaho AFFersToy Boxes !!9/16/2007  11  
Mormons Needing MoreBishop needs help with a sex toy question.9/15/2007  5  
OKC and surrounding areasWell @#$%$#@!!!!9/14/2007  3  
Sanctuaryhow hard to Keep it hidden!!!9/13/2007  9  
More Adult Fun in El PasoWHY YOU NEVER QUESTION A DRUNK9/13/2007  6  
More Adult Fun in El PasoStory : "Late Night Rendevous"9/12/2007  4  
THE PHATGIRLS FUNHOUSEHumor For Lexophiles9/11/2007  9  
StonervilleI just need to vent...xoxoxo9/11/2007  6  
Emporia Discreet Meetingsquestion to all9/10/2007  2  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMEET N GREET AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., 9-21! FREE FRIDAY FOR NEW COUPLES!!9/10/2007  4  
Wannasee's Fantasy BoudoirOlymic condoms9/10/2007  3  
the naked PlayroomOlympic condoms,9/10/2007  6  
"THE CIRCLE FOR CHRIST"Olympic condoms9/9/2007  4  
Draggin's LairOlympic condoms9/9/2007  1  
Wannasee's Fantasy BoudoirYou've won the lottery!!!!!! Now what......9/9/2007  12  
Niagara Hook UpsRETIREMENT9/9/2007  1  
Peachtree City/ Newnan Areas..MEET AND GREET THURS SEPT 6, 2007 @ 7PM9/5/2007  0  
Scots Cornerhard sums9/4/2007  6  
More Adult Fun in El PasoArithmetic 1019/3/2007  4  
Phat Kitty RanchDo You???9/3/2007  8  
UnderCuvr Luvrs of Long IslandONLY ONE SENTENCE :-)9/2/2007  14  
Mad CityWhy, Why, Why?9/2/2007  8  
Sex with bigger womenNothing LikeIt9/1/2007  0  
Tucson AZ BI FEM'SI am a Bi Fem looking to have a girlfriend to go out with8/30/2007  1  
Central Oregon Group PlayWhen was the last time????8/30/2007  11  
Ventura County thrillsCatch a Cloud Home Parties!8/28/2007  0  
Mount Joy & ElizabethtownWhat's Your Most Rememberable Oral Experience8/28/2007  2  
Lancaster City, PaWhat's Your Most Rememberable Oral Experience8/28/2007  0  
Mad CityWalmart Greeter....8/28/2007  11  
Black Myst Love LoftGood Deeds8/27/2007  6  
Fayetteville BBWs & AdmirersRead this if Your Sexy8/27/2007  2  
All for fun Calgaryfun story yesterday.. well not really8/26/2007  2  
NB Group FunA helpful hint/ Events contact guide for newbies to swinging in the maritimes8/26/2007  4  
Maritimes uncensored (sort of)A helpful hint/ Events contact guide for newbies to swinging in the maritimes8/26/2007  1  
the naked Playroomi don't believe it8/26/2007  6  
Black Myst Love Lofta bargain8/25/2007  0  
Science Club LUAUEOS BASH - Agenda/Schedule8/23/2007  7  
Who likes BBW !!Meet and Greet!!8/23/2007  2  
Peachtree City/ Newnan Areas..Fri Aug 18th Meet and Greet!!!8/16/2007  0  
Overland Park"TALK ABOUT GETTING SCREWED"8/16/2007  10  
Sacramento loversKaraoke Meet and Greet8/16/2007  0  
Elicit UndergroundPAY ATTENTION!!!!!!8/16/2007  6  
Mormons Needing MoreJust hold me!8/15/2007  6  
Tampa Area Sex AssocClasses for men8/15/2007  21  
Big Handsome MaleFor the Elvis fans8/15/2007  0  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.Miss being male?8/14/2007  7  
Fun BBWs in Central Illinoissept. 8th...a girls day out...make over time!!!!8/13/2007  8  
Latina ConnectionPriceless8/13/2007  2  
Tampa Area Sex AssocAnal Toy Play:8/12/2007  14  
The Changwon ExchangeAugust - we're back; vacation in Taipei soon8/11/2007  0  
FTWALTON69Cute married bi chick seeks same for discreet girl time8/10/2007  0  
PcolaGroup69Cute married bi chick seeks same for discreet girl time8/10/2007  0  
PcolaGroup69Cute married bi chick seeks same for discreet girl time8/10/2007  0  
Ottawa Big Beautiful Women BBWGetting to know you, getting to know all about you LOL8/10/2007  2  
Mackay & Loving ITYou Know Your SWinger When.........8/10/2007  6  
Modesto Casual EncountersMen VS Women8/9/2007  5  
People Like UsIdeas8/8/2007  6  
Phat Kitty RanchTry Try and Try again....8/8/2007  6  
Phat Kitty RanchGuys rule8/8/2007  13  
Voyeurism and more in NJLocal Store8/8/2007  1  
Nanaimo BBW Exotic ExperienceVic BBW's ?8/7/2007  2  
Adult Friends of Long IslandEver overbuy something8/7/2007  17  
Modesto Casual EncountersTwisted Umbilical Cord Sex!!!8/7/2007  4  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMenNation.com MEET N GREET AT DEUCE'S WILD, FRI., AUG. 10TH!!8/6/2007  4  
New Kensington and VicinityDo I know women or not.......NOT!8/5/2007  3  
Tits bums and legs Lanarkshiremother of the bride8/5/2007  2  
Knoxville Adult FriendsKnoxville's Meet and Greet Aug 10th8/3/2007  16  
Tri State Ladies ONLYNew Drugs For Women... Hopefully, To Cheer Our Lovely Lisa Up!8/1/2007  3  
SanctuaryFall Classes for Men7/31/2007  0  
"Friends in Okanagan"Fall Classes for Men7/31/2007  1  
Draggin's LairFall Classes for men7/31/2007  2  
OKC and surrounding areasFor the ladies7/30/2007  2  
Knoxville Adult FriendsJESSE'S B-DAY PARTY FRI., 8-03 AT DEUCE'S WILD!!!7/30/2007  3  
Knoxville Adult FriendsALSO AT DEUCE'S SAT 8-04, NAUGHTY SCHOOL-GIRL PARTY!!7/30/2007  4  
Youth of Perth25 Things You Wish Your Girlfriend Would Say (YEAH RIGHT)7/29/2007  7  
American Politics NowJokes!7/29/2007  4  
Modesto Casual EncountersPriceless!7/29/2007  4  
Modesto Casual EncountersNew Form of Kidnapping....Every woman must read!7/29/2007  4  
American Politics NowNew Form of Kidnapping7/29/2007  1  
Hotel EroticaNEW FORM OF KIDNAPPING7/29/2007  0  
Gangbangers of HoustonNEW FORM OF KIDNAPPING7/29/2007  7  
Little Girls 4....Looking for a "very special little girl"7/28/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsB-DAY BASH AT DEUCE'S WILD FOR TRISTA, SAT., 8-04-07!!7/27/2007  3  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMEET N GREET AT DEUCE'S WILD, 8-03-07!7/27/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsNAUGHTY SCHOOL-GIRL PARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, 8-04-07!7/27/2007  0  
Adult Little GirlsI want to be you're "very special little girl" too!7/27/2007  0  
Cabo Villaunderwear is important7/26/2007  8  
The CabinUNDERWEAR IS IMPORTANT!!7/26/2007  18  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.The BC takes "Where ever"!7/26/2007  0  
209 Oral PleasersHome Remedies7/26/2007  0  
Sarcasm, humor and no dramaHome Remedies7/26/2007  7  
Needing MoreHome Remedies7/26/2007  4  
East Bay Meeting PlaceHome Remedies7/26/2007  0  
Women who crave LARGE cocksHome Remedies7/26/2007  0  
The More the Merrier!HOME REMEDIES7/26/2007  7  
Sauk County groupHavin a Baby & A Womens Revenge7/25/2007  0  
Overland ParkWHAT’S SO FUNNY TODAY? Wednesday July 25th 20077/25/2007  0  
SOUTH CAROLINA TGIRLS/BOISTatiana---Tonight---Wed. 7/257/25/2007  0  
Bondage experiences/fantasiesThe Leave - Bondage7/24/2007  0  
Bondage experiences/fantasiesThe Desk (with top & legs)- Bondage7/24/2007  0  
Knoxville Adult FriendsPARTY AT DEUCE'S WILD, SAT., 7-28-07!!7/23/2007  3  
Knoxville Adult FriendsMeet N Greet at Deuce's Wild, Fri., 7-27-077/23/2007  6  
FTW Public Sex ClubGrocery shop7/23/2007  1  
BBW's and the men that love usCock shopping7/21/2007  11  
Tampa Area Sex AssocWhat's the last thing you bought?7/21/2007  46